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Senate office, where he first met “downloading” of funds from a blower Benhur . Rice smugglers dodge BOC seize orders with court orders. By Ron B. province. high-volume drug dealer guilty and meted life imprisonment. Mendres . On Feb. 1, , a trial date was set, and in Cavite. His driver, Emmanuel Corbito was. THE Palarong Panlalawigan officially kicks off Sunday with thousands of student-athletes, coaches, officials, and Negrenses expected to. Results Ford Focus AT . First called Chrysler Philippines Corporation, the company sells over . plants situated in the country, specifically in the province of Laguna. Always meet the seller before making any (down) payment.

This stymied variety and competition, until the Subic SUVs came to town. Thinking out of the box and challenging the status quo is not at all out of character for Honda.

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And sell they did, despite dodgy conversions from right hand drive to left hand drive and out-of-sight structural corrosion. Grow auto sales, you grow the manufacturing sector, grow employment, increasing the tax take. Fifteen years later, we can now reveal the other impetus to allow more car imports, legally. Luxury cars imported through the grey market were growing and BIR wanted a piece of the pie and not just helplessly look and watch all the theoretical tax revenue go away as grey market importers knew their way around Customs.

It should have been all uppity and charged but 2 big bangs in New York was to be the party pooper. Willie too was getting cold feet, having committed much of his personal fortune to prop up Jaguar and now take in Land Rover [after BMW jettisoned it to Jacques], even as the market segment was barely recovering from the Asian Crisis of This MoJo stint was just a pleasant sideline from my daily chores as Asst.

Teddy was all ready to drop the automotive beat and go back to his roots and his first love; being a food critic. Sidelined Nevertheless, it was a pleasant sideline. Students ogled at the latest test drive cars delivered to me on the school parking lot.

These are the lengths the car industry went through to have us deliver to you as faithfully as possible, our independent impressions of what they do behind the scenes. The dawn of a friendship It was the dawn flight out of NAIA T1 that made a stopover at Nagoya, where it disgorges a genuine planeful of mostly Japanese businessmen reporting back to HQ.

The two fighter jets stayed with us until we approached the runway with landing gear down. It was practice for a new protocol — in case a commercial air liner has been hi-jacked with the intent to crash into a skyscraper, the jets that lined up have license to shoot us down. And with that sobering quip, Filipino exec strode into the baggage claim lane.

He was from Toyota Phil. His name was Danny Isla. Exercise in futility or gullibility? Everything we drove and tested were press embargoed. To which the entire congregation laughed as if it was a joke. Part of something big The gratifying part of this job ; the wining and dining and the fine company it fostered, the gifting and the flattery— I would be lying if I say I did not enjoy that. But the greater gratitude is for playing a part of something big and significant, something that affects and improves the Motoring world or the everyday life of the driving public.

This is beyond the photo shoots, the destination drives, the track time on our ever increasing number of racing circuits and karting tracks, driving clinics, party raffles, junkets and so forth. Its being able to make a difference.

Like the Excise Tax reform of and recently, fine tuning the tax rates and categories of TRAIN 1 which left unchallenged, would have killed the luxury car category with too high a tax leading to a huge drop in tax revenue and the rebirth of the grey market imports. Genuine Artificial Intelligence As for cars themselves, I do not find the march to autonomous driving and increasing influence of AI [artificial intelligence] Orwellian or even a conflict between Nanny State vs.

After all, AMG and Alpina mods are meant to make cars faster and quicker, right? Having been responsible for the explosion in the number of cars on the road, we were also looking out for better roads and more of them.

From random checkpoints to speeding dragnets.

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From Pink Fences and footbridges. Carino brutal or tough love means that there still is a relationship. We turned around the initial bad-mouthing against the SCTEx to what is probably the most scenic tollway in the country today.

And traffic can be eased if elevated Skyway exiting at Alabang elevated toll plaza was configured to pass through. Plus, hundreds of carriageway, sign, luminairy location, off-ramp and shoulder alignment adjustments and upgrading of NLEx, particularly the last Balem to Sta. Inez section of the NLEx, including the proper rendering of Sta.

Inez into a proper trumpet interchange. We are happy to note that LTO listened and are issuing bigger [closer in size to EU norm] rear only motorcycle plate numbers [with 2 rows of characters] as mandated by a law sponsored by Sen. Lately, the PNP finally acted to end the weekly carnage of daredevil moto riders at Tanayburgring. Our constant badgering of the MMDA merited responses and adjustments to their pink fences, bollard walls, U-turn slots, dogbone rotundae, merging lanes, one way systems and part time left turn lanes.

Our badgering Pampanga DPWH finally produced the desired road repair in Mabalacat which comically started erroneously by breaking up the roadway before the drainage canal was enlarged.

Frustrating Like in anything, there are its frustrations. We failed to push the bill filed by then Congressmen Mark Cojuangco and Jack Enrile that would have raised the national tollway speed limit to During Queen Anne's War with France from tothe province had little involvement with the military operations, but benefited from being a supplier to the British fleet.

New York militia participated in two abortive attacks on Quebec in and Black slaves[ edit ] In the s, New York City was the largest importer of the colonies of slaves and a supply port for pirates. The black population became a major element in New York City, and on large upstate farms. With its shipping and trades, New York had use for skilled Africans as artisans and domestic servants. Two notable slave revolts occurred in New York City in and By the 17th century, they established the African burial ground in Lower Manhattan, which was used through It was discovered nearly two centuries later during excavation before the construction of the Ted Weiss Federal Building at Broadway.

Historians estimated 15, Africans and African Americans had been buried in the approximately 8 acres surrounding there. Because of the extraordinary find, the government commissioned a memorial at the site, where the National Park Service has an interpretive center.

Excavation and study of the remains has been described as the "most important historic urban archaeological project undertaken in the United States. However new Dutch arrivals were very few. While the Netherlands was a small country, the Dutch Empire was quite large, meaning that emigrants leaving the mother country had a wide variety of choices under full Dutch control.

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The major Dutch cities were centers of high culture, but they sent few immigrants. Most new arrivals in the 17th century had been farmers from remote villages who on arrival in New Netherland scattered into widely separated villages that had little cross contact with each other. Even inside a settlement, different Dutch groups had minimal interaction.

With very few new arrivals, the result was an increasingly traditional system cut off from the forces for change. The folk maintained their popular culture, revolving around their language and their Calvinist religion.

The Dutch brought along their own folklore, most famously Sinterklaas the foundation of the modern day Santa Claus. They maintained their distinctive clothing and food preferences.

They introduced some new foods to America, including beets, endive, spinach, parsley, and cookies. They purchased English furniture, silverware, crystal, and jewelry. They were proud of the Dutch language, which was strongly reinforced through the church, but they were much slower than the Yankees in setting up schools for their children.

They published no newspapers, and published no books and only a handful of religious tracts annually. By comparison, Manhattan then had only 6, people.

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Initially, the Germans were employed in the production of naval stores and tar along the Hudson River near Peekskill. In they were allowed to settle in the central Mohawk Valley west of Schenectady as a buffer against the Native Americans and the French.

They also settled in areas such as Schoharie and Cherry Valley. Many became tenant farmers or squatters. They kept to themselves, married their own, spoke German, attended Lutheran churches, and retained their own customs and foods. They emphasized farm ownership. Some mastered English to become conversant with local legal and business opportunities. The assembly was determined to control expenditures for this war and only weak support was given. When the call came for New York to help raise an expeditionary force against Louisburgthe New York assembly refused to raise troops and only appropriated a token three thousand pounds.

The French raid on Saratoga in destroyed that settlement, killing and capturing more than one hundred people. After this attack the assembly was more generous and raised 1, men and forty thousand pounds.

Sir William Johnson, 1st Baronetand other agents in upstate New York brought about the participation of the Iroquois. The British forces surrendered to the French, but many prisoners were then massacred by the Indians.

Some prisoners had smallpox, and when Indians took the scalps to their home villages, they spread a disease that killed large numbers. One of the largest impressment operations occurred in New York City in the spring of when three thousand British troops cordoned off the city and impressed nearly eight hundred persons they found in taverns and other gathering places of sailors.

Forty New York ships were commissioned as privateers in and in the spring of it was estimated the value of French prizes brought into New York City was two hundred thousand pounds. Bythe seas had been cleaned of French vessels and the privateers were diverted into trading with the enemy. The ending of the war caused a severe recession in New York. Political parties[ edit ] During the middle years of the 18th century, politics in New York revolved around the rivalry of two great families, the Livingstons and the De Lanceys.

Both of these families had amassed considerable fortunes. New York City had an inordinate influence on New York politics because several of the assembly members lived in New York City rather than in their district. In the election, De Lanceys' relatives and close friends controlled 12 of the 27 seats in the assembly. The De Lanceys lost control of the assembly in the election of Governor Cadwallader Colden tried to organize a popular party to oppose the great families, thus earning the hatred of the city elite of both parties.

The Livingstons looked to the imperial ties as a means of controlling the influence of James De Lancey.