Al soltis memorial meet 2013 honda

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al soltis memorial meet 2013 honda

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He started with a full tank of gas. He rolled the car wheel-to-wheel, side-over-side, landing on all four wheels, drove back up the track, approached the narrow rollover ramp and flipped the car again.

He repeated the feat as many times as he could landing in the same place every time. On the fourth roll that evening, something went wrong. Then it caught fire. Before the firetruck in the infield could drive over, the car exploded. Snooks was knocked unconscious by the blast and died. Apparently the gas cap came off after the first roll.

Each successive time Snooks did the rollover, more fuel was dumped in the same spot. It is not known what actually ignited the fuel. The engine may have backfired or the fan may have hit the radiator shroud causing sparks.

And, to make it even more horrible, a sizeable crowd in the grandstand watched, as did all the drivers scheduled for the jalopy feature. They were all lined up, buckled in their cars, on the backstretch. That was probably the most intense moment of the month. Everybody was telling me how it insane it was once the green flag drops.

Then there was also the responsibility — with guys like Scott Dixon and Juan Pablo Montoya on my inside. The pits were awash with Sprinters. Toby had never ever been in a Sprinter, but he qualified handily in third spot for a car main. Little question he knew the short route around Reading. He assumed the lead in the second turn of the first lap and romped on to the win, to wild applause. This shot was taken when he came up to do an interview with me at Bakersfield.

Brock and I started on the story and worked our way through the pits, when we were told that Garlits got hurt at Lions, when he lost his foot in a horrible clutch explosion. So Brock and I jumped on a plane and went down to the LA airport and were there when Pat Garlits walked off the plane. I looked her right in the eyes and never blinked. The racing, too, brought rave reviews. It was aggressive and dangerous, but sadly dismantled in In this faded photo, popular Bob Swanson out of Minneapolis was on the point.

This year should really be something: The joint will be jumping! When the boys reached their teen years, I remember many a Saturday night at California short tracks like Ventura Speedway and Ascot Park, watching the boys as they polished their trade. If you were looking for trouble, the Jones boys would accommodate. He had so little experience that his entry smelled like a rent-a-ride.

He ran out of talent in a micro-second on May 2, the first crash of the season. His claim to fame was that he nearly died, not of his injuries, but by choking on his false teeth. That resulted in an instant new rule requiring all drivers to remove dentures before taking to the track.

It was a dynamic time in Modified racing, and you can detect the tension about track rules. The Seekonk entries were A-frame cars with late model bodies, engines up front, as seen in the front row. A little further back on the outside are three coupes, more standard flyweight Modifieds of the time with set-back motors. They came to town from nearby Connecticut. Some drivers used phony names, but it was hardly worth the trouble. Bob Cross had a reason of his own for racing as Bob Denny.

The Road to Indyby Dick Wallen.

al soltis memorial meet 2013 honda

URC dates have been no exception. The Sprinters came to town on July 26,and Denny Garl put on quite a high-flying show. Becca Anderson and the late Kramer Williamson quite properly decided to go low. Twice — on June 15, and April 26, Personable, popular Canadian racer Scott Goodyear had just been beaten at the line in Just twelve years old at the time, the brothers were picked up by a man who was en route to the track — with a race car tugging behind a pickup truck with a not-so-sturdy tow chain.

The Getzloff boys climbed inside the race car that was being towed. They were just happy to get a lift to the races.

Where the Big Ones Run! It had a inch wheelbase and weighed only pounds. It was driven by a Wilkinson cubic-inch Chevy small block, with 12x5. It was one of the first dragsters with no suspension, and the front axle was set without the extreme caster used by customary dragsters at the time.

There was no transmission; it was also one of the first dragsters to use direct drive…. When Jack first appeared at Fremont CA Raceway with the car, race officials went into brain spasms about the frame being joined with nickel-silver-bronze and not heli-welded. I had sold Jack on the brazing concept to gain joint surface area on the. The exceptional strength and ductility of nickel-silver-bronze was not well known at the time.

We worked up some sample joints of the frame tubing both heli-welded and brazed as well as a destruction test that Jack could perform with the test joint clamped in a vice mounted on the tailgate of his pickup truck and a ten foot lever. He performed this demonstration at the drag strip for the officials. It proved by a light year that the brazed joints were superior…. Frank Santos was the original driver and set the top gas record in at Fremont at mph with an elapse time of 8.

After Santos went into the Navy, Dave Uyehara drove the car to numerous top gas wins and actually was top eliminator over all classes on occasion. He subsequently joined the church of the clay full-time and was a DIRT front runner for the next four and a half decades.

Here he was as a teeny-bopper — full head of hair, rather full around the mid-section, and winning already. He won 65 Midget features in47 in His best year was with 67 feature wins and 59 more in Zale and Frank Perone were killed when their passenger car was struck by a train in April of Images of Speedby Dick Wallen.

The laid-back Texan would run the event 18 times, leading the parade 18 times in five different races for a total of laps. He pulled down a third inbut, when he passed away at 81 in Wichita inhe was remembered as the greatest driver never to win it. The left rear shock broke, giving him a terrible pounding…the exhaust pipe broke…and the brakes gave out…. He took the checkered flag with three minutes to spare over Nazaruk…and shut the engine off in turn four, climbed up on the tail of the car, and then drifted, brakeless, down past the pits…towards Victory Lane.

He was in quite a bit of discomfort. Although fire-retardant uniforms were not mandatory in those days, he wore one… which had abrasive blotches. The constant pounding of the bricks, coupled with the fact that he did not wear an undershirt, caused his skin to be severely chafed.

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After the victory ceremonies were over, he went to the infield hospital, where he was rubbed down with liniment. He then climbed on the scales and discovered he had lost 15 pounds since breakfast. Earlier, he had quipped that due to having carried block after block while building his own house over the last few months, he estimated he was one inch shorter than he had been in For years he was the consummate local racer in stock cars, Figure Eights, and sports cars.

He climbed in and, wheeling down the backstretch, was overcome with a kind of spiritual moment. He sold all his cars and launched into his selfless, preservationist period. He has pleased thousands and thousands of people. It almost seemed to shimmer with memories.

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He is shown here in sun glasses being loaded into the ambulance with a broken leg. Get that car out of the pits! Bud, though, was hurt so badly that he had to learn to walk again during weeks of rehabilitation. They are significantly informed by her interest in abstract photography, the natural world, and intermedia collaboration.

Her work has been supported through travel and creation grants by the Canada Council of the Arts, the BC Arts Council, and various local awards. Anna is very grateful to have had the opportunity to work closely with her primary composition teachers, Gary Kulesha and Christopher Butterfield, as well as composers James Rolfe, John Celona, and Gordon Mumma.

As an educator, Anna has taught composition and theory at the University of Victoria, created an electronic music curriculum for Eagle Arts Academy, and created a mentorship program for high-school age composers in Victoria under the auspices of the Victoria Symphony while resident composer between the years Anna also co-founded the Intermission Interdisciplinary Ensemble that has presented a series of time-based works exploring tensions between performance and installation.

She is currently writing works for Sarah Reid trumpet and videoas well as collaborating on an intermedia work with Dylan Robinson and Marion Newman exploring the relationship of the Nuxalk Nation with the Norwegian Settlers in the Bella Coola Valley in the s.

Many of them use a structure where timbral hierarchy dictates the musical development. She also has a long standing performance collaboration with the Digital Composition Studios at McGill.

The project, a collective called New Grammars Board, organized several installations and concerts of all-original works for instruments and electronics.

In Aprilas part of this project, she composed and played a work for cello and electronics with a collaborative contribution from visual artist Michelle Furlong. While in residence, she composed two new pieces and had six of her works performed, including three premieres. Upcoming projects include a commission from the Thin Edge New Music Collective based in Toronto, and a new piece for trumpet and flute to be performed at Stony Brook University in You can hear her music at soundcloud.

The result is magical Having spent years performing and touring as saxophonist with greats like Betty Carter, Wynton Marsalis, Tony Williams, Freddie Hubbard and Roy Haynes, he has developed an extensive knowledge of every aspect of jazz performance.

He is an imaginative, technically excellent, soulful saxophonist, and his harmonic and rhythmic sophistication give him a unique approach to improvising as well as composing and arranging.

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Most important of all: All this combines with his joyous yet disciplined personality to make him one of the most important musicians working today. He has composed music for everything from duo to full symphonic orchestra, in many styles, for recordings including 16 CDs as a leader and nearly 80 as a sidemanfilm and television, and worked several years as composer for Bill Cosby. He is also a world renowned educator, having spent over a decade giving master classes at countless schools and universities, and running first class educational programs such as the Litchfield Jazz Camp and NJPAC's Jazz For Teens.

al soltis memorial meet 2013 honda

Braden's groups have included some of the most respected musicians today; among them: In addition to performing and composing for his own groups and CDs, Don Braden has composed for a number of important projects. Braden is also the proud recipient of a Doris Duke Foundation in conjunction with Chamber Music America Jazz composition grant, which funded the creation of a new work for his Octet. As a saxophonist, composer, arranger, and teacher, Don Braden continues to represent the highest levels of strength, creativity, discipline, joy, and soulfulness as he moves along the classic jazz path: Her ability to vocalize flows effortlessly from within, gliding through any genre from jazz to folk, bebop and blues.

More information about Julie Michels is available at http: A pianist, percussionist and composer, he is a 3-time winner of the National Jazz Awards' Keyboardist of the Year Award, and is listed in the current edition of Canadian Who's Who. He is on adjunct faculty at Humber College in Toronto and Mohawk College in Hamilton and is active as a freelance musician, clinician and bandleader.