How to treat a virgo man in relationship

15 Harsh Realities You Have To Face When Dating A Virgo Man

how to treat a virgo man in relationship

Talk to a Love Psychic to learn more about the Virgo Man. Once the Virgo male has committed to a relationship, he is forever loving, patient and supportive. Remember that a love affair and marriage to a Virgo man can be a in all walks of his life, be it his work, his relationship, or his life in general. Trying to figure out how Virgo men operate in love and relationships? As part of my studies in the healing arts, I've spent a great deal of time.

Remember that a love affair and marriage to a Virgo man can be a bliss, as he is a refined, reliable, and a dependable partner. AstrologyBay Staff Last Updated: Feb 20, The Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, symbolized by the virginal maiden. It is ruled by the planet mercury, and people born between 24th August and 23rd September belong to this sign. It is also one of the four mutable and introvert signs.

Characteristically, Virgo individuals are very intelligent, witty, but, shy, reserved, and modest. They are practical and very analytical. They have a very critical nature and are hard to impress. But, of course, if you play the right cards, you can win the heart of your Virgo man and also keep it. Virgo Man as a Lover He is a perfectionist in all walks of his life, be it his work, his relationship, or his life in general.

His perfectionism is to the extent of obsession. He is hardworking and sincere. In most of the cases, Virgo men are blessed with very good looks. They often look younger than their actual age. You can easily spot a Virgo with his refined features and a reserved exterior. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to guess what is going on in the Virgo man's head as he projects a cool exterior. However, it is important to know that beneath that cold reserve, he is one of the most sensitive and caring males of the zodiac.

You wanted the truth, right? A big reason for this is because we like to listen while simultaneously analyzing you.

Virgo Man in Love & Relationships

Many of us have a large circle of friends with few problems bonding with others. Sure, we notice what you are wearing and how you look. This means we are attracted to people who are stimulating and intelligent. Do you know about pop culture? Do you challenge conventional thinking?

What you need to know is that Virgos like looking at issues from different perspectives. In fact, being open to new thinking is a hallmark of our sign. Once that bond has been established, we tend to be passionate and somewhat submissive. That said, we like knowing what we are getting into before doing the deed. We tend to be vanilla in what we do and get turned on by knowing you feel satisfied. In this way, we are somewhat like Aquarius men.

This anxiety can be random in nature but tends to focus on all things missed. For reasons that are beyond my level of awareness, the trait of worry is near universal for all Virgos men and women.

how to treat a virgo man in relationship

Unlike the water sign Cancer that focuses on family worry, Virgos tend to experience anxiety about everything. Some even describe us as detached. But which is true?

how to treat a virgo man in relationship

The answer is a little of both. Because we are one of the three earth signs Taurus and Capricorn are the others we tend to be centered and focused. It is for this reason people say that Virgos have a calming effect on others who are in emotional turmoil. Think of a strong oak tree standing erect during a hail storm.

Can I be real with you? That label is best suited for Scorpio men.

how to treat a virgo man in relationship

Instead, what we really are is independent. Generally speaking, we like to march to the beat of our own drummer. Part of this is a function of our analytical abilities. When you are with a Virgo man, understand there will be periods where he likes being alone with his thoughts. Virgos tend to be independent Big on trust By nature, we are distrustful and skeptical creatures. Part of this trait can be attributed to our independent nature. That said, when you gain our trust, rest assured that we will reflect honesty back to you in spades.

As the relationship continues, the trust deepens. One way to increase the bond you share with a Virgo man is by being completely transparent about your thoughts and feelings. When you are with a Virgo man and he commits to you, count on him being very devoted. This means emotionally and physically. And yes, we sometimes become overly flirtatious. But here is the thing. We expect the people we are with to also be loyal and place a high premium on this trait.

In truth, we are very discerning and have high standards. Part of this stems from being perfectionists.

how to treat a virgo man in relationship

Instead, we put a premium on quality. When we are together in a romantic relationship, expect to be with a guy who invests in things that are well made and built to last. We also like eating foods that are made from healthy sources and prefer to stick to the basics. The very thought of failure sends them into a panic, as their brains work overtime trying to think of all the projects they have lined up that will be the next big thing.

You might find it difficult being in a relationship with such a workaholic but it's not that he doesn't care about you -- he is just very driven.

She revealed, "You need to remember you chose someone whose work may take more time than other people's.

25 Truths About a Virgo Man in Love and Relationships - Guy Counseling

Work with your own situation because comparisons are aggravating. Scheimer also cautions against nagging saying, "This is never a good idea. If you're constantly angry, then that climate is less likely to encourage your partner to want to spend time with you. We all naturally have some form of pride, where if someone hurts us or wrongs us, we know we should walk away.

For Virgos, however, they get hurt over even the littlest things. They can shut someone down in a second, no matter how close they are to them, if they feel they are being disrespected in anyway. Often this can lead to a lot of hurt when they won't speak to you for days and you're unsure of exactly what you did wrong. Communication with your Virgo man is key - explain they have no reason to be hurt and they mistook what you said.

They will build emotional walls higher than the average man, but with patience and trust, these can be broken down. A true Virgo man has so much buzzing around his mind, alongside being constantly on the go, that he doesn't have much time left for cleaning up. Although he has no problem with this, you probably will as you find your time wasted on cleaning tasks you never wanted to do.