Learn More at theartofsimplegolf. Click here to see all the photos in the Nike Gallery. Cleveland TFI Putter. Better to leave the club face square and have a friend take a video of your swing from behind you so you get to see your swing looking down the line, as we call it. Just someone please explains physics part to me. The draw face brought the Nike over to my side.

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Face Angle | Golf Monthly

Vaughn Burns September 18, at 7: Ill spend my money on real golf companies I. Still have a question? Videos 1 week ago. How can I straighten my slice? Is it a push, slice? Learn how your comment data is processed. Ball will ves to fly straight or a left of target.

Face Angle

What is the correct golf grip? The 9 Laws of Ball Flight. Ok, can I clarify what it means when you can adjust the Loft and Face Angle on some of these Drivers, woods and hybrids. Galvin Green Lars Interface Jacket.


Kris Feb 9, at 4: KT Feb 23, at Andy Aug 1, at When I throw a drive in disc golf, why does the disc always fall to the left at the end of the flight?

Solo Matias January 20, at 2: A reliable, pain-free swing technique to increase distance, accuracy, and consistency. I am sure that there are better players out there that can take full advantage of what this club can do possibly with a modified shaft. I believe COG is more to do with launch and spin. too

Glad i saw your post about switching it to the right setting because when i stood over the club I did not like how it looked at all. The only golf swing specifically designed for senior golfers. Taking it to the range and course tomorrow.

Nike VRS Covert Tour Driver Review | Three Guys Golf

Hate Nike gear… Hate it. I tried the tour model today. So IMHO, get fit by a qualified fitter and take some lessons and get off the couch and practice, this will save you some money in the long run and make you a better player, IMHO. Published 17 hours ago on Dec 28, No company has boosted its stock more in than Nike Ajdust. Three Guys Golf on Twitter. I live in Buenos Aires, and I have one of this, adust you say monsters. Physics-wise, when mass is toward the perimeter there is more behind the ball when it hits toward the edge.


Holy cow, now it looks like a normal driver!

You must log vs or register to reply here. Needless to say I like good golf equipment. The shoulder moving to early in the swing is the most common cause of a slice. Tim Feb 28, at 6: