Downton abbey season 5 ends meet

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downton abbey season 5 ends meet

A 'Downton Abbey' Season 5 Recap To Emotionally Prepare You For The 3, so prepare yourself for the end with a recap for Downton Abbey Season 5. . and that was topped off when she met the sweet Atticus Aldridge. In this last gasp of season five, there's plenty to grouse about, then—as befits Downton Abbey's Christmas special—tidings of comfort and joy. Even Edith gets the inkling of a happy ending, not just in father's loving acceptance We'll meet back here next season for tea and sherry—but not much sherry. Series 5 of Downton Abbey first aired on the 21st September, on ITV in the UK contracts that will bind them to the show at least until the end of series five.

Julian Fellowes' Letter to Fans Slideshow: Episode 9 Behind the Scenes Preview: What's the best way to get ready for Downton Abbey's last-ever episode?

The answer, we suspect, depends on the resolution to the questions below. Will any or all of our Downton Abbey wishes come true?

'Downton Abbey' season 5 finale recap: Episode 9

Check out the various end-of-Downton scenarios, then share your own questions and hopes for Downton's ending. Will Edith Find Happiness?

Edith, now comfortable at the helm of The Sketch, has harnessed her inner Anna Wintour; she's barely survived Marigold's parentage disclosure to Mary; and she's matured into a woman who demonstrates forgiveness and perspective. Plus, she never wanted to be a Marchioness anyway. But this is Downton Abbey, people, and we want Edith to find lasting romantic happiness, too!

Is Edith's last chance at hand? Will Michael Gregson return alive and well to reunite with his beloved and make a complete, legitimate family? Will Bertie find a way to trust and forgive the woman he loves? Or sniff none of the above? Mary may have admitted her love, confronted her fears, and married her man, but has she really accepted Henry? They can ignore the automobile in the room for only so long, while Henry's livelihood—and Charlie Rogers' ghost—still hang in the balance.

Check out TV's most stylish characters And now that the Downton powers that be seem to have their act together, we're hoping they can take the show out on a high note. There, we said it. We want Downton Abbey to end, and preferably sooner rather than later, before the writers have a chance to mess it up again.

downton abbey season 5 ends meet

We're sure this is not a popular opinion, but there can be too much of a good thing, and honestly, if Downton stretched on forever, we'd inevitably have to say farewell to many more of our favorite characters, including Granny, whom we'd probably see die. And that is something we just cannot face. If Downton ends before she does, we'll be able to happily imagine her delivering her deliciously sardonic bon mots into eternity.

Regardless, the series is definitely returning for Season 6and we feel that one season — or maybe two, at the absolute most — is all that's needed to wrap up matters to our satisfaction.

Besides, creator Julian Fellowes is already hard at work developing his American period drama The Gilded Ageso he'll soon have to give up Downton anyway.

Set in s New York, the new series could be seen as a prequel of sorts to Downton, perhaps even featuring ancestors of Lady Cora. In all honesty, we're kind of excited to meet our next costume-drama obsession.

But before we do that, let's look back at Downton's fifth season and lay out our hopes for the show's future: Anna and Bates We endured the unforgivable rape of Anna and the fallout of Green's possible murder for two whole seasons, and frankly it was Downton's biggest misstep.

Not only did this conflict feel completely manufactured and outrageously insensitive, but it transformed one of the series' most beloved couples into a pair of tedious characters who we dreaded seeing on-screen.

By this season's finale, though, Bates' innocence has been all but proven, and things are looking good for Anna as well. All we want for the Bateses now is for them to, at long last, be a normal married couple and have that baby they deserve. While Anna and Bates were off being miserable, these two moved into the position of Downton's downstairs darlings.

As was first hinted in the Season 4 finale when they held hands at the beach, their congenial but complex work relationship blossomed into a personal relationship this season when, under the guise of securing a retirement situation by purchasing a bed and breakfast that Mrs.

downton abbey season 5 ends meet

Hughes couldn't afford, Mr. Carson then asked her to marry him. The proposal was as stuffy and unvarnished as one would expect from Carson, which made the moment even more perfect. We can't wait to see him struggle with being lovey-dovey while also maintaining the proper demeanor next year.

Lady Edith Poor Edith. Her first love died, she was jilted by her second beau, and finally the true love of her life and baby daddy was killed in a riot in Germany. Also, he says he now sees how "clever, kind and resourceful" Rose is, how he sees know that he's lucky to have her in the family and he will now be happy to invite her divorced parents to the Sinderby home. A new man for Mary?

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He arrives in the form of a friend of a friend of the Sinderby's, whom the Generic Masterpiece Classic Name Generator has decided to call Henry Talbot. Henry comes to join the shooting party with Sinderby friend Charlie Rogers and to instantly engage in flirty banter with Mary. Henry apologizes and shows his manners and they talk a little about Matthew's death and it's a little odd. Henry starts to tease back later in the day, asking Mary if she'll still scowl at him.

Mary, you just met this dude. Take it down a notch. They later dance and Mary is impressed that Henry noticed her covering-up-Sinderby's-mistress machinations. I guess that's impressive, because Mary basically runs out of the house to say goodbye when she learns Henry is leaving. She says she feels guilty about making him comfortable, suggests that maybe they'll see each other again. Then learns that his "sport" isn't shooting grouse but driving cars and he gets behind his fancy wheels.

It's less clear if we'll see Bertie and Edith together again, but it's pretty unsurprising that Edith would end up with someone named Bertie. But it seems really obvious that we'll see Henry Talbot next season. Robert's illness Throughout the episode, Robert winces in pain. We learn he went to York for a check-up, but he refuses to tell Cora about it, which leads to Cora asking 64 times "What happened in York!?

Then Cora orders him to not drink or eat anything good until Christmas Eve.

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Why do I have a feeling that Robert's health will be an issue in Season 6? And because he's sick he decides to go to Edith and tell her that he not only knows about Marigold but that he's OK with it and that he loves her the same as his other grandchildren. Robert should have a health scare more often. Not the best holiday for Lord Merton Now that we've gone through a season of Lord Merton slowly courting Isobel, it was kind of lame for it to just Isobel makes it clear she doesn't want to get in the middle of Merton and his devil sons, but she admits that she would say yes to the marriage if only his sons would accept her.

Then Merton's son Larry writes her to say that he has reconsidered his feelings and find them unchanged, it's the nail in the coffin for some reason. I mean, I don't get it.

downton abbey season 5 ends meet

Merton doesn't live with his sons, it seems. He doesn't seem particularly close with them now. Does it really matter, especially since Isobel does appear to love him? But Branson also seems to have made his decision to move to Boston with Sybbie to sell farm machinery again, what? Mary will miss him because she's stuck with Edith. Edith will miss him because she's stuck with Mary. And Robert tells him how much he'll miss him, too. Well, he says "I have grown extremely fond of you, Tom," but that's basically what he means.

The Branson moving thing has always seemed a bit odd to me. Yeah, I get the whole "He's not like the Crawleys" thing, but he has a job at Downton, his daughter gets everything she needs and is surrounded by love It seems a bit final, but Branson repeatedly says "I'll be back," so maybe it's not final? Princess Kuragin has been missing for five years in China, but apparently all it took was the dowager asking Shrimpy to find her and she has arrived at the dowager's house.

Princess Kuragin turns out to be the Debbie Downer of Russia. Yes, her life has been torn apart, but she's a handful and pretty unpleasant. She doesn't smile at all when seeing her husband again. Lord Merton says something about her having a long journey to which she says, "Obviously!

downton abbey season 5 ends meet

When someone mentions that they lost everything, the princess adds, " We learn that the Kuragins are moving to Paris.