But I was surprised at how good the video looks once it loads, I am even able to enjoy subtitled material without needing the glasses I normally use to read. These limits are designed to provide. Selecting or clearing the Equalizer check box enables or disables the selection on the Equalizer Settings screen. Instead, it’s the software–the PMC operating system–that is the core of the devices’ perceived genius. This manual also for: While a slide show is running, use the Left and Right buttons to select the Pictures Settings screen.

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Finally, the backside sports a removable battery, a coveted feature for on-the-go media mavens; in comparison, the Creative Zen has one, but the Samsung YH doesn’t.

Product Key Features Storage Capacity. To manually copy content from the primary computer to your Portable Media Center, do the following: However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a. This partnership makes the desktop or laptop computer the primary computer for your Portable Media Center.

This setting is ignored when playing video or pictures.

IRiver PMC-120 User Manual

The PMC does allow you to connect to a television, however be wary, iruver quality, while satisfactory on a 3.

Page 27 Screen and Controls Settings Use the Settings screens to customize your player, adjust language and player settings, reset to default settings, and view information about the PMC player.


Also the other main deficiency is the contrast and brightness dimishing at a viewing angle of the screen other than direct. Coined twist navigation, menu items uriver as Artist, Playlist, Songs, and New are accessible along the X axis, while the contents automatically spill below each choice.

Setting Display Options To set the Backlight option 1. The most common way is to download licensed files to your computer from content providers such as record or video companies.

For more information, see Windows Media Player Help on this computer. We even pitched it to a number of twentysomethings and the comments were the all the same: Sort by Date Lists all videos, sorted by recording date oldest content first.

Icon Name Iriveg Status indicator Elapsed Time bar Folder Left arrow Description Indicates the remaining amount of battery life by showing a number of horizontal bars inside the battery icon.

Menus is really simple and user friendly.

The Play All selection is at the top of the list. The limit is the necessity to import file only through the PC with Windows Media player Tips and Tricks Tips and Tricks This section contains tips and tricks to help you get the most enjoyment from your Portable Media Center. Skip to main content. On the Start screen, click Settings; then click Display.

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. I recommend the Dreameo over the Iriver.

iriver PMC-120 Portable Media Center

Select Install the software automatically Recommended. Selecting or clearing the Equalizer check box enables or 1120 the selection on the Equalizer Settings screen. Setting the Equalizer Option You can set the Equalizer audio option on the Equalizer settings screen. Page 35 Screen and Controls Screen View Screen 2 Screen 3 Description Once connected, a picture with a large numeral 2 in one corner of the screen and verifies your Portable Media Center is irier connected to the computer.


International options include the following: We can’t fault the gadgetry, I iriverr share our reviewer Dan’s enthusiasm for watching television, movies or anything on a 3. Screen and Controls Equalizer Display Displays the following options: First I had to downgrade from Windows Media Player 11 to 10 in order to operate it.

iRiver PMC Silver/Black ( 20 GB ) Digital Media Player | eBay

A picture with a large numeral 5 in one corner of the screen appears when a problem with the hard disk occurs that your Portable Media Center could not fix. Microsoft has created a portable media interface that will see many generations.

If your Portable Media Center contains a protected file that is not licensed, an error message appears on the screen if you try to play it. You can acquire licensed files in several ways.