After church meet and greet

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after church meet and greet

The "meet-and-greet" looks more like a mad quest to shake as many hands But after the second week with no “greet your neighbor” routine. Let's Meet, Greet, Welcome and Love Everyone . Consider the following: Some who attend our services have no strong commitment to one. Meet, Greet and Eat. Whether it's in Fellowship Hall after worship or out on the playground, in the Welcome Center on Sunday mornings or in someone's home.

I personally believe this can be an aspect of the comforting ministry of the Holy Spirit. In our society, greeting one another is a sign of compassion and welcome.

after church meet and greet

Paul explains in Galatians 6: On a few occasions our folks have not been aggressive in shaking hands and reaching out to visitors. On each of those occasions one of the comments made by a visitor was how disappointing it was that no one greeted them!

after church meet and greet

On all three occasions the congregation was encouraged to do better. Compassion and openness I would use an additional argument to defend the practice of greeting one another, using appropriate physical contact. Southeast Valley Baptist Church actually is not only a handshaking church. We do that appropriately. On a regular basis when that compassion is combined with a warm embrace the one being loved will break down with tears as they share various challenges of life.

Talk about a great opportunity for real ministry! Sex has been so poorly handled even exegetically as a biblical topic that we in separatist circles too often struggle in explaining how to have appropriate physical contact with other believers, especially of the other gender. The result of that has been multi-faceted.

To say you can shepherd the sheep and not touch them is—unfathomable!

after church meet and greet

Fighting exclusivity Coming back to the topic at hand pun intended! So to avoid it altogether I would go to the bathroom or sit in my seat and play on my phone. Then I moved to Peru and my hater heart was changed in a single palpitation. Well, our Church does not have a welcome time, our service is a welcome time. We kiss each other on the cheek. We hug each other. We shake hands and are genuinely glad to meet one another. People look each other in the eye, and express appreciation for each other.

They ask each other how they are doing and they mean it. In some ways I am painting a perfect picture, but generally, this is our Church life. After this change in my walk with Jesus, I really began to ask a lot of questions. Why is there such a difference between my experience in Peru in comparison to the US?

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Is it my heart? Am I that disconnected with the concept of loving my neighbor? Have I forgotten these holy welcomes are a form of worship in and of themselves?

Meet & Greet

Have you noticed, for some churches this time is so awkward they have stopped doing it altogether? They would rather avoid the wall instead of breaking right through it.

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I want you to look at how Paul welcomed or greeted the Church through letters: In some of them he first testifies to whom Jesus is, but then greets them with grace and peace. Can you imagine if his written words are this way, how he was face to face?

As I said last week, even in the broken churches full of sin he was trying to reconcile the damaged parts back into true fellowship.

Is Greeting Your Neighbor Time Really Necessary?

For example, in the text of 1 Corinthians Paul completely berates the Church, and look how he ends it: Greet one another with a holy kiss. I believe it was because of persecution.

However there was more going on in their social setting. As Paul wrote these greetings people were trying to murder him. He was in prison for preaching the Truth of Jesus Christ. Likewise, the Church was being persecuted by many for what they believed.