Taylor swift meet and greet pictures

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taylor swift meet and greet pictures

Music celebrities, like Taylor Swift, often host a “meet and greet” before or after their concert. This is a time where fans can meet and take pictures with the. Taylor Swift's Reputation Stadium Tour officially kicks off tonight, May 8, in Arizona. She started things off on April 25 by posting a photo of her at a dance rehearsal for Taylor's meet-and-greet area is called The Rep Room. View and license Taylor Swift Concert pictures & news photos from Getty Images.

What aspect of your career from producing, writing, to being a technician has been the most rewarding? Raising money as a telethon producer was the most rewarding. I did and do get a lot out of telling people about important things during power blackouts, hurricane aftermath etc. Sometimes you are the only window on the outside world!

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Would you recommend your job to someone else? It is a dream job but a unique one. I work three jobs and most people don't want to work that hard! Teaching, Radio and TV is a full plate.

taylor swift meet and greet pictures

The job security is non existent. The crazy people who are in the business are not a fun part of the job.

taylor swift meet and greet pictures

Do you believe that working in the media is about who you know and not what you know? Who is your all time favorite star to interview? Besides your exciting bath at Graceland, tell me another exciting adventure you can share? There are stories involving a murder-suicide in Ohio that involves a Playboy centerfold!

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Are you publishing the book yourself? Have you written or published any other books? Takes to much time and only in the last few years have I enjoyed writing.

I need an editor BAD! Do you like having a famous name like our former president Jimmy Carter? I get tired of it sometimes BUT people do remember your name. What is your favorite magazine to read? I love newspapers and magaziner but read almost everything online now. So don't read the hard copies like I used to.

USA Today is one of the few I see while traveling. Since you know so many people, do you get a lot of Christmas and Birthday cards? I have moved WAY too many times. A divorce doesn't help that.

taylor swift meet and greet pictures

Again, The internet helps a lot in reattaching to lost people. I love Christmas but low key the birthday. What star is the most down to earth? Tim McGraw in Country Music Not sure any are really down to earth but some are much more approachable than others. Jay Leno used to hold the record here. He's a bit more stuffy now though.

Greetings from Taylor Swift’s Rep Room!

Do you think that woman are just as successful as men in the journalism industry? Hard to find any MEN in the business now. Go try to hire one! If I took a vacation to Nashville Tennessee-What would you recommend for entertainment? You might be bored but you have to see The Grand Old Opry at least once. Where is the best place to accidentally "run into" Sam Elliott? What has been your greatest accomplishment? Making people laugh and feel good because of my job. I love you guys! We were in awe, obviously, and excitement was crackling like electricity at our fingertips.

Later on, Andrea reappeared and welcomed whoever was at the front of the line with a generous hug. My best friends and I, upon reaching the front of the line, chatted with Andrea about the show and about Taylor.

taylor swift meet and greet pictures

She was such a sweetheart, and so funny and so genuinely kind to all of us. We got a cute Polaroid picture with her before being called into the room to meet Taylor. Jane and I walked in slowly, taking everything in, while Anna wasted no time in bolting inside and throwing her arms around Taylor, who laughed.

taylor swift meet and greet pictures

This was a dream come true as we had been following her for so long Jane has idolized Taylor for much longer than I have, though and she was finally there, standing in front of us. Taylor hugged each of us individually and Jane, unable to contain her genuine excitement, launched into how she found Taylor at five years old and has loved her and her music ever since. Taylor smiled and hugged Jane again, telling her that she does the rep room for people like her.

The ones who had been such dedicated fans for so long and who Taylor had never had the chance to meet.