Love is not everything in a relationship

Love is Not Enough | Mark Manson

love is not everything in a relationship

Despite what we see in the movies, love does not conquer all. around trust will end up ruining everything, even if you both love each other. What Happens When Love is Not Enough: 8 Ways We Allow Relationships to Fade it's not possible to know everything about one another no matter how long. It's probably not. Relationships take effort to maintain, and you won't always be happy with your partner. Even if you love each other, if you have.

This helped us be open with how we felt, stopped us from shutting each out, and allowed us to talk about our issues in a productive and efficient way.

7 Reasons Why Love Is Not Enough For A Relationship

We were feeling a lot of resentment toward each other, and not feeling loved and appreciated, so we put in place a daily appreciation diary. Keeping a personal gratitude journal is a great asset; it makes you focus on the positive in your life and leads to happiness. Keeping a gratitude diary as a couple had the same benefits and gave us hope. It made us appreciate the other person and see them for the person we fell in love with. It also made us feel good to be acknowledged and appreciated for what we had done on a daily basis.

love is not everything in a relationship

It helped to hear the other person say thank you, even though we were being thanked for doing our expected roles—me, for going to work full time and my husband, for taking over the home duties. Quality time as a couple. It was also helpful for us to schedule quality time with each other—getting out of the house and spending time together away from all the issues of our life; taking the step back and just being with each other.

Just taking yourself out of your home environment will be beneficial. Showing love as the other person wants to receive it. How your partner receives your love is important. For myself, I feel loved when people spend quality time with me, making the effort to talk to me and listen. My husband, on the other hand, receives love by affirmationspeople giving him compliments and positive statements.

love is not everything in a relationship

With this in mind we made an effort to show each other love in ways that we knew would make each other feel loved on a regular basis. We had each other there for the support we needed. We look back on this time as a lesson learned. We feel proud that we got through it and grateful that our relationship is stronger. We faced the challenge and came out on top. We now practice these simple things every day to grow together and maintain a good and loving relationship. Unsurprisingly, that relationship burst into flames and crashed like the Hindenburg into an oil patch.

Why Love Is Not Always Enough To Make A Relationship Work

The break up was ugly. And the big lesson I took away from it was this: This is how a toxic relationship works. Love is not always worth sacrificing yourself. One of the defining characteristics of loving someone is that you are able to think outside of yourself and your own needs to help care for another person and their needs as well.

I would argue that this is normal and healthy and a big part of what makes a relationship so great. A loving relationship is supposed to supplement our individual identity, not damage it or replace it.

love is not everything in a relationship

I should spend time with my partner like I do my best friend; I should communicate openly with my partner like I do with my best friend; I should have fun with my partner like I do with my best friend.

But people should also look at it in the negative: She was madly in love with her husband. But once the emotional high of the wedding wore off, reality set in. And she got into this situation because she ignored all three of the harsh truths above.


Despite being slapped in the face by all of the red flags he raised while dating him, she believed that their love signaled relationship compatibility. When her friends and family raised concerns leading up to the wedding, she believed that their love would solve their problems eventually.

And now that everything had fallen into a steaming shit heap, she approached her friends for advice on how she could sacrifice herself even more to make it work. Why do we tolerate behavior in our romantic relationships that we would never ever, ever tolerate in our friendships? Imagine if your best friend moved in with you, trashed your place, refused to get a job or pay rent, demanded you cook dinner for them, and got angry and yelled at you any time you complained.

This woman was like the NSA. His self-worth dropped to nothing.

love is not everything in a relationship

So he quit trusting himself to do anything. Yet he stays with her! The only way you can fully enjoy the love in your life is to choose to make something else more important in your life than love. You can fall in love with a wide variety of people throughout the course of your life.

You can fall in love with people who are good for you and people who are bad for you.

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You can fall in love in healthy ways and unhealthy ways. Love is not unique. Love is not special. Love is not scarce.

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But your self-respect is. So is your dignity. So is your ability to trust. There can potentially be many loves throughout your life, but once you lose your self-respect, your dignity or your ability to trust, they are very hard to get back. Love is a wonderful experience. And it is something everyone should aspire to feel and enjoy.

But like any other experience, it can be healthy or unhealthy.

love is not everything in a relationship

Like any other experience, it cannot be allowed to define us, our identities or our life purpose. We cannot let it consume us.