I have 12 LED’s on it so either model would support this configuration. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. As you turn the pot you should see the current rise. I PM’ed you the Ebay listing I referred to. Join 3reef now to remove this notice and enjoy 3reef content with less ads.

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Aquastyle or RapidLED?

In order to make the resistance variable you need to connect one wire to the center wiper connection dimmaboe to one outer post so that the resistance varies as you turn the knob. You could sell half or keep it for your next tank.

I PM’ed you the Ebay listing I referred to. Just curious what knowing the model will tell you? That is all the light you really need, and you will probably get even more than that. Any way I got my dimmable driver and I looking to see what wires go where and I’m ok there, I think. Well, maybe some value, in that they reduce the amount of light striking the inside of the tank glass, and thus might reduce the green dust algae problem. I think it is true that virtually all LEDs are made in China, so being Chinese made isn’t a concern to me.

These are the kits I’m considering but I have no clue so I need your imput Kit includes: This page was generated in 0. Supposedly they emit lumens at mAmps.


Bridgelux white 10k LED’s | REEF2REEF Saltwater and Reef Aquarium Forum

I’ve sent aquastyleonline a request for a price quote: Yes, they are likely wired up correctly or you wouldn’t have light across the string. Dimmmable that passwords are case-sensitive.

I get a dim like you would get from a standard LED and full bright. If I can find an old Metaframe light hood your suggestions would fit perfectly, if I can’t find one I would consider building a custom enclosure that is height adjustable with the 3w LEDs over the tank unless you come back and tell me I’m an idiot. You can order it with 14 white LEDs.

I use two 12 emitter panels on my 75g tank. If so one of the white wires needs to touch the center as well as one of the outside ones, either or. Fat, If it wasn’t dimmable then I wouldn’t think it would have the 6-wire configuration and only have the 4-wire. My light build is here: What I suggested was a light with the LEDs driven at half their maximum current, not full power.

Bridgelux white 10k LED’s

There is no reason to drive whatever LEDs you get to near their maximum current, so you can save some more on the driver and the heatsink. I have tried 3 different POT’s and 3 different resistance values and they all do the same thing.

Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. Other than the drivers I dont see any real major problems, for the price of the kit though I figure I’ll give the Aquatyle a shot and worse case scenario eventually in the future I maxwlelen wind up switching to meanwells and selling the maxwellen drivers but before I pull the trigger I’d like to be corrected or reassured The wires going to your pot.


Maxwellen Dimmable Constant Current Power Supply LED Driver pcs X 3w 60w | eBay

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Krazie Here is a pic of how I have it wired if it helps.

And, again, optics add nothing at all of value to a LED light that is over a tank only a foot high. And, any mistakes are way less likely to burn out any LEDs. Have you measured the voltage and current out of the drivers as you turn the pot up? So, they should do at least lumens at mAmps. Maxwsllen in or Sign up.