Sorcery 2 how to meet vik

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sorcery 2 how to meet vik

Rewinded 2 times "back in time " from doors, second time was just to get more money . on this forum solely because it's the most active discussion for Sorcery 1/2:) Met Vik the Slaver? Alternatively, once you meet Lorag at his house, he 'll tell you to wear one and try to convert you into a ceature. You will run into a skinny guy, who gives you incentive to stay out of debt as well as recommends Vik for first noble. Along the Street Drink from the fountain to. A quick note to all Sorcery! players - if you've finished already and are thinking of replaying, but about your save game, we want to reassure you: in Part 2, you'll be able to choose which of your And have you heard of Vik?.

Look into the trees and fight the bat that you see there.

Sorcery (PS Move) Playthrough Part 5

After killing it, go to the front door and cast DOP. Ignore the scuttle and go to the second level. Grab the handrail and hold on till you reach the second level. Go to the bedroom to find a walking cane, and ignore the toilet. Enter the library and stare at the eyes. Look around, then approach the fire. Insert the walking stick found earlier and enter a secret room.

Search the room to learn the ritual of Courga and get a silver badge.

Kharé - Cityport of Traps (book)

Dwarftown and the Artist's Quarter Market Leaving the house, return to the main road. Enter the store that you see, and buy chainmail Gauntlets to increase your attack strength by 1.

Buy the dust, the Blimberry and everything that you can get. Go to the carpet shop at the far end, and a man wil start showing you carpets.

For those of you playing Sorcery!..

Investigate the thing that rolls out of the second or third carpet he shows you, to find nose plugs for NIF. Go into his hut to see his paintbrush painting a picture of you.

sorcery 2 how to meet vik

Try to stop it from working, then slash at the canvas. Your painting comes to life, and the artist asks it to take you gold! Destroy your double, then search the room to get paintings of the nobles of Khare. Leave the stall without paying the artist. Go into his hut and cast MAG, and that will protect you from his magic flame!. Look at the chest the flame is guarding, then take everything from the chest. Leave the hut and buy a small flame from him using his own Gold.

Is it possible to meet Vik in Sorcery! 2 : SorceryGame

Drink from the fountain if you need to restore stamina, then make a move ASAP at the plaza, or you will lose some gold to young thieves working for Vangorn. Talk to her and ask to buy a rope ladder. Throw up half the money first, then walk away.

Walk on to see a fountain. Drink from fountain if you need stamina, then turn right.

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Bet 4 Gold pieces, then 2. Move on after winning her gold. Look into, then down the well, then climb down using the handholds. However, after you come to a ledge, you find that there are no more rungs for you to climb down.

Tie your brand new rope ladder to the metal rung and climb down.

sorcery 2 how to meet vik

Explore the sewer, ignore the hooded thing you see, and search the wreckage you see further on to find 1 Blimberry potion. A ratbear will appear, kill it and search the rags to get a few Gold Pieces, then leave the sewers the way you came. A creature will offer you a job: Accept and go to the bath house. Swim first to restore stamina, then go to the steam room. Remain quiet inside no matter what, then leave after you have heard the plan to kill the nobles of the city.

The angrier it is, the better the prize. Leave the Cabinet of Fortune and proceed into the fair. Not a bad deal huh? Enter the nearby tent and take the bag of coins from the dwarf, then enter the crowd.

Keep going and pick some pockets, then leave the fair and head uphill. Go left and back to the well, then go left again. Look in the pond and take the gold piece. The fish in the pond will try to stop you, but keep trying until you get it.

Go downhill and talk to a creature, go to the plaza, then go back to the fishpond. Sit, talk and drink. After you take a drink, you realise that he poisoned you, so tell him Vik will not be pleased, then lie and say that you are brothers. Search cupboards to find Poison, bark essence, and search the still warm body to find 8 gold At the Docks Follow the road and ask for directions to get clues, then move on.

Go back to the well and go straight. The Meat and Clever Inn is optional, but if you stay there for the night, you may die.

sorcery 2 how to meet vik

Sit at the table with 2 sailors and greet the company. Win and he helps you find the council. Beat him at Swindlestones, then follow him to the council. Try the door despite what Flanker said, then sit on the chair. If not, make them open the door by asking how long the council has been in session. DO NOT step into it. It is a portal trap.

Examine everything, then leave. Your stamina will drop by 2 points, then increase by 3 points. Wait for it to be lowered, just keep waiting until the old man lowers the bridge for you, then cross. Move on to the fountain, then drink to replenish up to 5 stamina if needed.

Move on, turn right. Ignore the Elfin woman and greet the man with closed eyes. Ask if he plays Swindlestones. Play and win 3 GP from the first game, then play again to win 6 more. Move on after he complains about how long his orphans will need to earn the coins back. Go to Fireview square, and approach the monument.

Wave in front of one, then when there is no response, steal from a red eye once, then talk to the fruit vendor. I recommend buying the apple and bomba. Return to the centre of the square, then head to the alleyways. Go to the left alley and investigate the slime. Take a side alley and cast BIG. Cast BIG again, vault up the wall, then go down to the yard. Escape with the Elvin, and keep turning right. Orclings harass you for your precious gold, so you should hurry to avoid them, then cast TEL to avoid losing any of your precious gold.

Look at it, then approach the house. Go to the front door and knock, then say you are a Sorcerer. Say you need his help, then give him your sword. South Gate — When you reach the gate to the city, an archer will challenge you for the watchword.

Let Tomas go in first, then enter. Unless you duck behind the building for shelter, you will be captured. The Prison — You will meet a one-armed man who will teach you how to play Swindlestones.

You can stop after one game no stakes or continue to play for gold.

sorcery 2 how to meet vik

You can then escape using DOP or choose to spend the night here stay awake, or the old man will steal from you. Then proceed to Crossroads. You will need to sleep at one of the following locations: The Inn — A room costs 7 gold, or you can play Swindlestones with the innkeeper to cover the cost. No food is available for sale. Outside — You will be attacked in the night by a Werewolf. After you kill it, it will revert to human form. From here on, the paths you choose make a big difference.

There are three basic options depending on your next move, but some of the paths can double back and intersect. Along the left wall you can find 3 gold.