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team fortress 2 meet the heavy subtitles

Meet the Engineer. Meet the Engineer Titlecard [hide]. 1 Video transcript; 2 Notes; 3 See also; 4 Related merchandise; 5 External links. that the Team Fortress 2 mercenaries are actually the third generation of that Meet the Spy was leaked onto YouTube on May 17, , two days that if you turn on subtitles in the Meet the Pyro video, the Scout says. The youtube subtitles were probably just a joke from Valve. LeHarfang Meet the Spy was a necessity and an excellent, well used choice.

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It's possible the Spy was using the Dead Ringer and ran away. And the map seems to be an earlier version of Coal Town, or Downtown Teufort, or possibly, hinting at a Wild West themed map. The Wild West Pyro They wouldn't show a BLU Pyro for many reasons.

A few of those are that the Meet the Team videos don't really show the main character's BLU counterpart and also because the Pyro is fireproof, thus it wouldn't make for a good video.

team fortress 2 meet the heavy subtitles

Trying to kill a BLU Pyro would just take too long and it would ruin the whole idea that this video-and all other Meet the Team videos-give: The main character is an unstoppable and essential member of their team. Wow, that was more long-winded than I thought. There have been "he" and "she" referrings to Pyro. It's probably not a misspell. Also, number on transcript might mean something, like seen in ARG.

I also thought they looked similar to IP addresses. I think they already fixed that, too!

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Did anyone else notice that the video on adultswim's page? That is here http: Spy's cigarette in that video isn't light up, while in the official one on teamfortress' channel is: Kind of odd considering both videos are uploaded to the same channel. The one on adultswim is unlisted [ [1] ] Fresh I wonder what the point of doing that was if there WAS a point.

Well throughout the Meet the Pyro video if you look in the sky during scenes when it's "all sun shine and lolipops" there are symbols representing the female sex? Stop the video at about 55 seconds and look in the upper right hand corner.

Meet the Engineer

The symbol is flipped to the side and the symbols in a lighter blue color than the surrounding sky. It's visible through out the video if you look for it.

team fortress 2 meet the heavy subtitles

Another note I would like to point out is the lyrics to the song, "Do you believe in magic, in a young girl's heart? I thought it was quite interesting! People should just learn to chuckle and let things go The Kill counter clicks up from to How am I going to stop some big mean mother hubbard from tearing me a structurally superfluous new behind?

The Sentry Gun spots the Sniper and kills him.

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The Kill counter clicks up to A level 2 Sentry Gun fires and kills a Scout and an unseen enemy. And if that don't work The Engineer stops playing. A severed Sniper's hand lands in front of the Engineer, who continues playing. The level 1 Sentry Gun targets the hand Engineer: Like this heavy caliber, tripod-mounted, little ol' number designed by me The Engineer kicks the hand, which is shot out of the air by the level 1 Sentry Gun.

The level 1 Sentry Gun shoots another Soldier.

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The Kill Counter clicks up to The camera zooms out from the Engineer as his Sentry Guns continue to devastate the attackers. Various screams The Engineer's guitar sounds blend into the ambiance, before the piece ends with the Team Fortress 2 ending flourish.

The track used in the video was later released in full as a part of the Team Fortress 2 Soundtrackunder the name More Gun.

The guitar the Engineer uses has a steel bridge, which is uncommon for acoustic guitars. The campfire is actually a burning BLU Sniper.

The Shotgun is visible throughout the video behind a crate, leaning on the side of the truck. The kill counter is made out of the back of a Sentry Gun.