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cute meet love cast

Laz Alonso and Paula Patton's love is tested when each of their families finally meet to celebrate their wedding ceremony. Each of them soon find that their. Everything you need to know about this year's Islanders! Public service announced: we are in the vicinity of Love Island , people! WE NOW HAVE A LEGITIMATE EXCUSE FOR SHUNNING ALL SOCIAL PLANS! Here's everything you need to know about the contestants: from their names, ages. Cast overview, first billed only: Nicholas Hoult R While fighting with and feeding on a human scavenger party, R meets Julie and feels an urge to protect her.

The Couple From 'The Kissing Booth' Are Dating IRL And It's SO Cute

So overall a pretty decent anthology? I wish a few of the threes had been edited just a bit more, because I think a bunch of them could have been so great! Unfortunately, a completely forgettable meet-cute involving cheating.

Beautiful intro and outro really elevate this story. Best friend Stacy is just… such an asshole, which is hard to handle when their drama is played off. And perhaps worst of all, the writing is just not good. This was sweet but nothing that actually stood out?

"Henry Danger" Meet Cute Crush (TV Episode ) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

Also, I think my utter hatred for something this author once wrote has kind of ruined her for me. Well, okay, first of all, none of the emotional punches the story goes for are actually earned so it just feels… random.

cute meet love cast

And jesus, this celebrity x intern thing is really so boring now. Nia is written fantastically — this is actually ownvoices for trans rep! Also the ending of this was so fucking iconic!! Scared-of-love Viola meets cute guy Sebastian on an island where everyone has soulmate bands. Love the Twelfth Night reference, but why did it have to be to two siblings from that play?

The Couple From 'The Kissing Booth' Are Dating IRL And It's SO Cute - PopBuzz

I literally want to read a full novel about these two girls. This feels like a Hayley Kiyoko song. I thought this was sort of sweet, but I really cannot deny that it the banter is truly badly written. None of you can ever understand how fucking cute? And it was so well-written! The author really knows how to drop in humor and leave it there rather than trying to force laughs.

This follows Philip and Blythe, a boy and a girl stuck in a locked room for 24 hours to evaluate personality. Okay, this story works because the 1 the concept is great, 2 the stakes are really high, and 3 the dialogue is actually sort of decent. The lead female character is a total manic pixie dream girl, because we only have two male protagonists in this whole damn book, so at least one of the female romantic interests has to lack personality!

But I weirdly got vaguely invested in the couple, which… wow? The drama could have used more "teeth" to make this film truly memorable and moving though.

cute meet love cast

The creators never really went into total parody or silly mode, which I think was a smart choice. What really took me out of the picture at several occasions though is that they didn't follow their own internal rules. We're told by our hero that zombies can only shamble slowly, yet not long after, we see zombies running. It's like they can have bursts of speed at will. Also, bonies, for some reason, move fast despite being in a more advanced stage of zombification. Also, I know it's a short movie, but zombies "evolve" too quickly, especially the best friend.

cute meet love cast

Acting was fairly good, not exceptional, but I particularly liked the main character. Because he's a nice, smart freak, quite lonely and having trouble to express his feelings in words and actions, but able to be slowly "healed" by kindness and love. It made him interesting and relatable to me and probably others.

Yes, the movie could even be seen as an allegory on solitude, not fitting in, and how hard it is to truly connect to others in modern society. Zombie makeup was rather minimal, and they managed to make the protagonist kind of attractive, in a goth-like way, mostly because of his great hair and pale blue eyes. I thought there were wasted opportunities with the concept, but it could have been done much, much worse.

cute meet love cast

So, I liked the movie, I would even recommend it to most people not allergic to zombies to see a different take on them. It's very minimally bloody and the most "gory" part is when they show a zombie shedding his skin to become a bonie, and even that's not too disgusting.

cute meet love cast

I think it would make a good date movie. Warm Bodies didn't leave me cold and the more I dwell on it, the warmer my feelings for it get.

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