First meet love sms

50 First Love Messages for New Boyfriend or Girlfriend

first meet love sms

Love Messages - - © is a flawless spot on the net where you will discover Shayaris, Greeting Cards, and Sms to express. Find many sweet love SMS for girlfriend to show her your deepest feelings in a I wish to be the first thing you think about in the morning, my love. I never knew what it was like to look at someone and smile without a reason until I met you. I used to think that “love at first sight” was some kind of urban myth — then you I never believed in love at first sight until the moment I met you!.

The friendship has grown and continues to grow. The moments we have shared are memorable. You are an amazing person, you always know what to say when I am down, you make me laugh and uplift my spirits. My sweetheart, I have missed you so much. I am thankful to God for every second that I spend with you; you are everything that makes me smile. You are my dream come true. I love you sweetheart. I miss you so much 7.

Anytime I look into your eyes, I see a better tomorrow together.

first meet love sms

I am blessed to have you in my life and I love you so much 8. There is nothing as beautiful waking up every morning to your shining smile.

I love you dearly. This lovely day, I want to beside you, hold your hands as we have a lovely nature walk. You are my jewel. Your kiss takes my breath away. My love for you is endless. Darling, thank you for loving me for whom I am, I am grateful you came into my life. I have longed to be yours for ever. I may not be the ideal guy for you, but I am willing be yours and stay by your side always. Without that stone ring will become incomplete and ugly. Just is the case for me.

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Love is like a flame of candle, that burns in the heart of lover. My heart is also on fire sweety. I remember that day when I have gone flat. Because you crush me badly.

If you would not feel the way I feel, then you will feel this way when I die. When you hold me and come near me, the feelings of your touch cannot be expressed in words.

Keep your grip tight on me and never let me go. There is no glue or a clue in the world that can stick two pieces of the broken heart. So be careful and protect your heart. You are my only dream, my only desire, my passion, my fire. My destiny is taking me where my love is. I just want to be where you go and where you keep me. Life is not fair for everyone. Sometimes it takes everything by taking love from you. Whenever I think of you, I realize how important your presence is, in my life and for my heart.

You are my true love and only life. You shall understand the meaning of love and value of the relation we are in, after I die. I want to be with one who makes me smile, who makes me happy all day and love me a lot. I am sending my sweet love sms to my sweet heart just to see her smile.

Love does not hurt any one. Its feeling of loneliness, breakups, lies, breaking trust that hurts. Love is the only healing agent that can heal any kind of pain and makes us feel special again. Your presence and your love give me the reason to live in this cruel world.

first meet love sms

You are my strength and power, My love! I wish your heart melt one day just for me. I will pray for you and love you forever. There is no reason to love someone, so I love you without any intentions and reasons. You are my only dream, the dream I wish to come true. I miss the moments we shared, we laughed, we spent together.

Here is a token of love for you. That will make you remember me. I want you to hold me in your arms. Kiss my head and tell me how much you love me. It will be the greatest gift ever. If anyone ask me to who would I like to wish for. My answer will be same everytime.

You are the half of my soul, my ray of happiness. I want our love to be fabulously beautiful. You have become the only one, the most important person in the whole world for me.

You fascinate me with your beauty, tenderness, affection. I'm ready to shout to the whole planet how much I love you, my treasure. You are the best in the world for me. Let all you have be wonderful. Let all your cherished dreams come true! Let fate give you much happiness. You are the clear star that always illuminates my path. You are the sun which gives me warmth. You are the love which is forever in my heart and makes it beat fast. I love you, my little kitten.

You're such a wonderful gift of fate. Sweet, gentle and most beautiful girl on earth, I love you and want to always be only with you. Remain joyful and radiant! My love message is not just words, these are feelings and experiences! Without you, I'm nothing! Without you, this world is not interesting! All my kisses and feelings are for you! I am ready to tell about my love every day. You're driving me crazy. Let each moment of life bring you only pleasant impressions.

Let luck smile on you in everything. Remain always as beautiful, gentle, kind and affectionate as now. May the good angel always protect you! Today is the most important day of my life because I confess my love to you. I want us to always be together. There is no girl in the world better than you. We will always be happy because you are my destiny. Let our road of life be long and joyful! You are the most precious person in this world for me!

My love is growing stronger every day and it's harder to be without you because my life only makes sense when the beloved lady is near.

Message for Someone Special in My Life

You are forever in my heart. Thank you for every happy moment, joyful day and just for being present in my life. We have been together for a long time, but every day I'm in love with you even more! The Angel should always keep you under his wing. This is so good that we met! You gave me love and filled life with meaning! Next to you, I forget about everything.

There are only you and me, dear! You changed my life. It has become much brighter and more interesting.