Bike swap meet in long beach

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bike swap meet in long beach

Michael Graham's motorcycle started out with expensive-looking So, I decided to cash out my k and head to the Long Beach swap meet. a.m. Bike display and swap meet a.m. Beginning bike drawing 4: 00 p.m. Parade of vintage bikes - five mile ride through Long Beach (social pace). General Harley Davidson Chat - Long Beach Swap Meet - Under mostly overcast sky's, with As usual one of the best bike shows was in the parking lot.

Richard's Shop Truck Chapter 2 The devil in the details. We stopped by Richard's shop to see the progress on the cab-over truck he is building. He had the cab off to fix up some minor bodywork issues after getting it sand-blasted. The undercoat was sprayed and covered to protect it from dust and particulates.

Yet, if you see his shop, it has to be the cleanest shop we have ever seen. Plenty of room to get around and a clean floor The Topping Events' meet is one of the best in the country. On this February morning you can see why.

Great weather, friends and treasures to be found.

bike swap meet in long beach

Classic Chrome Parkinson's Dream There gets to be a point where you have to go out on your own. No matter what dream job you have, an entrepreneur knows they have to strike out on their own. Such is the story of Johnny Parkinson. The experience, friends, camaraderie and all were just as he would have ever hoped I started my shop about 8 years ago to build different kinds of bikes.

bike swap meet in long beach

I'm very open minded when it comes to design in general. On the contrary, when I build my own personal bikes, I always go on the same basic idea and then put a new twist to it Our buddy Mitch is going to split the cases. The first look saw the engine was pretty beat. A push-rod tube was missing along with the pushrod, so it wasn't a suprise that when the rockers were lifted that the other tubes were empty. Like good booth dressing, the vehicle was the exclamation point on the exhibitor's products.

In this case, the exhibitor showed only one product.

bike swap meet in long beach

After gathering parts from swap meets and learning a few tricks of the trade Michael Graham's custom turned out to be one sleek scoot. I had always been a student and knew I could learn anything so I needed to find a welding class. He told me that he too used to be a high school teacher before motorcycles and had learned to weld and fab at a local community college after he had gone to UCLA.

He even recommended a welding instructor. That summer I registered for a welding class. I spent that entire summer burning holes in aluminum, but by the end of summer I got it. I had never even held a MIG welder when I got my Lincoln from Craigslist and he was right the rest seemed much easier. The brass crown welded onto the gas tank with silver solder. A nice little detail, don't you think? Before that I had no idea who made the grips. Then realized they had a matching set of foot and toe pegs I had to have.

She told me not to worry and if I came into the shop next week she would give me the show price on anything else I needed. That next week I made the trip to his shop in Huntington Beach to pick up the toe pegs and found a Roland Sands front fender just sitting on the shop floor. Todd told me it was supposed be a mock-up fender for a Wide Glide front end with a inch tire but somehow it turned out to be too shallow for a tire as tall as a I told Todd I was running an 18 wheel and he said it should fit my setup perfectly.

They gave me a really good deal on the pegs to match my grips and the fender; Todd and his wife seem to have this routine where he gives me a price for something, walks away and she gives me a better price. It happened once before when I was at his shop buying bungs.

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I thought she was just being nice, but then again she is always nice. Not bad for working out of the tailgate of a s Bronco.

bike swap meet in long beach

I carried all of my tools and welder down from the patio, tossed about 50 feet of power cord out of the bathroom window to power all of my lights and tools, bolted my vice to the bumper and turned the tailgate into my work bench.

Speaking about fab, I had met Slim Fab selling handmade oil tanks, gas tanks, and bars at the Long Beach swap meet.

He said he would make them at his place way the hell out in San Bernardino I think and deliver them to me in less than a week, while he was out in LA making some other runs. When he made it to my place, as promised, I asked him why he was not posting on his blog anymore.

Long Beach Swap Meet 2012

In a past life I worked IT and had spare computers and parts everywhere, so I asked if a laptop would get him back to blogging. I had a laptop that needed be repaired and when I got it up and running I gave it to him the next time I saw him in Long Beach. He was such a cool dude to me and gave me a killer deal on the bars; I had to pay it forward with a free laptop.

This next time I saw Slim I asked if that laptop was helping him at all. I was in there so much I became friends with owner, Brian. I was there so much looking for the right brake parts, odd bolts, oil filters, lines and hoses that Brian would just let me have at it in the back room. I would go back there for hours looking in boxes and checking the size of this and the length of that, and spend all I had at the time.

One day he said to me that he needs help organizing his place and that I seem to know where everything is so how about we trade some of my time reorganizing the back room in exchange for some of his parts. I went to work and he gave me parts. I hope we are friends forever. Tank and Jessie James Fender They were both brand new in the box: I asked around at a few local shops for prices on paint.