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Julia Gillard herself deflected questions about Shorten's role in her interview for The Killing Season, protecting the leader of the party. In a book published this week, For the Common Good: Reflections On Australia's FutureShorten offers a superficial and incomplete account of his part in the challenges of and Crucially, there is no detail and no explanation of why he thought a change of leader was necessary in In For the Common Good, Shorten says he "formed a strong view only in the last few days before the challenge".

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What he didn't disclose is that he went to meetings of disgruntled senators and MPs in the months leading up to it. He would come along to some of them, yes. Look, him and a whole lot of other people were terribly pessimistic about our prospects, and I think rightly so.

Shorten does not reveal that he was discussing the possibility of defeat weeks out from the challenge, according to NSW Labor backbencher Janelle Saffin: Bill's main concerns were what polling was showing in some of the seats in Victoria: If we went to an election now we might lose some of those seats That extended through to, if we lost these so-many seats, we could lose government.

In fact, the public polling suggested a more optimistic outcome. Three days before he lost office, Labor was in front and Rudd was still ahead of Tony Abbott as preferred prime minister. Shorten claims Rudd's leadership style irritated MPs and "there was a deep well-spring of discontent". When the coup took place, the people who were most intimately involved in it were actually very good campaigners, people like Shorten, Feeney, Arbib, Bitar, they felt that they were being locked out and that was part of the driving force I think behind the decision to get rid of Rudd.

After Question Time on the day of the challenge, Shorten was one of a handful of factional leaders who met with Julia Gillard in Senator Kim Carr's office. The powerbrokers offered her their assessments of the numbers.

Gillard understood their motives. My recollection of that meeting was that it was a very strong "if you run you will be supported" message. And they were obviously hoping that that information would encourage me to do it. In his book, Shorten goes on to say he would have cast his vote for Gillard had there been a ballot. What he doesn't say is that his backing was critical on the night of the challenge and he was instrumental in locking in votes for her.

Gillard adviser Gerry Kitchener said that after she met with Rudd, key supporters gathered in her office. Julia was put into her boardroom where she was given a list of names that she started calling, and then the MPs started coming in and so Shorten, Feeney, Arbib and Don Farrell sort of formed a right-wing cabal down in the far office and they locked themselves in there and started calling people.

I think it's fair to say that whatever Bill's faults may or may not be, he knows how to work the numbers and he was ringing people 'til late in the night. Shorten was a beneficiary of Gillard's elevation. He had been in Parliament less than three years. Shorten describes himself as one of Gillard's strongest supporters in and when her leadership was under threat, but says that changed when he realised Labor was at risk of electoral "annihilation".

He claims his obligation to the nation was behind his move to Rudd. Despite writing about his close relationship with Gillard, Shorten never told her personally that he would not vote for her in a ballot.

In The Killing Season Uncut, Gillard says he came to see her on the eve of the final parliamentary session before the long winter break.

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I had a conversation with Bill in Melbourne He didn't say to me, "And I have moved my support," but the fact that he would even come and indicate that he thought not only electorally but internally for me things were dire, caused me to conclude that clearly he was thinking of moving.

Within a fortnight, Rudd was back in the prime minister's office. There will be over items to be won including gift cards, gift certificate and baskets and the first attendees will receive goody bags.

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Your Troy Fall Fest Activities don't have to end. Come support a great cause, have some dinner and win some great items!! Jerome Chicken Dinner Jerome Catholic Church St. Jerome Catholic Church S. Maryville Parks Rec Location: Parking is available around the park, as well as at Mother of Perpetual Help Church parking lot just one block east of the park. The event is being sponsored by Maryville Parks Rec Committee. For further information call Bring your lawn chairs or sit at the picnic tables, bring bug spray if needed, as well as your toe tapping shoes for a great hour and a half of music.

Fresh popped Washington Kettle Corn will be available during the concert. Also available are our Wally Bags and other gift items. Light refreshments will be served. Tri-Township Library Community Room Come celebrate the start of the library's adult book clubs by bringing your favorite book to discuss with the group. The library staff will be announcing the first book to be read at each book club and the book clubs' meeting times will be decided by the group.

Music will start at 3: Jacob Village Yard Sales 8: Sign up is available for grades one through five. Customers can have a choice of fried cod, catfish, jack salmon, and baked salmon or tilipia, cod cut ups, shrimp and chicken strips - dinners with two sides.