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See more. At Cecil Pines Antique Car Show & Open House Open House PineVintage Classic CarsAntique CarsPine TreeVintage CarsOld School Cars. Classic car events calendar: great events for summer and autumn Come and meet Antiques Roadshow expert Eric Knowles together with Paul Hayes where famous names such as Stirling Moss and Mike Hawthorn would race. Cadillacs, Pontiacs, Buicks, Camaros, Dodges, Corvettes and Chevys, along with . Her temperament is outstanding, very outgoing wanting to meet everyone and every dog. Today is Sterling's 1st birthday. . Autumn travelled great, slept most of the way, had one pee stop and has fit right in at home. . mature couple living in Manitoba, whom we sent a lovely red male Terv puppy to the summer of

I named him Tiger Wolf and he lived up to his name. He was typical of his breed: He also had no fear, was very sweet and loving, and had more personality that I had ever seen before in a dog--he was a character and had character--a playful prince who was always happy and full of joy and wagging his tail. He also had great hips--was very strong--and when younger he could climb trees if they were at an angleand leap into the air and float like a butterflylike he was dancing in air--it was amazing.

I had never seen a dog do that before--he had such powerful muscles and such charm We walked together twice a day, and every day people would comment on how handsome he was--and women and girls were constantly asking to have their picture taken with him, and even on the last day of his life he received compliments. At this river park, there was a Park recreation center with programs for kids--and the two Park Rangers liked Tiger so much they taught the kids to say "Hi Tiger" when ever we walked by When I put Tiger to sleep, two days ago, a lot of people cried, including, to my surprise, the two Park Ranger, my next door neighbors, former girlfriends He began vomiting daily, about 3 weeks ago, then lost his appetite, and I tried everything Finally, he stopped eating I had the vet come to the house--Tiger greeted her--he was such as sweet boy You sold me such a super dog, I am concerned that if I got another one, he would not measure up to Tiger I have attached some pictures of Tiger.

I can't find his papers, but I believe he was born in July of He has a great personality and is going to be a good one - lively, fun, outgoing - training is going well and, though it is still early, no quirky phobias or obsessions - he is quite level. We are very pleased with him.

He is a real joy to be around and is so happy all the time. The trip went well, although both of us were more than ready to get home. The bag of gifts you gave me really came in handy. He loves his toy and is already chasing it around the house.

Thank you so much again. We are so pleased they went to the trouble to come back to us for their second Belgian and to be able to place another one of our "SterlingDen" puppies in their wonderful home. What a good boy "Indy" is, calm but yet still a happy outgoing puppy.

So happy with our pick! Hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New year! Dec 14, Angie, we cannot thank you enough! Rhaksi Roxi is more than we ever could have imagined.

The ride home was a breeze for her and she isn't intimidated by the cats in the slightest! She's currently snoozing alongside the fireplace in our living room, it feels like we've had her for years!!

Thanks again, Angie, for your incredible dedication to breeding and raising amazingly beautiful, loving dogs Hope your Christmas shopping went well!! I wanted to let you know about our boy Ouden - who arrived in July of this year He is of your spring litter. He is a such a wonderful dog and we're enjoying him very much. His temperment is excellent and as my husband says 'he doesn't have a mean bone in his body' He loves everyone - he does require training which he is getting and he learns very fast.

We're still going through the puppy phase and expect that to continue for some time but overall he is great!

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I should also mention he is very handsome and we now know why you call his colouring red. He is a joy to be with and keeps everybody running. Your kennel produces such beautiful dogs. He was a little shell shocked and like you said, kennel and puppy needed cleaning up. The cargo people were great, they let us clean up the little guy and kennel using their shower, even with warm water. I am in love, he is everything you said he would be and more.

I am amazed with his temperment, what a gentlemen! I think you must of preprogrammed him to good behavior. I was shocked when it only took a couple of times of no bite for him to politely respond. Also you must have whispered in his ear to snuggle up to me and come when called.

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My husband I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks for having the food there, he was one hungry little guy. I can't thank you enough for everything. It is hard to believe he is here.

You did a wonderful job of socializing him, because he seems right at home, and comfortable with both of us. Attached are some photos. BTW, I let my husband name him. His name is Kahu, which in Hawaiian means shephard.

She is such a delight, and brings us so much love and pleasure.

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She loves to play ball; runs like the wind. Thank you for such a beautiful dog. I just wanted to thank you again and wish you a very Merry Christmas and best New Year ever. Your little daughter turned out to be a rose bud; it was great seeing her photos on your web site.

Best regards ever, P. Sunny and her husband live in California and have one of our silver male Tervurens. October 17, I have made plans to have Bentley neutered this month just to let you know. We have been hanging around a group of herders who mostly have Belgians and he has caused quite a stir.

He is as big as echo 45lbs and has the thickest coat I have ever seen. People are really impressed with his bone structure as he is a really sturdy boy and makes echo look like a dainty little thing. Both are doing really well. Echo is making progress in agility and one of the instructors has taken an interest in her. She has never seen a more enthusiastic but balanced Belgian. She has enthusiasm and a good attention span. She just loves the whole thing. Bentley is doing well in his classes.

Not sure what he will excel in we will try him at a couple of things. Thanks again and have a nice fall. Drake is SO my runner up to Cass. Not only have they been wonderful owners to three of our Belgians, but over the years have become valued friends we hold dear.

She is such a joy to us all - the sweetest, kindest and most gentle dog - so like her lovely Dad Remie and Italia of course too! She is such a fabulous girl and everywhere we go people comment on how well behaved she is for such a young dog and how friendly and gentle she is - and of course how beautiful too! The other day when I was walking downtown with Ruby a woman stopped her car with and jumped out to comment to me that Ruby was a Belgian Shepherd - she has one too but she got hers in Belgium and was so excited to find out that we got Ruby here in Ontario - she took down all your details and said she would contact you as they would like another one as a companion to theirs - she was so impressed with the way Ruby behaved and how gorgeous she looks.

Thank you so much for picking such a wonderful dog for us, she really has made such a great impact on our new life in Canada and is the best addition to our new home. I do hope all is well with you and your family - I shall keep in touch.

We loved her dearly and she passed in September see attached pic taken in July We were given a Groendael pup in March of ; and since our Australian Sheepdog passed earlier this year we are looking for a new dog. We loved Keelee and especially her size and temperament. I was wondering if you are still breeding the Tervurens and if you entertain shipping them to Alberta? We are looking for a male with a calm demeanour like Keelee and a steady temperament. We are looking for a pup in the new year.

Another puppy owner who has come back to us for another Tervuren from us, after having had one of our previous puppies, a much beloved silver female they had named "Keelee", whom passed at age This weekend and next Echo and I are participating in a clinic that is being hosted by our instructor but taught by an Irish Shepherd who has won and bred many dogs who have won the International Sheepdog Trials in the UK.

The dogs are all Border Collies and although he has travelled the world and worked with many breeds he has never worked with a Belgian Shepherd. At 11 months she did as well or better than most Borders her age and after an hour she was working with 8 sheep and following only non verbal commands and whistles.

She is kind to the sheep so they do not fear her and she was able to return a run away to the flock and keep the flock moving. We did this in open field and not a sand pen. I was first amazed because I am still learning and am unable to be a good shepherd yet and so proud of her. The gentleman whose name is Dennis Birchall gave her a huge compliment when he said if I ever had to choose a breed other than a Border Collie to tend my flock it would be one like her.

The other participants who are all seasoned owners and competitors were impressed as well. She clearly has a very pronounced instinct which could explain her energy levels. We were there for 8 hours and not once did she take her eye of the sheep and her stamina was incredible. The group has been extended an invitation to go to Ireland next year and train on his farm. She was magnificent to watch as she just seems to love it so much. He came out of his crate and had some water, then strolled over and lay down right in front of the desk calm as you please, as if he owned the place.

He's been very relaxed all evening, despite having a bit of a drive through town. He really is a gorgeous boy, such a charmer! Hopefully his first night away from home will go smoothly now. Thank you so much for your help in picking out this boy for me, he is just wonderful! I'll also send you a couple of pictures within a few days, so you can see how he's settling in. Mary Lou Campbell who owns and runs Boywood cannot say enough good things about Echo.

She told me yesterday she has a client who has 2 Belgians from somewhere else they are both older she gave your information to them. They have worked with their Belgian for about 8 years and Mary Lou suggested when they get their next dog to go to you.

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Mary Lou said she has only on occasion run across a pup as young as Echo with such a natural affiliation for the sport and she is probably the nicest Belgian she has ever met. I am so proud. She is a pretty girl to and a bit different from some of the Belgians I have seen. Her tail is really black.

She is such a cutie. Just thought I would tell you and I hope you get some other lucky people to come to you for their puppies. I will bring her to see you soon. Sun, 1 May Testimonial I recently took my male, Black and Grey Belgian Shepherd to Pet Smart here in Las Vegas when this lady came up to me and raved about how beautiful my dog was and wanted to know where I got him from.

I told her I got it on line from Canada from Angie who I found on the internet. Here are a few throughout the UK that are deserving of your attention, whether you're away on holiday or simply fancy a destination for a day out. We will be adding to the list every week as more events are confirmed.

This event is actually taking place in on August 4, Richard Daniels Back for the tenth revival of the earlys hill climb, this charity festival in Buckinghamshire packs in more than cars and bikes on the hill and on display in the paddock. Notable attractions this year include the John Player Special Lotus transporter carrying two very different cars than those in period — Formula and CanAm racers, the Napier Railton from Brooklands, which will take on the hill, and the most extreme car yet from McLaren, the Senna.

Enjoy the relaxed, village atmosphere with some great food and drink and browse the many trade outlets. Come and meet Antiques Roadshow expert Eric Knowles together with Paul Hayes and Tom Keane, who will be offering free valuations and advice over the two-day festival. Full event details and advance ticket purchase at www.

Operations at RAF Castle Combe commenced in as a training base although it soon grew in status and eventually featured amenities such as two steel-mesh runways and multiple hangars surrounded by a paved perimeter track. The circuit layout is pretty much as it was inwhile eight of the former RAF buildings remain, most significantly the old control tower which is now the race control building. There will be a special classes for American cars and hot rods on the Bugatti Owners' Club hillclimb, as well as American car displays, a dedicated concours area and US-themed entertainment.