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love relationship blogspot

Blogspot - romantic relationships are the most meaningful element in their lives. But the ability to have a healthy, loving relationship is not innate. No Love - No Relationship If you are looking for advice on love and relationship then I know What is the best blog platform/community for relationship blogs?. Blog. America's Relationship Expert & Top Love Coach! Here you will find articles , videos & podcast episodes about all things relationship!.

Maybe they needed someone to help them parent a child. Regardless, there is definitely a reason other than that an author needed them together to make a particular storyline work.

Some things to think about: What attracted your character to the love interest in the first place? What needs does the love interest fulfill for your hero or heroine?

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Why is the love interest different from all the other men and women out there? Once your characters are together, why do they stay together?

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Doing couples therapy was always a fascinating endeavor for me, because couples with enormous problems would come in and complain about each other and the relationship—but still want to make it work. They still loved each other. And they could usually tell you why. In other words, for all of the ways they drove each other crazy, they always had a reason that they were still together.

In my stories, relationships are usually messy. People say the wrong things, have affairs, and hurt each other—sometimes accidentally and sometimes on purpose. Ex-partners create havoc, hidden histories drive wedges, but in the end love always prevails for me.

love relationship blogspot

I like to pretend to be pragmatic and sensible, but the truth is that I'm a hopeless romantic, and in my stories, love really is the greatest power of all. What is the absolute worst thing each partner could do to the other? Usually the "worst thing" varies by character. Why is that the worst? Can you work that conflict into your story? Why might your characters still want or need each other in spite of this betrayal?

love relationship blogspot

Usually things are not "like new" after a betrayal—what are the lingering effects of having survived the conflict? I'm most drawn to fictional relationships where there is a strong, identifiable reason for an attraction at the same time there are problems internal or external to the relationship that are trying to tear the couple apart.

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My work done, I had just poured myself an iced coffee and slathered a chucky layer of almond butter on a home-made piece of bread. Chewing on the last bite and scraping the sticky butter off the roof of my mouth, the strangest thing happened. A sudden, massive pain in my chest just showed up out of nowhere. Now this was new. An hour into the pain, with no relief from my yoga gyrations, antacids or bathroom acrobatics, the realization hit me that I would be spending the evening in the emergency room.

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Again I am lucky. I live in a city with some of the best medicine in the world and I have TWO excellent insurance plans. Out came that gall bladder. Now the average person would have stopped right there, happy to be free of the pain and comforted that no new gallstones could ever be formed again.

I wanted to know what caused gallstones in the first place. They are made of cholesterol. A mountain of lab reports later, I found myself sitting across from a pretty Irish cardiologist who told me I had dangerously high cholesterol and triglycerides and that I was in line for a major heart attack. I eat low fat everything. You need the keto diet. Yes, I said high fat! Within hours of trying the Keto diet, I felt my ankles shrink as my inflammation reduced, with two weeks my mid-life belly fat disappeared, within four months I had dropped twenty pounds and put on a ton of muscle, and two years later I have the blood of a thirty year old.