Parks and rec meet greet quotes about success

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parks and rec meet greet quotes about success

"Meet N Greet", "End of the World", "The Treaty" Leslie panics when Ben prepares to meet up with Shauna at the party, so she Entertainment 's party is a huge success and Tom is congratulated by Lucy the next morning. Quotes Edit. Ron: No home is complete without a proper toolbox. Here's April and Andy's: A hammer, a half eaten pretzel, a baseball card, some cartridge. A page for describing Awesome: Parks and Recreation. Haiku · ImageLinks · Laconic · PlayingWith · Quotes · ReferencedBy · Synopsis · Timeline . "Meet n Greet": A small one, but when April sees how uncomfortable Jerry is with seeing and/or get her to back down normally, and even then they don't always succeed.

It originally aired on November 3, to 4 million viewers. Storyline Edit The Reasonabilistsa Pawnee doomsday cult that worships a lizard god known as Zorp the Surveyorhave predicted the world is going to end. Since they have never been correct with their doomsday predictions in the past, no one takes them seriously and Leslie Knope always allows them to hold an all-night vigil in a park.

parks and rec meet greet quotes about success

Chris Traeger asks Leslie and Ben Wyatt to join him in monitoring the Reasonabilists during their vigil, which makes the two feel awkward since they have not spent much time together since their break-up. In case the world actually does end, April Ludgate decides to help Andy Dwyer complete everything on his bucket list in the span of a day.

Despite the jubilant atmosphere at the party, Tom feels something is missing, but is pleasantly surprised to find his ex-girlfriend Lucy there, whom Jean-Ralphio invited, though he wanted to hook up with her, forgetting that Tom and her ever dated. Leslie panics when Ben prepares to meet up with Shauna at the party, so she makes him join her in seeing an interesting Pawnee site, but she just drives in circles and ends up at an abandoned gas station. Leslie later admits to Ron Swanson that if the world was going to end, she would want to spend her last night with Ben, but Ron reminds her that the world is not going to end, so Leslie must accept that she has chosen her political career over Ben.

As expected, the world does not end. Leslie apologizes to Ben and lets him know that she is fine with him dating.

Andy and April arrive at the Grand Canyon and are amazed, but Andy realizes he was actually thinking of Mount Rushmore, when he asks where the presidents' faces are. Turns out when you think the world's ending you don't aim so carefully in the Port-o-potties. What religion am I? Well, I'm a practicing none of your [bleep] business. Gayle is making a roast.

It is a beautiful night for the end of the world. We have a thousand dollars in our bank account and we're young and irresponsible. Have you ever seen this much money in your life?

parks and rec meet greet quotes about success

I just handed it to you. Tammy I is horrified at Ron's recordkeeping and demands access to every part of his life for the audit. Tammy I's strict maternal nature intimidates everyone into following her orders, which impresses April. Over the course of the next week, Tammy I moves back in with Ron and assumes complete control over him.

Ron shaves off his moustache, becomes kind, and refuses to do anything without Tammy I's approval. Leslie needs Ron to be his usual gruff self for the battle royale and confronts Tammy I about the audit, which she admits is fake — she decided to take Ron back after learning about all the gold he had.

Ron and Tammys

Leslie asks Ron's second ex-wife Tammy 2 for help, but even she is scared of Tammy I — Tammy I attacked Tammy 2 with acid when her and Ron first got together. They decide to ask Ron's survivalist mother, Tamara — nicknamed Tammy, or Tammy 0 — for help and she agrees. Tammy 0 challenges Tammy I to a "prairie drink-off" of highly alcoholic Swanson family mash liquor, but Tammy 0 says Ron will return to the farm forever if she wins. Leslie enters the drinking contest to save Ron from his mother and ex-wife, but the liquor immediately makes her too drunk to continue.

Ron, finally fed up over people controlling him, chugs the jug dry and tells both Tammys to leave him alone.

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In a subplot, Tom Haverford asks Ben Wyatt to look over the finances of his company, Entertainment Ben discovers that Tom and Jean-Ralphio Saperstein are wasting large amounts of money on a state-of-the-art office, giving employees high salaries with full benefits, and paying Detlef Schrempf and Roy Hibbert to play basketball all day, despite having no income.

They ignore Ben's warnings that the company will go bankrupt in a month, but Tom later apologizes to Ben after discovering that he was right. In another subplot, Ann Perkins asks Chris Traeger to film a quick Public Service Announcement about diabetes, but the overly-enthusiastic Chris spends all day doing countless takes, making Ann wonder why she even dated him in the first place.

I would guess that they would be bankrupt by the end of this sentence. She 's the cold distant mother I never had. What is your name? I hope the rest of your day is cool beans. Why do you have so many guns? This is America isn't it?

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Then I don't have to answer stupid questions while standing on my own property. OK, you know what? Let's cut the crap. Is this audit even real? In a sense, yes, but in another, truer sense, no, it is not.

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I want Ronald back. But I had to learn about his finances to make sure my future was protected. He's acquired quite a bit of gold You are literally a gold digger!