Long distance relationship with a libra

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long distance relationship with a libra

male libra long distance relationship, female libra long distance relationship, libra Long Distance Relationship, libra Long Distance. it doesn't matter what his horoscope says or is.. it's the guy who decides how he wants to respond to a girl in a relationship. A better question is "does *your guy*. Read on to know more about the finer points of a relationship with a Libra man. He may take too long in coming to a decision or veer from one extreme to.

He likes to be surrounded by beauty, hardly surprising for a sign that is ruled by the planet Venus who in classical mythology was the reigning goddess of love, sexuality and beauty. A Libra man will shrink back from anything that is overpowering and smothering, rather he will be drawn to a beauty that conveys a harmonious mingling of qualities.

So if you wish to attract a Libra guy, make sure he is introduced to a pleasing personality. As far as physical appearances go, avoid violent contrasts, jarring colors and too many frills. Librans usually have excellent and rather expensive tastes; they are cultured, refined and go for beautiful things.

Do Libra men handle long distance relationships well?

So on a date with him, take care to turn out in clean-cut designs, classic colors and an elegant style. Because of their equanimity, Librans are a huge hit in social situations.

They are positive, friendly and easy to get along with. Those born under this sign will always be ready with the right thing to say and always know how to make someone comfortable.

Perhaps this is why, a Libran will figure as a regular on the guest list of the best parties and gatherings in town. In fact it is probable that you met your Libran boyfriend at such a party where he may have been surrounded by friends and admirers, both male and female. While his excellent social skills may be an advantage when it comes to introducing him to your friends and family, you may at times be bugged by his tendency to be nice and pleasant to everybody, showing that he is not one to have strong favorites.

The Libran male is well known for his sparkling charm which crowns an intelligent and sociable personality. It is a delight to know such a guy who will intuitively make you feel like a queen and can sweep you off your feet with romantic words and gestures. If he is really smitten by you, he will think nothing of taking you through the whole courtship thing. But be prepared to find out that he is a little flirty like this with a lot of women and his attentions are usually spread out quite evenly.

This brings to the fore an interesting aspect of the Libran lover — a curious ability to remain detached from an emotional situation even as he plays Prince Charming to the hilt. Emotions are messy, inconvenient things to a Libra guy and he prefers not to wade too deep into them. Like the element Air which rules this sign, Librans can maintain an airy detachment from very personal situations.

long distance relationship with a libra

As his partner, you may at times get frustrated by his tendency to stand back and look upon a situation rather than feel it in his flesh and bones. In some cases, the best way to handle the departure of one partner is to hire someone to help out in some way—whether a financial advisor or a babysitter.

How Do I Love Thee? My grandmother has told me stories of waiting weeks to receive a letter from my grandfather when he was serving in the armed forces during World War II. We can actually talk face-to-face using Skype or FaceTime or Hangouts or other video-talk systems so I can not only hear his voice but watch him speak. All the little quirks—like the way the skin around his eyes crinkle when he laughs, his lopsided smile when he relays a funny anecdote about his day—are available to me.

Technology also permits us to share some common daily experiences across hundreds of miles. Using an online streaming service plus our mobile phones, we often watch a favorite television show or movie together. This might sound like a small thing, but restores a sense of intimacy to simultaneously experience the same jokes or suspense or whatever the plotline offers, and to share comments with each other as we watch.

How To Make A Long-Distance Relationship Work, By Zodiac Sign

The Love King and I both share a love of poetry. During a recent period when we were apart, we read favorite poems aloud to each other on our computer screens.

long distance relationship with a libra

We also frequently sent each other voice messages. There were some days when I repeatedly listened to his recorded voice telling me how much he loves me. Get intimate together — Skype is your friend! Of course the same technology also offers more X-rated opportunities for connecting with your sweetie.

long distance relationship with a libra

A friend of mine initially found this notion very sterile and a poor substitute for actually touching her husband when he had to be in the States for six months while she remained in London. But she discovered that she and her hubby actually became more creative in how they shared their sexuality with each other over Skype.