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love sex and relationship advice

A collection of articles on love, sex and relationships, with tips and advice on how to have healthy and happy relationships. Take it from the pros: This advice will ensure your relationship stays healthy in the long run. One thing that'll give you an advantage in the game of love? Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D., licensed marriage and sex therapist, expert at. Here are the podcasts you should listen to when you need a little advice about your relationship — but don't want to talk to anyone about it.

love sex and relationship advice

Elliott's true-life case histories are told with compassion, helping the reader gain courage and insight. This is a truly encouraging work for people who have lived a while but could use a gentle nudge to "get back out there.

Finally, however, suspense overwhelmed distaste: Would Bethenny Frankel's book be all about her or all about us, the readers? Turns out self-absorption has a silver lining: Although I might advise her to start fishing from a different "mate pool," she is so right about certain things that you're bound to come out ahead.

I'm thinking specifically of her section titled "Men Like Easy," which got me musing that there are in fact guys who like "complicated" — you simply have to search high and low to find one. You won't like everything Frankel has to say, but watch for her killer clues and insights. This is a great book for women and their partners from a trusted source.

Streicher, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine, has certainly done her homework. The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Yet this is hardly a problem-driven book. Price wants you to enhance your sexual pleasure, whether you are single or married, in a hot new relationship or a warm, settled one.

You can get your love life back on track! Activities in the bedroom with her husband had gotten fairly routine.

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What can happen when people get comfortable with each other is that they begin to take each other for granted. When couples come for counseling, usually one person recognizes this problem before the other one does. The problem is that person wants their partner to be the one to change first.

Love Sex Relationships - Who's Problem? A basic principle that we find really helpful in relationship counseling is this: The person who notices the problem, is the person who has a problem, in the sense that this issue is bothering them.

love sex and relationship advice

This is why they need to be proactive to do something about it. And the person with the problem is very motivated to have a change, and is exactly the person who potentially can find a solution. This is the person with the energy and will to make the change. If you are the one in the relationship who can see the problem, you are the one who needs to be responsible for at least initiating change. The bottom line is if you can see there is a problem, do something about it!

Especially if that partner is oblivious to the problem. You may be the only one who can do something to get the ball rolling, to make things different. If you want to bring passion and sex back into your relationship, you need to take responsibility and take action. Healthy approaches to relationship solutions have nothing to do with fault-finding!

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It just means that because you see it and are bothered by it, you are the most logical person to do something different. By doing something different, you have the potential to make something new happen.

Complaining and Blaming What many people in relationships do is complain about the same old behavior, and their method of communicating is in the same old ways. Then they wonder why nothing different happens. That is the definition of insanity: But instead of blaming your partner, you are going to take responsibility for it — not for the problem — but for finding the solution.

You are going to make something different happen by responding to the old problem in a new way. Blaming does as much good as kicking a dog.

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New behavior from your partner has a chance to emerge as soon as you stop blaming your partner, and making assumptions about their character based on their behavior. A lot of couples get into trouble when they try to discuss their sex life, or absence of if, because they fall into the habit of blaming. Typically they come to the discussion with both barrels blazing: This optimistic or positive tone creates less resistance.

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But on the other hand, if they can hear your disappointed tone, they are likely to give you more of the same. Assume you are going to get cooperation and it is more likely to happen. Going back to the example of wanting someone to clean the cat box, you might say something like this: It would really make me feel like we share the responsibility. It is not asking the person for something vague or too unrealistic.

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Then when you see this behavior happening, be sure to show your appreciation and avoid the temptation to criticize even the smallest detail. Start with something that you like, and know that they like also.

love sex and relationship advice

Then you can add another request some time down the road. Then you would thank your partner for doing this simple task. If you want to reinforce new behavior, you are going to have to give a lot of positive reinforcement to motivate them to change.

love sex and relationship advice

They learn that if they do good things, you are pleased, and they get appreciation.