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Recently, South African President Jacob Zuma attended a meeting of into a far abyss from whence they shall cease to see the light of day, As alien as this situation is to me, I have to admit it fascinates me as She is now his Minister of Home Affairs, and is said to be sharp as a whip and very capable. Watch Me Lyrics: You already know who it is / Silentó / Silentó / Silentó / Go on an ' do it for me / Now watch me whip (Kill it!) / Now watch me nae nae (Okay!). She reminded me to follow the rules as she didn't want to see me get hurt. .. The sound of someone clearing their throat makes me whip around to see Johanna standing there. She meets me some nights in my room, telling me what she has managed to forage or steal for our .. Was the polygamy true?.

Some girls go willingly. Others go kicking and screaming. Mostly the younger ones are those who go unwillingly. I look up from my station to see who it is. Just shy of turning 11 in a few weeks. And now, I would be made to marry her. To take her virginity. To put a baby inside of her. I watch as Seneca drags her, a smirk on his own face.

He looks across the yard, making eye contact with me. He grins wickedly before he pulls Magnolia inside the church. I find Katniss right away. On top of the washing is the soiled clothing and bed sheets.

She looks up at me and I notice the tears in her eyes. The ones of lost hope and life. She senses it as well. I shake as I count down the hours until midnight. My mother goes into wedding mode. My father and brothers look on with a hard look on their faces. Magnolia would be the youngest girl married at 10 years and 10 months. No one wants that title put upon them, or the dirty looks you receive from the women for bedding a 10 year old.

If you want to survive, you do everything you can to. You marry the girl, you bed her, you give her children. She too was young when she married my father. But not as young as Magnolia Everdeen. No one has been as young as her. Rye and Wes come find me after dinner, entering my bedroom and shutting the door behind them.

No god would ever want that. Do you want to be punished? Made into an Avox? Just keep your mouth shut. Not everyone is happy about their arrangements, but if you make a scene, you could potentially lose Magnolia to one of those men.

For Magnolia, for Katniss, for Prim. She stands near the fence, looking out into the woods. Or building a ten-foot-high concrete wall to keep them out? To ensure that you and Prim are protected. I tense, squeezing my eyes together tightly and pulling her tighter against my chest. Neither will the babies. Seneca despises my mother and the babies as much as he despises the girls.

We were brought into this house because we had to be. The babies will be neglected. You told me that years ago out there. He had the knowledge to not trust these people. He got into contact with the outside. He knew it was a better life for you all. Your father was planning to escape with you all. He had it all set in motion until he was caught. He believed in the dandelions. That life would go on. He believed in it and so did you. Of actually getting the chance to live. Magnolia will wear a gown made by the seamstress assigned to her.

Some dresses are elegant and made of pure silk or lace. Cinna, one of the Sect tailors, measures me for my suit. He was assigned to my family when Rye married Johanna and will make all of our suits for each of our weddings.

Each time a man marries his new wife, he has a new suit made for him, similar to his first but slightly different, symbolizing which number wife he is taking. The more people, the less work there is. More people, more resources we need. More food, more protection, more everything. I take off in a sprint, hearing Rye call after me. I crash into her. I excuse myself from dinner, unable to face The Prophet.

Wes brings me my dinner, setting it on the table by the door, and he sits down beside me. I must have fallen asleep, conked out at some point as the tears fell from my eyes. My dinner is untouched beside me. She climbs through my window, settling onto my bed beside me. She lays beside me, her head on my chest, her arms wrapped tightly around my waist.

I promise you this. We see the bright orange flames from the woods, the smoke descending high into the night sky. But now, the church is meeting its fiery end. Just like the rest of Panem. A tiny cry sounds from beside me and I look down at the baby, Little Peony who fights her swaddling. Shouts echo inside the fence from those trying their best to extinguish the flames. Those who are trying to break into the compound to pull the Prophet from his bed to show him what they think of his religion.

The people have turned. Have started to fight back. Wes told me something was happening. I knew we had to get out of there before we were killed.

The death toll will be high tonight if nothing is done. We made peace and said our silent goodbyes to our families and friends. It made it easier turning our backs on them all. I lift Peony into my lap and rock her gently from side to side.

The possibility of her ever seeing her mother again is not great. I held my breath and waited to hear him pull the trigger and feel the bullet slice through my head. But he helped us. He carried Ash in his arms along with a bag while I helped the girls out of the window and down to the meadow. He pulled the trigger on another peacekeeper and kept moving. So they let us go. I nod and allow her to lean against my shoulder as we watch the fire burning. I just want to sit here with you for a while.

We let them sleep until dusk before we head off again. As the night went on, the silence came and the fire died down. They could be dead for all we know. The rest of us carry the gear we managed to sneak off with.

The flower she tells him is magical, filled with hope and life. He looks us up and down and grins. Blades of grass stick to tiny bare feet. The afternoon sun is slowly falling behind the horizon where a beautiful sunset is starting to form, signalling the end of another day. The tiny feet kick and wiggle and we watch a bird fly overhead. It sings its afternoon song and before long, we listen to the chorus of mockingjays sing as the sun slowly sets.

My moon, my stars, my sun, my earth. The love of my life. Her blue eyes flick in the direction of the singing mockingjays and we listen to them sing the song of the person they love to hear the most.

Even if she has a bad night filled with nightmares. Or wakes to my own. Despite the life we grew to know that slipped away, and we were forced to grow into a new life.

But that was for the better. Her mother brushes the blades of grass off of her feet, and we walk on inside. Our friends who have become our family stand with our family inside, just like they do at every other social occasion, discussing their days, their weekend plans, their jobs, their hobbies and their own family.

Cooing sounds come from the armchair in the living room where a new baby lies in the arms of his grandmother. There have been lots of questions asked, strangers stopping by, the phone ringing and knocks rapping on the door. They all want to know what happened in Panem, how we survived, what we believed and how we were raised. That he has taken the cause of women backwards, and their right to be emancipated, and to live without fear of attack or abuse, and driven those ideals and rights quite possibly into a far abyss from whence they shall cease to see the light of day, perhaps for decades -- is a fact of this country's quite perverse take on women's rights.

I cannot possibly understand how a man who has three wives can affirm women's rights. Having been born of a marriage where there was one father, and one mother -- one husband and one wife at a time -- I cannot possibly imagine what it is like to be one of Zuma's so far 19 children.

This past weekend, South Africa's Sunday Times newspaper claimed in a front page report that Zuma recently fathered child number The child was not fathered with one of his three wives, but with the daughter of his well-known friend and a principal organiser of this year's soccer World Cup, Irvin Khoza.

Opposition leaders and AIDS awareness organizations alike are now breathing fire at the news of these latest shenanigans. At the time of marrying his fifth wife, there were already rumours that he would take another woman to wed. His actions certainly counter government efforts to curb the spread of HIV through safer practices.

I cannot fathom what it is like to be in a marriage where I have to share a man with other women, and it is legal and totally sanctioned by the prevailing culture. As alien as this situation is to me, I have to admit it fascinates me as much as the next person. People erroneously assume sometimes just because I am African, I am going to agree with Zuma's culture and the choices that he makes. South Africa has also been trying to understand the president's choices and I've seen several 'man-on-the-street' television interviews where a number of black people, women especially, vehemently condemn the president's decision to keep marrying.

One woman said, "I don't allow it! I just cannot allow it! In a country where it is common for one man to have several women as sex partners, and the mothers of his children, certain cultural practices favor the man and allow him to pursue this arrangement without fear of censure. Many Zulus have said that at least their culture allows for openness and honesty, but that does not stop men from straying, even when they have a number of wives, and also girlfriends.

The president himself was the subject of a lengthy court battle in when he was accused of raping a family friend. He was married at the time, yet still engaged in unprotected extra-marital sex escapades with other women. During the rape trial, which could have cost him the presidency, it came to light that the woman in question also happened to be HIV positive, and when pressed about this fact, he famously answered that he "had taken a shower after sex.

Some statistics show that the figures stand at 1 in every 3 people, a scary proposition any way you look at it. The disease has been driven by the three-pronged devil fork of poverty, violence and cultural norms. Kartchner, who lived on the Muddy southwest Utah.

On October 10,they were sealed husband and wife in the endowment house, Salt Lake City.

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Snow asked her if she was willing. Sister Snow then gave her a blessing, and said that she would retain her beauty and never grow old. Up until she passed away more than thirty years later, she was an exceptionally fine looking woman. The two women lived in the same house, or in close proximity and often helped each other when their work permitted. A number of years before she died, she suffered with asthma until life was a burden to her.

She rarely left the house for months at a time, because of that disease. I remember her suffering from the time we came to Arizona; for months she could not leave her bed. She was the mother of four girls living and one girl and two boys had passed away in infancy.

The girls did a noble part by their mother. Butler as his plural wife. Her story is told by one of the children in the Penrod manuscripts. We always felt bad when someone would say, your half brother or sister; to us there was no half. I can see mother and aunty at the ranch at Greer, especially on wash days, two big wooden tubs, set on a bench and two washboards.

One would wash the clothes and put them in the other tub … on the fire to boil them. Then they would take them out and put them through two clear waters, then starch them and hang them out. The starch was made out of flour and water. Both of them would hang out. Not only did they wash together, but anything that had to be done was done in unity, no arguing or waiting for the other one to do it.

They always worked together. Aunty did most of the sewing for both families, mother did the cooking and Daddy always worked hard to support his big family and our mothers were very saving and took care of all that was fetched in, so we always had plenty. We were corrected by the one that was with us. We thought it was what should be done and took it for granted without complaining.

Johns with his wife Eliza Ella Stewart. After Udall proposed to her, Ida returned to Snowflake and wrote to Ella. George for the wedding. Some Mormons remember that polygamy did not always result in perfect harmony. Latter-day Saints considered the law unconstitutional, and fought it until the U.

The First Polygamist and his First, Second and Third Ladies

Supreme Court upheld the law in Then inCongress passed the Edmunds Act, making polygamy a felony punishable by five years in prison. Polygamy was a convenient club for opponents of the Mormons. Johns Stake history says. Some followed the lead of Bishop Udall and sent their extra families back to Utah to live with relatives and some took their families with them and moved to Mexico.

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A few decided to stay and ride it out by playing a kind of cat and mouse game with So many of these substantial citizens left that their hurried withdrawals of capital from the co-op store system left it on the verge of collapse. One early settler in Round Valley who was a polygamist left by foot for Old Mexico, where his family later joined him.

He only had one team and his boys would need that to harvest their crop and haul wood for the family. He had no money to buy another outfit so could William lend him one. Well, a wagon, cover, water barrels and a span of our best horses were rigged up for him.

The horses were harnessed up, hitched to the wagon and driven up to his door after nightfall. He and his plural wives slipped away. In about a year he returned the outfit, with thanks. That was all that was necessary. If he had never brought them back, it would have been the same. Some of those from Snowflake who left were Jesse N. Roundy and James Palmer. A few others who were not polygamists joined them.

This sudden flight of so many of the principle men of the community left things in quite a bad spiritual and temporal condition. He immediately returned to Snowflake. He had two other wives, Aunt Ellen and Aunt Lottie. He was 12 years old. The excited children sang: They arrived in Colonia Dublan the last week in August. It was very hot, but crops were lush and at their peak. There were plenty of ripe watermelons. The newspaper story, making some obvious comparisons to Masons, lamented that its agent had only one wife and might have gotten more good stuff if he had been able to work into higher degrees through the attainment of more wives.

A part of the body which I do not care to mention was specially anointed The graphic looks a little like the base of a lamp, but probably helped sell papers. Powers, of Michigan, one of Mr. Johns Herald reported in Judge Powers says the President is determined to wage as fierce a war as possible against the Mormons, and has instructed the judicial officers to carry out the law most vigorously.

A large number of leading Mormons are now under indictment, among them being John Taylor and George Q. Cannon, the two being at the present fugitives from justice. Judge Powers says the Mormons generally are rapidly recognizing the fact that the Government is in dead earnest, and that they only preach and practice polygamy when they are out of sight of the officers of the law. He was living in Sunset near present-day Winslow under an assumed name, according to the St.

He later became church president and eventually abolished the doctrine of polygamy. The crackdown soon came to Arizona, according to this account in the Snowflake Stake history: