Users browsing this forum: No card with this chipset has worked,as yet. If your system reboots and you see a penguin in the top corner of your screen instead of an AMI or Award Bios startup message, then you should jump up and down, punch the air, say things like “Wow! It seems that PC-Chips have recently August decided to rename their motherboard product range, so this is going to lead to even more confusion over which particular board you are working with. But, it came up with a message saying something to the effect that the “flash was not applicable,” or “available,” or something like that which made me very hesitant to continue. I also edited one of the LinuxBios source files in order to get the keyboard working on my motherboard again, thanks to Andrew Ip for this:.

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The time now is In searching a little more, I found this driver for Win98 actually, all the OS versions get downloaded: I was able to download two things from the first mohterboard – a manual and a graphics driver.

Hope this sheds a little light on the subject Stuart PS I have never had trouble with sound at all Notherboard tech support, motherboard ID, and more. The wiki is being retired! Building the MTD ‘erase’ utility was pretty straightforward – I assume you’ll have no problems here.


Just mounted a brand new MB and chip into a new case, connected together and turned on, no video, checked the jumper and reset it, can hear the memory count but not see anything. Please enter your email address below and click Subscribe.

The Mother Board • View topic – Trying To Upgrade PC Chips MLR

I would double check the memory. The steps listed in the documentation are: I installed a fresh copy of windowsbut unfourtunately i couldn’t find the Cd that installs the drives for my hardware devices. Do you already have an account?

If you see the usual Bios startup screen when you power on your motherboard, then you know you’ve done this bit correctly, and you can easily swap the chips over later on in the instructions. Jan 18, Messages: I guess I have learned the hard way and will motherboardd a lot more attention to the motherboard I buy in the future.

M810LR Motherboard

No card with this chipset has worked,as yet. If anyone knows how can I get the CD with the drives or a location motheeboard I can find this drive, please let me know. MLR Motherboard ok, thanks for that.

You need to create your own config file, and make the build images for programming into the DoC device, in a different directory so that they are not deleted when you update your copy of the source code from the CVS repository. Privacy m8810lr About coreboot Disclaimers.

The PC Chips site is useless!! Originally Posted by aalabeti. Now I know why they dont seem to want to talk to anybody!


MLR Motherboard

The Mother Board Motherboards. Step 0 should be easy enough for people who are attempting LinuxBios in the first place, however note that the kernel you are running must have support for MTD Memory Technology Deviceswhich most people won’t have turned on as standard. I have no such problems with the m810ld speed set at the alternate speed of Mhz.

I do get sound from external speakers when I connect them to the Line Out jack. Join Date Nov Posts We had to get back into business within 24 hours, so we bought a new box. I need to check them out.

But, it came up with a message saying something to the effect that the “flash was not applicable,” or “available,” or something like that which made me very hesitant to continue. The little POS died on me two days ago. That’s when I woefully discovered that there were no e-mail addresses given on the PC Chips site other than to their distributors. If you havent done it before i would read up on exactly how to do it for your motherboard.