But, there didn’t seem to be a link to it on their site. So the hunt continues. Please enter your email address below and click Subscribe. We hate rut, but we fear change. This is not something you want to make any mistakes with, eg using a metal tool, getting the Bios or DoC pins misaligned or bent, shorting out some nearby components or connectors Before flashing it, make sure the BIOS manufacturer and the model number of your board.

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Check the manual and make sure it is right. Continue Reading on Page: This is the point where you are grateful you got yourself a pin ZIF socket and plugged it into m810l motherboard. Worked “somewhat” in Rev. Before flashing it, make sure the BIOS manufacturer and the model number of your board.

You may moyherboard to read the comment just above the line you’re editing, and be grateful that someone told you where to find this file to change it Now I know why they dont seem to want to talk to anybody! The procedure of flashing BIOS: I just upgraded to an Athlon 1. If so, it’s not necessary to flash it since BIOS does not have newer revision. I’m having problems with a MLR motherboard I recently acquired. Step 0 should be easy enough for people who are attempting LinuxBios in the first place, however note that the kernel you are running must have support for MTD Memory Technology Deviceswhich most people won’t have turned on as standard.


The Mother Board Motherboards.

Those boards use your memory for the video. The instructions you linked to were exactly how I have been proceeding, with the exception of the very first line: I was able to download two things from the first site – a manual and a graphics driver.

PC Chips MLR Motherboard Drivers

They are only ways that I know of to fully guarentee that no drivers what so ever are loaded. Mar 3, Messages: Anybody got one, motheeboard know where I can get one? It baffled me and a few friends that know a lot more about these things than me months of headaches.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. I have since tried re-installing XP and the problem was still there. I have this board and get the random shut downs also. I also edited one of the LinuxBios source files in moterboard to get the keyboard working on my motherboard again, thanks to Andrew Ip for this:.

Make sure you plug the ZIF socket cleanly into all 32 holes on the socket on the motherboard – it’s easy to miss a couple of pins at one end and get the whole thing moved along one place. If mothernoard want to get your board a little faster go to www. They can almost certainly get sorted out later.



They no longer had an “” listed, but there was an ” You may be able to apply the patches to a different kernel, but at this stage in the game it’s probably best to build an old kernel strictly by the instructions, and make sure you can get LinuxBios working at all, and then afterwards you can try to bring the kernel up to the version you’d like it to be. And, what really does make Teflon stick to the pan?

I therefore did a full format and loaded Windows ME onto my system and I have found it to run perfectly. Also make sure both the. I have a 1. No solution as yet. Or, should I get a new one just so I no longer have to deal with a company that can’t even put motherbosrd a decent website?