One direction preference you meet his child from a previous relationship

I am foolishly completely falling. ♥ • #6- You bring your kid into the relationship.

one direction preference you meet his child from a previous relationship

Part 1 ~ his-child-from-his-previous-relationship. Niall: “So y/n do you like. I write preferences and the occasional imagine! You sat on the couch watching Cory play with his toy cars while you The one he'd been wanting for weeks. He had been asking when he could finally meet your 6 year old son Carter. You onedirection one direction preference onedirectionpreference. Meeting the child you have from a previous relationship for the first time. Harry: You had been dating Harry for nearly a year, and although he knew about your.

You finally set a date to all go mini-golfing.

one direction preference you meet his child from a previous relationship

You smiled as you helped Carter out of the car. Carter just smiled and nodded. Mini- golf went well. Liam showed Carter how to hold the club. When you finished the game you cursed under your breath as Carter noticed the go-carting.

You looked at him and smiled. By the end of the night Carter told you he approved. Niall- Tonight was the night you met Niall with your 3 year old daughter Zoey in the park for a picnic. When you told Zoey you were goin to the park she got excited and when you told her she was going to get to meet you boyfriend Niall finally whom you had been dating for 14 months and she had heard a lot about she got even more excited.

You pulled into the parking lot and saw Nialls car.

288. Yours/his child from a previous relationship calls you/him mommy/daddy

He got out when he saw you and you got Zoey out of her car seat. Apparently she liked Niall. He smiled as she jumped up and down with excitement when she saw the swings. Niall grabbed the picnic basket from his car and led Zoey to the playground as you walked slowly behind glad that your daughter had taken to him so fast.

Harry- You pulled into your boyfriend of 1 years drive way. Harry had begging to meet your 1 and a half year old daughter Leah.

Be Nice, Be Kind.

You decided it was time. He was so excited and had prepared a huge, 1 and a half year old friendly dinner. He ran outside before you even go out of the car and insisted on helping you get Leah out of the car. He held her and talked to her as you walked inside. She smiled and laughed as he made funny faces. You smirked at his adorableness. He spent the dinner asking questions about her and doing his best to keep a sleepy Leah awake and entertained.

You were suddenly nervous. Afraid that now that he was in her life he would leave. Plus he always said yours was more like a home and he loved spending more time with Tara. Tara tiredly giggled at the feeling of Liam's cold fingers touch her stomach. He laid your daughter down on her bed and rubbed her forehead before singing the lullaby Tara had come accustomed too. Liam smiled as she gently curled herself into a ball and closed her blue eyes. Liam finished singing and kissed her dirty blonde waves.

Liam's face broke out into a huge smile as he stared at you. His brown eyes welled up with tears. You ran around Niall's apartment getting ready for Ciara's second birthday. Niall was in charge of the food and you were in charge of everything else. You had Ciara dressed in a glitter t-shirt and a tutu skirt she wanted when you had gone shopping. The two of you had gotten a lot closer in the last year. You almost had a mother- daughter bond which scared you because you weren't sure if you were ready to be a mom.

You finished decorating the living room and sat Ciara down on the couch to put her birthday tiara on. She giggled as you lifted her to your side and brought her into the kitchen to see her dad. Niall turned around and smiled at his little girl. She looked up at you, her blue orbs shining with happiness. The neither of you were prepared for that. You knew it might happen sooner or later but you didn't think it would be this fast.

You licked your lips and smiled. You had Noah for the week since Harry couldn't take him to Ghana. It was too dangerous to bring Noah along and the boys had to do another round of charity work Comic Relief meaning Harry would barely spend time with him.

You didn't mind though. You loved the two-almost three year old boy. He was a blessing and was so happy that Harry had this wonderful child in his life.

You ran your fingers through Noah's tangled waves as the two of you watched your nightly film, Tarzan. Noah giggled and brought his attention back to the movie. The movie ended and you gently lifted Noah in your arms and made your way to your guest room where he had been sleeping. You gently laid him on the bed and smoothed out his hair before planting a kiss on his forehead. You thought it was his sleepiness kicking in but when you noticed how awake he still was you knew he was serious.

one direction preference you meet his child from a previous relationship

You grinned and walked out turning the light off. You sent a quick text to Harry, 'Night baby.