Eminem meet and greet cape town

The Jack Parow Brandy Special Launch Tour at Beerhouse - BEERHOUSE

eminem meet and greet cape town

Meet the next generation of South African hip-hop. From Cape Town's"boom bap" emcees, Joburg's trappers, to Durban's innovators and . His heartfelt rhymes are delivered with an Eminem-esque conviction and emotion. Slim Shady rocked Cape Town Stadium last night and it was definitely an unforgettable show. He rapped so fast on his track Rap God that we had difficulty keeping up! 6 Eminem loved his Cape Town fans so much that he told them he wishes he could stay in the Mother City longer. Compare and Buy Official Eminem Tickets - View Upcoming Concerts, Events & Track Eminem Tour Dates at pugliablog.info - The Ticket Price Comparison.

Once Kendrick showed up, every seat was filled, it was chaotic, and there was a hell of a lot of screaming.

Eminem Rapture Tour - Cape Town Stadium 26 Feb '14

Right before he ascended onto the stage from the little platform in the middle of the stage- which was exactly on time, I should add- there was a really cool showing of this ninja performance, as well as a story-like, cinematic, short where he battled someone, and funny title screens showed up from time to time saying phrases like "KENDRICK FUCKS SHIT UP".

Similar clips were shown sporadically throughout the show so the crowd wouldn't get bored as they prepared for different parts of the act. It was cool when he got raised on this platform in the middle of the arena to perform "Money Tree", but the most beautiful part of the show was definitely when he played "LOVE.

eminem meet and greet cape town

Probably the wildest time, for me, was when he played "Alright," near the end. That song is really emotional for me, and seeing him play it live was magnificent. Not to mention how, just like with every other song, so many other people were shouting the lyrics, words for word.

Eminem Concerts South Africa

It was then played a second time, where he sung along, and then descended back underneath the stage. Lots of people thought it was over, but some friends and I had checked the set-list and knew to stay put. Soon enough, he was right back on stage, and played the final song, "GOD. If I could, I would experience it all over again, minus the ear ringing that lasted until the middle of the next day, a near loss of voice, and needing to skip the next day of school.


Another highlight was seeing the uncomfortable white parents who brought their kids. It was amusing to watch them try to dance, shout-out to those guys. One dad brought this, like, eight year old kid who covered her ears when we screamed understandable considering how ear-piercing it was, but stilland sat down except for when "HUMBLE. The dad was on his phone the entire time, though.

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Parow Brandy is premium 3-year blended brandy. The difference with Parow Brandy is that the highest quality ingredients is used to give it its great taste. When sipping Parow Brandy, one should taste flavours of fresh apple and pear.

eminem meet and greet cape town

Parow Brandy can be enjoyed neat, with ice, or with a mixer, thanks to its versatility. Today he is known as Jack Parow, the dangerous romantic Afrikaans rapper. Contrary to popular belief, his wild-fire success did not happen overnight.

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He studied to be a mechanic, but had to take jobs like packing fish in Cape Town harbour and allocating graves for the Cemetery Division of the Cape Town municipality to support his rap habit. Jack Parow released his debut self-titled full length album in It struck gold within two weeks of its release and went platinum within a year.

Since his debut release he has headlined at major festivals in South Africa.

eminem meet and greet cape town

Parow has performed in Russia, tours Europe almost annually and has played before packed out shows there.