The iPAQ h does not suffer as badly from this issue, but the device I have does have a very slight yellow-tint when viewed from a very low angle, I address this is my review of the screen. The design was copied from HP iPaq The answer is yes! Today we tell you about the iPaq rx line by HP, it’s the first full scale attempt to release a multimedia Pocket PC model for the market. The H was succeeded by the H and H, which retained the same form factor, but had a different button layout.

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Visit our network ipa sites: Archived from the original on 14 May The second part stands for the playback of mobile content. Grey plastic is pleasant to touch.

Review of PDAs HP iPaq rx/rx/rx

Notice that the shortcut buttons are right next to each other and that the dialpad is round. These are common “headphones-earplugs”.

Its model line has always been the widest one, no other vendor could or can boast of that great number of different models. The ipwq tries to make a shift from the digital assistant as up advanced organizer to a multimedia companion: So just as we were done marveling over the two significantly upgraded Series models, HP called with more news: The interface connector supports COM-port and is compatible with other iPaq series.


HP iPAQ h4150 Full Review

It’s a task manager to switch among the programs and close them. All new iPaqs, except for the junior model, have two wireless adapters – Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Published – 15 November Have something to add?! Noticeably missing is the Nevo Universal Remote program that a lot of people love and is included with the iPAQ h In the Box The iPAQ h comes with everything you need to for a 410, including a cradle for synching, this is an accessory not included with the h series of devices.

The camera shoots with the maximum resolution x pixels 1. The poor set of standard accessories of the rx reminds of the iPaq These two terrific new iPAQs are very different from one another and will appeal to different customers.

The effect is seen on the photos below. Which means that armed with a Series and the T, I pretty much always have internet access. The best photos can be made under the bright sunlight within an average distance. However at the moment the line is lpaq, HP switches the focus to communicators.

Review of PDAs HP iPaq rx3710/rx3410/rx3110

Same size, but curved the other way. At the time when these boards were in development, this facility was acquired by Intel.


As for the weak points they are: That’s not a complete list. Make your own choice, we just list shortcomings:.

iPAQ – Wikipedia

We’ll remind you that HP hhp rx and rx have the camera, while the rx lacks it. The major shortcoming is the price of the rx The power cable jacks into the included cradle, but the devices themselves have no separate power plug see pic 41500 above. Firstly, its filling has much in common with the iPaq Incidentally, there is no need to set the device to use the keyboard. They ran on Windows Mobile SE.

Besides you would feel its weigh in hand or in the pocket. At the bottom you can find a standard connector the same like in the old iPaqs to plug the docking station, a synchronization cable and a soft reset button.