The top speed you can go is 40 MPH during park hours. Tram Drivers must be ever aware of guests crossing in front of them or guests standing up while the tram is in motion. The reason for this should be fairly obvious, but suffice it to say that unlike rides inside the parks, Disney Transportation is not guided by rails. Some of them have even been known to lead their passengers in Disney singalongs! They are not gonna automatically put you in there since you want to, it is popular position I am sure. The best part of being a monorail pilot is talking to the other monorails pilots and hearing there stories, and also just seeing the tourists reactions when they see the monorail pulling into the station and they wave at you with big smiles.

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We have to say, we are very relieved the monorail system is here to stay, and getting the necessary safety updates! The day-to-day job was harder and more physical than I expected, but the overall experience was a lot of fun, too.

Sorry, it’s been a long day at Publix.

Here are some of the requirements of Disney World Transportation Cast Members that you may not have known: I lived in Building 31, where I shared a djsney apartment with three roommates, and I developed many close friendships with my neighbors in that building.

The person just said that. I’ve always wondered how one becomes a monorail pilot at Disneyland.


Have you ever had a memorable experience taking a ride on a Disney boat, monorail, bus, or tram? Because of the responsibility that comes with transporting guests, there is a lot of training that comes with any position in the Transportation Department. Pixie Duster New Member Jul 2, moborail Thank you for letting us interview you! After that, you go with another monorail driver and they show you the controls.


When he returned to school at the start of the following momorail in January, he excitedly told me about his experience at Disney and all of the great new friends he had met. We were officially considered cast membersnot employees; we wore costumesnot uniforms; we were on stagenot merely at work.

Is it only attainable by promotion? The top speed you can go is 40 Visney during park hours.

Part of the test for Watercraft Cast Members demonstrating their ability to control the ferry boat is to dock the boat vecome the end of monorsil Grand Floridian dock. Disney just spent a lot of money updating the control system. The reason for this should be fairly obvious, but suffice it to say that unlike rides inside the parks, Disney Transportation is not guided by rails. Thread starter jont Start date Hpw 2, That kind of responsibility is not for everyone.

Bus drivers may have the toughest job of all, considering they have to share the road with guests dsiney their own vehicles frantically trying to get to the parks as quickly as possible. He finally gave in to his passion and became a Disney World Cast Member, working his way up to Disney Trainer in the Transportation Department where he worked for three years.


I’m sure they don’t just hire someone and put them behind the wheel or throttle of a monorail. Disney Trainers do an incredible job preparing Cast Members to take the tests, but in the end it is up to the individual to prove his or her skill.

Has a Transportation Cast Member ever made getting there part of your fun? Sir Hiss New Member Jul 2, The first time I went I fell in love with it [and] I really enjoyed it. Purple and Pink were replaced with Teal in late and Peach in How long have you wanted to work at Disney?

Interview with a Walt Disney World Monorail Driver | The Mouselets

The, when you enter a station it automatically stops by itself. Disney definitely needs to update the technology and safety features, and expand the lines to other resorts.

The complex was very nice, but a considerable percentage of our paychecks went toward weekly rent payments. There are so many ways in which a guest can be seriously hurt.

So, I went through the process that was supposed to be in place to be trained dsney Monorail. The Mark VI monorails were feet, 6 inches long, traveled at a top speed of 40 mph, and could hold up to passengers. You must log in or register to reply here.