Ace of swords relationship love

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ace of swords relationship love

The Ace of Swords Tarot card is the first card in the suit. Psychic, Intuitive, clairvoyant reader, 10K+ reviews, Do you have questions - love, relationship. Ace of Swords Tarot Card Meaning. In love the Ace of Swords is a pleasant card. If you are already in a relationship, the Ace of Swords portends a new. Tarot Readings: Ace of Swords and Page of Wands .. .. Gotta .. Tarot Readings: Upcoming Love Relationship (Judgment and Lovers). Tarot Readings: .

This is true with the Ace of swords, but it can only get there when the truth is told.

ace of swords relationship love

We have a hand coming from a dark cloud holding a sword of victory represented by the wreath on top and a crown representing strength of mindin the traditional illustrations of this Ace. The cloud represents the muddy mind, untruths, non-realties. But the hand moves out in victory. This card is definitely a card of victory, but it is suggesting that before victory is acquired hidden truth must emerge. Old patterns must dissipate and new ways must be born.

It asks you to look beyond the ego — heal from past pains. Move away from negative people and situations.

Ace of Swords tarot card meaning love – Counselling Tarot and Mindfulness Brisbane

Truths will push forward, lies will be uncovered and justice will be served. But, not until the past is dug up, healed and challenged with right action. The Ace of swords can be specifically suggesting a success in business.

A brilliant idea will emerge and must be acted upon.

  • Ace of Swords in Love and Relationship Readings
  • Ace of Swords tarot card meaning love
  • Ace of Swords in Love and Relationships

Old problems will fall away as positive action is met with strength and will. As the crown sits above the wreath of victory it is a clear message that strength of mind and will is required to achieve a successful outcome.

ace of swords relationship love

Interestingly, Ace of Swords can also point out that there is an atmosphere of dictatorship within the relationship. One of the lovers is too blunt, selfish and controlling.

Ace of Swords in a relationship reading?

Consequently, their other half is frustrated. In some cases, the tarot card can imply that the two lovers enjoy debating with each other. In love readings, however, Ace of Swords shows good news. This is because for feelings, this tarot card represents an infatuation.

Ace of Swords Description and Symbolism

That is, your love interest has a crush on you. Does this mean he will make a move? To know its answer, you really have to look at the surrounding cards, for Ace of Swords in most cases, emphasizes thoughts. Yet it must be noted that your love interest is completely sure of his feelings towards you.

Ace of Swords Tarot & its Meaning for Love, Money & Happiness

Reversed Ace of Swords represents confusing thoughts and fading of willpower. The two lovers cannot understand how they should solve their issues. So their relationship turns extremely frustrating.

ace of swords relationship love