Far cry 3 meet citra walkthrough for escape

far cry 3 meet citra walkthrough for escape

Far Cry 3 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Island Port Hotel. Following Mission, Meet Citra. Rewards, XP. Far Cry 3 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Far Cry 3 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. A quick time event will begin, and you'll have to escape the pile of corpses by Dennis will immediately leave to go tell Citra what has happened, while you Break-In · Island Port Hotel · Keeping Busy · Meet Citra · Bad Side of Town.

In the first area, you will need to be extra careful of the explosive barrels, since they can hurt you greatly, although if you get to them first, then it'll be a great help. When you go up the stairs, there will be another guys below you, so use the stairs and the cover there to play peekaboo with them. Once they're all cleared out, head to the marker and go through the door Relic right inside the door on the left.

Continue along the path until you are ambushed and a cutscene occurs, which will bring this mission to an end and the next mission will begin. Once you gain control of your character, you will have 3 minutes to get to Liza and rescue her. Go along the only path you can until you are blocked by fire hold the heal button if you happen to catch on fireso shoot the pipes to continue. Keep going until you walk up a beam that gives way, prompting you to climb up to the next section.

There will be another pipe here to shoot, so wait until the first is out and continue. When you make it to a big room, walk along the center and then make a right and climb the vines. This will trigger another cutscene, where you rescue Liza and make your escape to the outside. When prompted, mash the button to move the truck, which will trigger the next section of the mission.

Press the fire button to pick up the grenade launcher next to you. It is now up to you to use the GL to protect the truck. Keep shooting the vehicles chasing you as they approach, until Liza drives off-road and your truck ends up dying. Some enemies will come after you on foot from the front, so Jason hops in the front of the truck and grabs a pistol.

Kill the enemies that approach a convenient explosive barrel by the rock until Liza starts the truck again, then she'll drive until another cutscene starts, which ends the mission.

She mentioned before that she's in a cave, which can be found underneath the gazebo right next to the mansion. There's a path nearby that will lead you straight into the cave. Once Daisy and Liza get reacquainted, Daisy will mention she's found a boat, but there's a part missing. You agree to look around for the part, so head over to the marker and dive into the water. The part is located by the light you find by the yellow-colored barrel.

Grab it and head back to Daisy. After the short cutscene, go and talk to Liza, and the mission will end. When you do, you'll get a call from Dennis, who tells you to go and meet Citra, the leader of the Rakyat. The current objective will be set at X: Once you arrive at Citra's Temple, a short cutscene will occur, then you will have to follow Dennis inside the temple. When you get to the marker, another cutscene will occur and once you gain control, just walk forward along the only path you have.

Jason is once again hallucinating, so keep going until you get to the house, then go inside. You'll be underwater now, but don't worry about drowning and cross the bridge. Once you get to the altar, grab the knife and you'll end up back in reality.

Exit the temple to finish the mission. You will need to investigate Badtown, which is located far to the northeast, but the good thing you can fast travel there right now.

Do so, then activate the Radio Tower just north of the town. Go back to town and visit the bar, where you will need to play a game of poker this one is just a cutscene. You will now need to follow the man in white without him noticing. Go through the door and head outside, where you'll find the man just ahead of you. Any time you get him out of sight, you will have 20 seconds to get him in sight again.

Make use of cover whenever he stops, making sure to not lose sight of him for too long. Once he goes inside of the building at the end, this mission will be finished.

Once the initial conversation is over, a secret area opens up, so go downstairs for another cutscene. Willis is his name and he wants you to burn some drug fields, and a boat, that belong to Hoyt. Leave the building and Jason will call Dennis to tell him what has happened, which Dennis promptly tells Jason to avoid Hoyt since he is even worse than Vaas.

Since the drug fields should be in uncharted territory, your first goal should be to head to the Radio Tower that is southwest of the drug fields.

Once you're finished with the Radio Tower, head to the drug fields. When you're get near it, use your camera to locate two guys sitting in the middle of the field. Approach from behind them and use a Chained Takedown on them if you have it. Note that when you get inside the radius of the fields, you will automatically equip the Flamethrower you can switch weapons. When the coast is clear, all you have to do is catch a little bit of the crops on fire and it will spread to the rest. Also, there are explosive barrels you can use to spark some flames.

Once the two fields are burnt up here, you will need to move on and burn some more. You will notice that Jason's vision is getting blurry, which is some side effects of the drugs burning. The next area is crawling with enemies, so you will need to be extra careful. Use your camera to tag as many enemies as possible and if you have a ranged weapon, use it to shoot the barrels from as far away as possible. You need to burn 5 more fields, 3 of which are up top and there will be 2 more below.

Once all of the crops are nice and toasty, you will need to head to the fishing village.

Far Cry 3 FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by MasterVG - GameFAQs

As you approach the fishing village, you will run into some more enemies. As always, scout the area before charging in, as it will likely lead to your death. If you can, distract guards to secluded areas and perform a Takedown on them. There might be one Heavy shield icon in the area, which will be your biggest problem, so if you have any explosives, use those. Once you get close to the boat, it will take off, so grab the RPG-7 from the crate and fire it, hitting the boat and finishing the mission.

He wants you to check out Beras Town, which is a good bit to the northwest of Badtown. If you go from Badtown, you will likely arrive at a huge cliff overlooking the town. Willis wants you to go to a building that is overlooking the town, but you must do so without being detected at all. You'll view a cutscene where Hoyt will be threatening some men, then they'll run across a rice field and only one will be left alive.

Willis wants you to rescue this man, but there will be two enemies left behind who will begin shooting at Rongo, the man you need to rescue. If you have a sniper rifle, you can take them out from the hut you're standing in, or you could sneak up behind them and do a Chained Takedown. When the two enemies are dead, you will need to go Rongo, but don't run across just yet, as the water is littered with mines. You will want to walk slowly across the water, keeping an eye for the mines in the water.

Whenever you spot one, move far away from it and then shoot it to make it explode. The mines also make a noise when you get close enough, which is another sign of their locations.

Once you get to Rongo, hold the button to release him.

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Before he tells you where your friend, Oliver is located, he wants you to help him get to the village. Rongo's health will appear at the top of the screen, and you will have to fight through some enemies.

If his health reaches zero, then you fail and will go back to the last checkpoint. This can be a difficult part of the mission, as Rongo can sometimes run too far ahead.

When enemies start appearing, it's best to take them out quickly. One of the first will come running at you and try to melee Rongo, then another wave will come, some of which pop out of the house on the left. Continue forward, keeping an eye on both Rongo and for any enemies that appear. Once you get to his house, the next part of the mission will commence. While Rongo is searching for something, you will need to protect him from enemies that will come towards both of you. The first set come from down the hill, then the second set will come from the front of the house.

There are only two ways for enemies to get into the house, one of which is the door. The other way is by going around the back of the house and entering it that way. It's easy to keep both points covered from the main door, so keep on killing the enemies as they come. Once it's over, a cutscene will occur and the mission will end. Get in one of the vehicles close by and head for the vantage point.

You should have plenty of time to get there and when you do, you'll find two enemies guarding the spot. Kill them, then go to the point. For this next part, you will need to use your camera to identify Oliver.

Just wait until you see a helicopter approach and land, as well as some vehicles drive up and park. Oliver will be in the second vehicle and is indicated by a blue marker over his head. Keep watching until you finally equip a sniper rifle, which will have unlimited ammo.

You need to shoot the one guard who is pushing Oliver towards the chopper, then you can start shooting all of the other enemies in the vincinity. Oliver's health will appear at the top of the screen, and if it is completely empty, you will fail and be put back to the spot before you start shooting. The sniper rifle you have is a one-hit kill anywhere, so don't worry too much about headshots.

Keep an eye out for enemies as they move towards Oliver, who will begin moving towards the boat at the end of the docks as you take out enemies. When Oliver goes down the stairs and to the second section, enemies will start coming from the buildings. If need be, make use of the conveniently placed explosive barrels.

Once Oliver gets on the boat, you need to jump into the water and get on it yourself, where you will man the turret. Now begins the part where you kick some butt.

Oliver will be driving and you'll be shooting, which can be slightly difficult with all of the motion going on. You will be taking out enemies on foot, trucks, boats and even a helicopter at the end. Keep an eye on your health and try to aim your shots carefully enough so you actually hit something.

You will want to hit the men on the turrets of the vehicles first, as they will be the most dangerous. Once this part is over, so will the mission. When you leave the cave, you will receive a call from Willis, who tells you he knows where your friend Keith is.

Buck is usually in the bar at Badtown, so fast travel there and go into the bar. In order for you to get Keith back, you need to hunt down a special knife for him. Buck wants you to find a boat that Vaas got to and get onto it. This boat is named the Nostalgia and it's marked on your map. It's in the middle of shark-infested waters, as well as surrounded by pirate boats, so you will need boat yourself.

Go to the coast and search for one, then start heading for your target. As you approach the Nostalgia, you will most likely be spotted by the enemies on board, so quickly make your way to the south side of the boat and use the ladder to get on board.

far cry 3 meet citra walkthrough for escape

You'll likely be swarmed when you get onto the ship, so your best option is get a good gun and be ready to start firing. There are two Snipers on board, as well as a Heavy Gunner, then the rest are just normal enemies. Once all of the enemies are killed, go on the east side of the ship to find the door leading inside. Be ready for more action, as there will be an enemy right inside walking away from you, so do a Takedown on him and sneak towards the next room.

If you have your Recurve Bow, shoot the one walking around first, then quickly shoot the other. If you kill them both quickly without making any noise, there's an alarm in the room that you can disable it will disable the other, too.

Go down the stairs and open the door to go into the next room. There's one guy walking around, as well as one guy doing some welding around the corner, so use a Takedown on the guy walking around, then do the same with the other. Go through the next door to find three more enemies, two in the center and one of the far side.

If you have Chained Takedown, you should be able to kill all three very quickly. Otherwise, it's hard to Takedown all of them separately, so just quickly shoot them all. In the next room is your final objective, but when you open the door, you find a Heavy Gunner guarding it. Shoot him in the head until he goes down, then go ahead and hack the computer. As you hack the computer, you find it is rigged up to explosives and it goes off, sending the ship to the bottom of the ocean.

You need to escape quickly, so swim and hold in the sprint button while swimming to go faster. Follow the path until you get in a quick time event with an enemy. Once that's over with, keep going and you'll see an oxygen tank, so use that to refresh your air supply. When you reach the second one, use it and then go to the window to escape the ship and end the mission. Once Buck's history lesson is over, head through the door ahead of you.

You're now inside of a bunker that's pretty wrecked. Turn right and look at the Japanese lettering on the wall, and you'll see some rope above it, so climb up. Find the next rope to climb up to the next section.

There will be some stairs leading down, and there's a snake in the far corner of the room. Go down the stairs and drop into the water below.

Swim through the pipe and you'll be in a nice big area, where you'll find some enemies. If you have the Death From Below skill, swim up to the enemy by where you can climb up and take him down. There's another guy above you, in the same situation as the previous one, one ahead of him, one above on the platform at the far end, and one more on the boat to your right.

After killing them all, go through the tunnel on your left until you can drop down into a new area. There will be about enemies here, so take them all down and survey the area.

There's a stone door ahead with some dynamite attached to it. Go to the detonator and use it to blast it open, creating a hole for you to go through. Follow the path to a spot where you have to go underwater, but you'll be attacked by a crocodile as soon as you go in the water. Kill it, then go through the water and out on the other side. In this new room, go up to the door and press the seal to open it, then drop down into the water and come out on the other side.

Continue into the big open room, go down the path and jump over the gap, only to have the rocks crumble, with you going down into the water below. Swim up to the opening and you'll be on the bottom of the previous room. You'll need to solve the puzzle to get to the treasure room, so start by going to the seal door on the right and pressing it. Inside this room, break the three flashing pieces of wood by slashing them with your knife, which will raise the water level. Go back to the previous room and swim through the hole in the wall on the opposite side, breaking the three pieces of wood in this room to raise the water again.

When you try to exit the room, a boulder will drop down and block it. Instead of going through it, swim to the top and go over the blocked path and back to the previous room.

The water level is now high enough where you can climb and enter the treasure room. Grab the item on the altar, which will make boulders fall and block the exit. Go to the ledge and there's a spot on the left side where you can shimmy across. This path will lead you outside, where you'll find Buck waiting for you, as well as the end of the mission. Go into the mine and onto the elevator, where you'll automatically go down into the cave below.

far cry 3 meet citra walkthrough for escape

Go forward and push the cart out of the way, making sure you hide behind it from the enemy ahead. Sneak up behind him and use Takedown on him, then go and take out the other guy ahead. In the next section, there will be about 5 enemies, so try and take out a few stealthily, but you most likely won't be able to take all of them that way.

Once they're dead, push the cart to send it into some explosive barrels, which will kill a few enemies in the room ahead. Of course, there will still be some left, so clean up the leftovers. As you approach the next room, you will see some lasers from snipers at the far end of the room.

Go behind the cart and push it, which will make it inch forward, so follow it. When it stops, you will likely be spotted by enemies from the left area, so try to quickly take them out. Move to the next cart and try to inch out from the sides to take out the snipers, then push it and follow. There might be one more enemy up above, a Molotov-throwing enemy, so kill him and then start crossing the bridge on your left. When you get across, you'll most likely see some enemies coming down the ramp from the area above from before, one of which is a Heavy Gunner.

Kill them, then go up the ramp and into the next tunnel. As you go through this short tunnel, you'll see some more enemies ahead. Just go through this tunnel and mow down all of the enemies in your path, but stop before you get to the big room. There is a sniper at the far end, so sneak out a little bit and try to shoot him before he shoots you. When all of the enemies are dead, follow the path to a door and go inside.

Once the door is open, you will see a Komodo Dragon ahead, so shoot it and then go down the path. Drop down and go into the center of the room, pulling the mechanism, which will open a secret door.

Follow this path, killing another Komodo Dragon, and jump the gap.

far cry 3 meet citra walkthrough for escape

There will be yet another Komodo Dragon on the path that leads to the old elevator. Take the elevator down and after the short scene, follow the path and take a running jump to clear the gap. Once you eventually land right before the objective marker, you'll find a Komodo Dragon. Grab the item on the altar and the ruins will start caving in. Start sprinting, following the path, until you reach the exit, where you'll find Buck and the end of the mission.

That means you should fast travel there and then head north. Once you get there, it's time for yet another history lesson, and he'll tell you to jump in.

Once you land in the water, find the piece of land with the vine that you can climb. Go through the door and you're now in a cave section. When you climb the next vine, you'll spot an enemy below you and if you have the Death From Above skill, then simply jump down and you'll kill him.

For the next part, sneak up behind the guys and do Takedowns on them. This will likely cause two Dogs to show up and sniff around. Either shoot them or knife them, and the drawbridge will drop and a Heavy Gunner will show up. If you have a Mine or C4, plant one on the path he will walk, or you could just shoot him in the head. In the next area will be 5 enemies, some of which are close together, so feel free to use Chain Takedown if you have it, or just shoot them all.

Go inside the little room and grab the armor on the crate if you don't have any, then use the zipline to get to the area below. You will likely be spotted in this area, as enemies can see and shoot at you from the gaps in the floor below you. Take care of the two guys on the same level as you, then start picking off the ones below you. Once the coast is clear, drop down to the next platform, then use the zipline to get across.

Follow the path, killing any remaining enemies, then use the next zipline to the following area. Drop down to the scaffolding and kill the two enemies that show up here, making sure you stay away from the acid. Keep going down and forward until you reach the entrance to a big area, but don't go into it yet watch out for the blasts of hot water. As you approach the big area, you will be able to see an enemy off in the distance, who has a RPG.

Snipe him and the other two enemies, then go into the big area. Cross all of the rocks, keeping in mind to not hurry because of the hot water blasts, until you reach another big area. There are another three enemies off in the distance, so feel free to snipe them from here if you want. Follow the path until you climb the vine, then go up and kill the guy hiding in here, then open the marked door. With the door open, you won't be fighting anymore pirates for now, so drop down into the nice, open cavern.

With the bridge out, you'll need to find another way, so follow the path to the right, keeping in mind that the hot water boils onto the rocks below. Once you get to the vine, climb it, then the ropes, then go to the statue and hold the button to open up a secret set of stairs. At the bottom of all the stairs is a Komodo Dragon, so kill it and you'll find another two at the very bottom.

Go up to the coffin and grab the knife. As soon as you do, a booby trap will spring, with flames shooting out the sides, so sprint as fast as you can, then slide into the opening. As soon as you slide, move forward a bit and you'll have to alternate pressing a few buttons until you reach the clearing. With that, you'll be outside and the mission will be finished. Fast travel to Badtown, then go to the marker, which is Buck's place. When you go inside, he'll give you the key to where Keith is for the knife.

You'll go downstairs and reunite with Keith, but Buck comes down and basically says you aren't leaving. This will trigger a fight with Buck, where you will need to press specific buttons that appear on your screen. When you get to the point where you mash a button, you'll end up stabbing Buck and escape with Keith, which puts an end to this very short mission. You're able to view some scenes from right before their trip to Rook Island.

The waypoint for this objective will be located directly at the entrance of the temple. Travelling to this waypoint will activate a cutscene in which Dennis grants the both of you access into the temple.

After awhile, the cutscene will end, and your objective will be to follow Dennis as he walks you through the temple. Once you reach the large tree at the center of the temple, Citra will approach you, give you something to drink, and tell you that she'll help you save your friends if you find what is lost.

far cry 3 meet citra walkthrough for escape

After drinking from the bottle Citra gave you, you will begin to hallucinate, and after a loading screen you will begin falling toward the earth. After hitting the ground, you'll be at a table with three of your friends. They'll vanish, and you'll be given the objective to search for the object Citra desires. Travel forward, following the man in white. Ignore the fact that he can teleport, and that plants are growing around you as you walk.

The man will lead you to a building. Enter the building, and you'll be brought to a wooden bridge underneath the ocean. As you cross the bridge, three visions will appear off to the side of the bridge. When you reawaken, you'll find yourself in a pile of corpses. A quick time event will begin, and you'll have to escape the pile of corpses by pressing the correct buttons. Once you've escaped, you'll discover Dennis at your side, finding it remarkable that you're alive.

A lighter in your pocket stopped the bullet somehow that Vaas fired at you. This was the same lighter that Vaas placed in your pocket earlier when you saved Liza from the burning building. Dennis will immediately leave to go tell Citra what has happened, while you must go retrieve you're stolen equipment from the pirates. Just north of your location is a radio tower.

Undiscovered or not, ignore it, as it's located outside of the mission's boundaries. Instead, head directly north to the objective, but don't get caught by the enemies. For some reason no matter how many times Vaas gets the chance to, he never takes your knife.

You'll be restricted to only melee attacks until you retrieve your equipment or steal an enemy's weapon. You won't even have binoculars to spot enemies with. Be careful, as there are Komodo dragons in this region. First, head over toward the shack closest to the camp's entrance. Inside is a landmine and an armor vest. Don't even attempt to run into the camp and eliminate everybody with only these. There are several enemies here, including Molotov throwers.

You should be able to eliminate all of the enemies starting from the southeastern most and ending with the man in the chair near the road. The landmine will serve of greater use later.

far cry 3 meet citra walkthrough for escape

There are two huts in this portion of the camp. One contains C4, and the other contains a flare gun.