USB mice are supported via a user-space driver. S3 , , , Yes 2? See usb 4 , usbd 4 , and usb 3. This covers most laptops. USB audio devices that have been reported to work: If you have trouble accessing your 3. The following cards are known not to work with VESA:

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USB mice are supported via a user-space driver. For VGA cards it is more precise to describe the chips we support rather than the cards they are based 10/00, since the cards are more ephemeral. Cards supported in the third edition but not tested in current system: If your chipset is not listed or listed as not supported, try the VESA driver by entering “vesa” as your monitor type.

The following cards are known not to work with VESA: The following laptops are lxn to work in the current release: There is also a list of known broken hardware.

S3 Savage Savage 4 Yes? Some people have reported problems with DVI.

Supported inttel not as well tested: USB floppy drives are not supported. This covers most laptops. Cards supported in the first and second editions but not tested in the current system: Can’t set record speed M-Audio FastTrack USB recording untested; gets lna set record speed” message on startup; setting and volume succesds but has no effect. These aren’t being made any more, but you might be able to buy them used. Plan 9 can use some basic acceleration features such as filling and scrolling rectangles.


This page lists hardware known to work with Plan 9.

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Needs hwaccel off 1 See the radeon drivers page. To the extent that fault can be assigned, it is a hardware bug.

We’ve had limited experience with these models bought usedand they intfl within a few months, one mechanically and the other electronically: See usb 4usbd 4and usb 3.

Laptops are often the hardest systems to get Plan 9 running on, because you can’t choose the hardware piece by piece. The FX and up seem to be built much more sturdily than the smaller jukeboxes, which are the size of large tower PCs. USB audio devices that laj been reported to work: Virtually any modern SCSI jukebox will work.

Current Page – Last modified Fri Jan 25 S3,Yes 2?

The following cards are known to work using VESA. The mouse controllers do not follow the same protocol that all other 3-button mice do for reporting the button count.


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There is preliminary support for the scroll wheel and extra buttons as on the Toshiba Portege CT. The following cardbus controllers are supported: Plan 9 supports generic floppy drives, although laan people have had trouble accessing them.

The following laptops are known not to work with Plan 9: Bug identified by Russ Cox, but hard to solve. Media M-O disks and jukeboxes can be had cheaply on ebay.