Ariel lin and joe cheng relationship 2013

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ariel lin and joe cheng relationship 2013

Joseph Cheng: Ariel Lin is more than family to me. The actor asserts that they are not in a romantic relationship. Posted: 01 Jun Share this: joe1. Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng Pair Up for C-variety Show but Sadly Not the Third have decided to get together since Ariel is married in real life, lol. i find Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng so cute together. they play so well together in Iwak1&2. i do admit its sometimes a bit corny. but I love Does ariel lin and joe ching have relationship right now? yes . Who is the real boyfriend of Ariel lin ?.

Joe Cheng is Discharged from the Military and Holds Fan Meeting with Surprise Guest Ariel Lin

He is made may big project in just 1 year of stay in the industry. Up until this present time, he is still connected with Catwalk Modeling Agency.

As a model he was also feature in many music videos of famous singers like Jacky Cheung. He also starred in several stage play which according to Joe he very much enjoyed doing.

ariel lin and joe cheng relationship 2013

He was able to work in a stage play for Design for Living with several famous actors ad actresses including David Wang Sylvia Chang. Together with all his acting, singing and modeling stints he also is pursuing a degree in tourism management at Hsing Wu College as a part time student.

His recent films are The Queens and The Beloved both are shown in Girlfriend Joe Cheng has no girlfriend now. The two have been rumored to be on and off screen lovers which all their fans are really happy about. We could all wish for them to end up in marriage but sadly they did not. Ariel is now married to Taiwanese business man Charles Lin. I watched the damn thing until the wee hours of the morning simply because I could not stop myself!

Ariel is able to make characters I would normally find annoying a little bit more tolerable. Xiang Qin is by no means the sharpest girl.

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In fact I find it a little hard to believe such a knucklehead actually exists, but what I love about her is how she does everything with all her heart and how she loves with all her heart, which is why she gets hurt very easily and resorts to running away. I love how hard that lady shipped the Zhi Shu-Xiang Qin tandem!

ariel lin and joe cheng relationship 2013

She captained that ship to its destination! And this love of his you can very plainly and explicitly see onscreen!

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  • Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng Pair Up for C-variety Show but Sadly Not the Third It Started With a Kiss
  • Joseph Cheng: Ariel Lin is more than family to me

The best thing about this show is without a doubt the Ariel Lin-Joe Cheng pairing lovingly dubbed Arjoe. The chemistry was ridiculous and felt soooo real. Some of my favourite scenes. The big first image is probably my most favourite because it was soooo sweet!

ariel lin and joe cheng relationship 2013

His normally icy demeanor breaks whenever he is with the girl he loves, and I just love how Xiang Qin brings out this tender and loving side of him. I love it too when he takes time to explain things to Xiang Qin even though he himself was in the process of learning what it meant to love. I was first exposed to Ariel in an ancient Chinese role and I have to say her versatility knows no bounds. I also love her in these types of roles, wearing all those extravagant clothes and having her hair styled with those intricate headpieces.

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They highlight her beauty and her lovely expressive almond-shaped eyes. The only problem with ancient Chinese shows is how minimal the romance can seem. Hu Ge and Joe Cheng both have worked with Ariel more than once and I think the two of them are also my favourites among her leading men.

I thought Ariel really managed to show her acting range in this show because after seeing her play dumb and naive Xiang Qin, finally we see her do legit comedy as well. And then my tears fell when Xiao Qi and Di Gua were inevitably separated due to their status as goddess and mortal.