King colony meet the hutterites new season

The Las Vegas Badger: American Colony: Meet The Hutterites: Another Fake Show?

king colony meet the hutterites new season

Leaders of a Hutterite colony are demanding an apology from the King Ranch colony minister John Hofer, Bertha's brother in law, wrote Meet the Hutterites, and by the National Geographic Society," Hofer wrote in his letter to Fahey. prominently in the series, said the first three episodes were accurate. On May 29th, the first of ten episodes of “American Colony: Meet the A film crew spent months filming the King Ranch Hutterite Colony .. I have looked for the New Troy Michigan Colony but have not been able to find them. In the end, American Colony: Meet The Hutterites is a fake show, .. This is apparently what they do to get new blood incorporated into the colonies . I wish they'd have another season but listen to the viewers and just document it Meet The Hutterites, filmed at the King Ranch Hutterite Colony in Montana.

A staging of a heart attack? These cross the lines, quite simply, all of it was done for the cash and I find the pretense of a deeply religious community to be laughable.

To my mind, just another hypocritical Christian sect, just that simple. I was very disappointed in the show on NatGeo because I thought I would be able to learn more about Hutterites as a people and a faith.

king colony meet the hutterites new season

Other shows about the Amish and Mennonites I believe enabled those of us who have never had any contact to understand and appreciate these various faith based societies. I wish there had been less of a focus on one particular girl and other young family members. We have rebellious teenagers who disrespect their elders out here in spades…it is not shocking for us. As a matter of fact, I was horrified by her immature behavior.

I have a teenage girl she is my eldest and she would not dare to be so defiant. I understand the family is in a vulnerable time due to the loss of the man of the house…I was uncomfortable with the assumption that I or any viewer had any right to watch their struggles. I wish Claudia could know that all those petty things which tempt her are worth less than ashes. There is no doubt that there is much in the World which is dangerous.

Hutterites want apology for NatGeo television show

My own children do not have phones with internet access and I closely monitor their internet activity. On the other hand, I found the loving relationships of brother Toby and Marvin with their respective wives so wonderful. I truly wish there had been more focus on the families who are thriving in the colony.

It was very apparent that we the viewers were not given a fair chance to know the first thing about Hutterites. What a loss for us. It was obvious that some behaviors were triggered by an unfortunate mix of insecurity and the presence of a camera. Those few very young people would never be mistaken for the attitudes or actions of the colony as a whole.

I had respect for hutterites but this show has destroyed that, I thought that the hutterite way of life stood for respect, caring, Christian values and sharing however the children in this show behave like street kids in different clothing. Some of the adults were no better, the Hutterite community should deal with this and their culture, which it appears they have lost.

Another View of “American Colony” | Hutterites

For my 6th birthday I was given a violin-uke in I used to be able to play it with some sheet music that came it, but as the years went by the sheets dried out and disappeared as did the hair on the bow. I have looked for the New Troy Michigan Colony but have not been able to find them. If you could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

I am retired and have the time this instrument deserves for me to start playing it again. Thank you in advance for your help in this matter. While I did find it interesting and educational, I also found it somewhat disturbing — it was obvious to me that some scenes were entirely scripted.

Although many years have passed, this production in no way reminds me of the Hutterite community near Graceville, MN, that I was familiar with in the s.

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I have even worked on one colony. Situations and story lines were invented and the people were told what to do and say while the camera was on, he said. The result was an inaccurate depiction that has damaged the reputation of Hutterites everywhere, he said.

They also make use of some technology, especially when it comes to agricultural production. But the extent to which the Hutterites let in the modern world and the effect of that on their cultural and traditional values is one of the themes in the part series about the King Ranch colony 10 miles west of Lewistown that aired earlier this year.

Producer Jeff Collins said he believes the negative response to the series originated with Hutterite elders in Canada.

king colony meet the hutterites new season

Those elders, he said, are unhappy that the Hutterites on the show chose to use the camera to talk about education, the role of women and the struggles of adapting to modern ways.

Most on the King Ranch colony are pleased with and proud of the show, Collins said, but he believes they are now under external pressure to lodge a protest. In June, the bishops for the three sects of about 50, Hutterites in colonies in North America said in a joint statement that they were "deeply disappointed" in the show and that it presented a "distorted" and contrived image of their faith.

Lyle said he stands by the producer and that the show went through National Geographic's fact-checking protocol. We believe it's a fair and accurate portrayal of the life in the part time that we were there," Lyle said.

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They go down to get the deer with their guns but when they bring the deer up and through the river and up hills, the uns disappear.

Then when they get home from hunting, in their ATV, they didn't have their guns with them. Several other problems with the show. It seems like they picked the people with the stupidest accents for the show and the accents go from Swedish to German accents. These people didn't come to from Germany, they were all born in the U. English on the farm. So why do they have such thick accents?

You never see them pray and they swear a lot. Hardly, Hutterite behavior, especially by the young kids. Finally, the lack of respect by the young kids to the elders would never be tolerated. But here is an expert view on the show: There are dysfunctional colonies and Amish and Mennonite communities with colorful behavior that embarrasses their parent bodies.

In a sense they are fair game to secular documentarians and their audience.