Meet the pressa

Pressa Meets World: The Syrupy-Voiced Rapper Who Opened For Drake

meet the pressa

Eventbrite - PRESSA The Goose Fur Tour | MEET & GREET! - Saturday, November 24, | Sunday, December 9, at Canada. Drake would eventually end up doing more then co-signing the young rapper, taking Pressa with him on his Boy Meets World Tour in February. INTERVIEW: Toronto's rising star Pressa talks to HNHH about working with Murda Beatz and Tory Lanez, performing for the first time as Drake's.

meet the pressa

I was on house arrest for some charges. And I just recorded it in my room but I sent it over to Murda to get it mixed. I had my set up. As soon I got on house arrest, I just invested in my home studio right away.

I ended up banging out that song right away. He sent me the beat, I sent it back to him in 24 hours.

Pressa Meets World: The Syrupy-Voiced Rapper Who Opened For Drake

Got it mixed in the next 24 hours. Soon as that came out, I was getting hella feedback. Your music is rooted in Toronto streets. How is it seeing people from all different backgrounds that differ from yours sing along to your music?

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Social media is kind of big now, because they could watch your life. Like what I come from. All the rapping and the gangster music and the singing, whatever. All that culture is its own culture and its all over the world.

The 6ix Is Here To Stay: Meet Pressa

They have like 50 million followers and stuff, as well. Your first show in TO was booked in the city then had to get pushed to Oshawa which ultimately got cancelled.

How are you finding booking shows these days in your own city? I could do it in my city, though.

meet the pressa

But I do book everywhere else. Like around my city [and] out of the province. Sometimes I take shows like if [offers] come through like 7 racks, 8 racks, 10 racks. I try to do the whole set up myself.

Pressa x Tory Lanez "Oh My" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

Like [ Lil Uzi Vert ] brought me out last time. Speaking of shows, your first was in the U.

Staff Pick: Meet Pressa, The Voice Of The Toronto Streets - The Rapfest Presents

How did that come about? Drake also said it was a classic record so he liked it. And then, they were in Europe doing a show. I stayed in Toronto for maybe a week. He comes from Jane and Finch which is my area.

I used to always have conversations with Niko over Snapchat and what not. You should do some stuff with him. Like you should Bring him to Europe and stuff. I was on currently under house arrest but I had trouble getting permission from the courts. And eventually, my lawyer got me in.

I was used to listen to his music in jail and stuff. You should be the opening act for the tour. Drake received backlash by Toronto authorities for bringing you on tour. I started out with motivated back in early at the start of my career the first single we collaborated on was TBH which was released in February After that, he has just been sending me wassi beats and I just been killing them.

According to money music, I started working with him, mid He was actually willing to sign to my label which would have been the first producer I signed. How did you link up with Murda Beatz? We have mutual friends and all but we just connected on social media because hard work gets acknowledge and we definitely heard about each other and decided to work.

Can you tell me about how that came about and what was your reaction? Ya, the Drake tour was crazy, I experienced and learned a lot from being around Drake and his camp. I learned a lot of industry wise and also as a person. Do you feel like your shedding light on another side of Toronto, a more authentic side per say? I would say I am shedding light on a different lifestyle of Toronto that no one has shed light on before.

Me being a local street kid fighting the system day in and day out, cops shutting down my venues, cops killing my best friend, friends in and out of jail, my childhood neighborhood going down for organize crime three times in my lifetime and sure not the last.

Also growing up with no father due to him being incarcerated for the past 21 years ever since I was one month old. My brother is in the federal system doing double digit years, uncles in and out of jail and on the run. So basically growing up with no solid male role model.

You tell me who is shedding light on these current problems or issues right now in Toronto? Musically wise I would like to drop more tapes, at least one more this year. I would like to drop 6 more videos for the year. Get on at least 2 more mainstream artists songs and meet some key players in the industry. I would like to kill the game this year so that way next year I would be recognized as a freshmen for I have a few tours in the works, one in South Africa and a few others.

Now reality wise, I need to handle my legal problems so I can start traveling the states, see my dad and brother be released from prison, put my mom in a mansion and a foreign car and make sure my teams good.

meet the pressa

I want to continue on my straight path and get this legit money. I want to make some more bags, and lastly, I want to organize some charity events to give back to the communities that support me. Is there anything you would like to add? Go get my first project Press Machine on iTunes.