Long distance relationship with japanese guy

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long distance relationship with japanese guy

Natsuko was studying for a master's degree in Japanese-language Their long- distance relationship continued more than four years until they. I've been involved in a relationship with a Japanese guy for 7 months now, and the past month it''s been long-distance. He's off in Okinawa, and. Have you guys every been in a long distance relationship? How did it work out for you? Don't be afraid to share your LDR story in the.

How did that happen? Exactly two years ago, I was working day in day out at my job in Canada to earn enough money to fulfill one of my biggest project to date: I had organized everything; finding host families on internet, planning my trip route, calculating a budget, buying the cheapest plane tickets I could find, figuring out the health and travel insurances.

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I even took three months of Japanese beforehand, and then packed my things and went out looking for adventures and maybe trouble, too. Before coming to Japan, I pictured myself strolling through the streets of this beautiful country, visiting temples and shrines by myself. The complete opposite happened. Still visiting shrines and temples, but not alone! I met a French woman who had already been in Japan for three weeks when I arrived in Chiba and we became acquaintances.

I met wonderful people there! As soon as we entered the bar, we had a group of Japanese people around us, asking me where I came from and what was I doing in Japan. As I said earlier, it was a very countryside area, so the people there were not used to see foreigners very often.

The Downsides Of Long Distance Relationships (LDR)

They were all very kind and interested. Except for one person. The actual picture of the first time I went in that bar and met Hitomi. He is the man on the far left; I am the woman in the middle. The only time he participated was when we played darts. I thought he was really handsome. He told me it was a souvenir of Japan for me, from the Ishikawa prefecture where he went for a couple of days for the company he was working for. That night, everyone in the bar went together at the nearest karaoke, and the finally-not-so-cold-nor-snob-guy-named-Hitomi and I ended up talking all night.

Well, we tried to. But somehow, in the grand scheme of things, in the way weird things that happen suddenly can sometimes feel totally right, we were really getting along. But, running out of things to say bothered us a lot.

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Sure, sometimes we had a lots, but sometimes, there was not so many to talk about actually. It was just normal day. Did anything new happen? After just a few minutes, weird disgusting silence bothered us a lot.

long distance relationship with japanese guy

I felt extremely awkward. Probably she felt the same way.

long distance relationship with japanese guy

Given the situation she was on the extremely busy days, I felt I'am wasting her precious time. So we stopped daily Skype. Our Skype became once in a week, once in a month.

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Gradually, it was getting less often. And then, our connection died out in the end. This is our first big mistake. It could be anything. How often you talk is much more important. We had a wedding at the small chapel of Georgetown University, an old chapel with beautiful stained glass.

My parents and my younger sister came from Japan to celebrate the day. My family and friends were also there. My parents had their wedding there, too.

My sister recited a Shakespearean sonnet, my cousin played the piano, while there was also a presentation of a sword dance. We might go and live in the U. I want to build our own house. Piya was an architect before becoming an attorney. I also have dreams for the children. It would be great if our daughter played the violin in an orchestra, and if our son became strong in kendo.

I want them to go to a good university in the U.