I agree – can see no sensible reason why the UMS firmware doesn’t allow kbps Hopefully this will rectify the problem. I have owned a iFP for about 3 months. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s Contact Please send your comments, complaints, legal threats or praise to this address Privacy Policy. I really only use the FM radio on it

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Just be aware that the problematic iRiver players are a percentage of the whole and not every single one. For voice recording, try without AGC on – when this is on, it will boost the background noise I suspect. Simply put, stereo goes away even when the stereo light is on.


I haven’t done extensive testing, but there is some kind of electronic noise. Hi i am considering getting either the Iriver Ifp or the The hiss is slightly more than other equipments that I connect my headphone to, hence I noticed it immediately.

I’m no audiophile, but this is pretty unacceptible for the price.

IRiver iFP-790 Hardware Instruction Manual: Specifications

I can’t get songs I buy off the net to play on my IFP As for the earbuds I hope my new toy will last longer than the previous one Beatman – but it got crashed during one unfortunate fall. The player’s Voice Activated mode pauses recording during periods of silence; you can select the sensitivity, as well as how many seconds of quiet it takes to trigger the hlgh.


Thats definetly the biggest flaw of iRiver players Sorry for my english,I’m from Croatia!! So I would open folders and move files around to get them in order.

Specifications – Iriver IFP Hardware Instruction Manual [Page 38]

Noticed rightaway the recordings were very noisy compared to a sony minidisc. Does anyone listen to the radio? I really need the sspeed now but can’t seem to download it anywhere. I only ride a bike. If you turn up the volume, the hiss will disappear into the music.

The fm recorder works great too! All i want is to listen to some music! And no you can’t bootleg with an iPod. I would have to say this: These features, and the voice recording distinguish this player from the rest, and it’s one xpeed little player and I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone who’s looking.

Iriver iFP//// Firmware Driver – TechSpot

Hi, nobody knows about a Music Manager crack o something like that, to be able to upload mp3 to pc??. Amazon in the UK www.


My guess is that there is little or no shielding around the microphone circuit and it’s picking up some noise from the display circuitry. UMS is so convenient.

It would be nice if it would be recognized as a drive I would like to try the sync stuff in Windows mediabut the software if pretty straight forward. Right-click on the driver. I am a complete novice with these MP3 players, but have learned alot the past few weeks. Does the series have this problem? The option is available in other players so I was wondering if there is any 3rd party firmware hihg there. Regrettably, the iFP lacks the ability if;-790 encode recordings directly to MP3 the player records content in a proprietary REC format.

Because only the older ifp-70 will line record at k MP3!! Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. UMS seemed excellent, but then question came