How to meet mu gong maplestory link

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how to meet mu gong maplestory link

Maplestory - Kinesis3 i) Hard Mode x 3 = 16 Mu Gong's Emblem x 3 rounds = 48 Mu Gong's Emblem As you can see, it gives you 70 Charm EXP each. In addition, Evolving world: Link 2 gives 20 charm once you. This guide is mostly made out of the desire to see more people . Floor Mu Gong has really short range and you can jump above him. This guide will teach you all about the Mu Lung Dojo in MapleStory M. Mu Lung Dojo rankings are determined by the number of floors cleared.

Using this system, Kinesis can pick up huge objects like trains. It is guaranteed that there are no passengers on all vehicles which Kinesis uses! Attack enemies using telekinesis. You can press the regular Attack key to use this skill.

There is a cooldown of 90 seconds. With innate judgement, find the best spot to attack enemies. This skill can be shared with one other character in the same world. Use the power of telekinesis to hit enemies in front of you two times. Using the power of telekinesis, push a large number of enemies forward, dealing damage over time. Permanently increases your magic attack by 1. Permanently increases your magic attack by Lift a giant structure nearby and smash it down into enemies in front of you.

Consumes 10 Psychic Points. Use telekinesis to protect your body. When attacked, consume Psychic Points to reduce the damage you take. If you have at least 1 Psychic Point, the effect will activate automatically. If you have 0 Psychic Points, your HP will be consumed instead. Increase your attack speed for a certain period of time.

Increase your attack speed by 2 stages for seconds. Using the power of telekinesis, push Kinesis forward.

how to meet mu gong maplestory link

While jumping, you can jump up to two more times in a row. Jump a certain distance. Extrasensory power enhances all the cells in your body. Using the power of telekinesis, lift up surrounding enemies then smash them into the ground. Using the power of telekinesis, create an area which attacks enemies quickly and recovers Psychic Points.

Earn a new Road Network effect bonus based on the number of roads adjacent to the road connected to My House. When Fairy Tears is used again during recovery, recovery is increased as it stacks. NPCs and monsters that appear will differ each day.

Each NPC will focus on fostering the monsters in the categories that they prefer. You can play and combine up to 4 times per day. Cross World Party Quest Revamp The requirement where you couldn't enter if the level difference between party members was 20 or more has been removed.

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The stats of monsters and players is adjusted to remove penalties. The amount of EXP received from cross world party quests has been adjusted. Complete party quests to earn points to spend at the shop! You can receive 10 Party Points regardless of level. Party Points are reset every 8 weeks. The amount of Rice Cakes required to complete the Moon Bunny party quest has been reduced from to The Ariant Coliseum party quest has been reopened, and you can enter in a party of four.

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Work together to defeat monsters and collect Spirit Jewels within the time limit to clear! The equipment reward from Surprise Mission has been removed. The Max Combo Kill value has been increased to 9, It will not remain for Elite Bosses if you change maps, and it will not remain for Pollo and Fritto Bounty Hunting and Inferno Wolf if you remain in the exit map for more than 20 seconds.

Monsters within your level range now refers to monsters 20 levels below and 20 levels above. The level exception for characters outside of the "20 levels" condition has been removed. The following changes have been made to Runes: Runes will be created in areas where you are hunting monsters more than 20 levels above you, and there is no level requirement to use them. However, the rune will disappear and the effect won't trigger if the rune is 20 levels above the character's level.

The effect of the Rune of Recovery has been changed so that it will maximize recovery and reduce received damage for the duration, and you will resist being knocked back. The Rune of Hordes has been removed, and the Rune of Greed has been added. Runes that are neglected and not used for at least 5 minutes after being created will receive a curse from the Elite Boss and become a Cursed Rune.

how to meet mu gong maplestory link

The Cursed Rune effect applies to the entire map, and all EXP and drop rates during hunting are reduced. The curse becomes more powerful as time passes. Transparency has been applied to the directional key input UI when activating a Rune.

When moving to a different map while you are in a gigantic state due to Rune of Might, Giant Potion, etc. The following changes have been made to Lures: A bug where the wrong lure cooldown was applied in a specific situation has been fixed. The Lure of Proliferation has been removed. The EXP rates have been increased for content Lv. The following changes have been made to Inferno Wolf: All gloves given from Mu Lung Dojo have been changed into lucky items that can be included in any set.

This also applies to gloves that are currently in your possession.

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Screenshot Options Changes have been made to the screenshot module to reduce lag an improve image quality. Burst Mode has been added, which allows you to take consecutive screenshots.

Auto Mode has been added, which allows you to take screenshots automatically during the following conditions. Picture Mode will close automatically if you use a portal, change channel or map, or open UI.

how to meet mu gong maplestory link

Additional Updates [Updated August 30] When you enter the Root Abyss boss after defeating the garden imps, the party leader needs to attempt to enter, and then all party members will enter at the same time.

The following changes have been made to Boss Lucid: You will move to the reward map if Boss Lucid Normal, Hard is defeated even though your character is dead. A bug where abnormally high damage was applied in the Crumbling Clocktower phase of Boss Lucid Hard has been fixed. The background music of Fantasy Theme World has been changed. The UI of Dream Defender has been changed.

The prices of some items in the Legion Coin Shop have been adjusted. Boss Vellum Normal, Chaos will now correctly receive damage when incapacitated from incapacitation abnormal statuses. The following changes have been made to Ursus: If you don't press "Yes" within 15 seconds after you are matched to enter Ursus, you have to wait 10 minutes to enter again.

Ursus's HP and meso rewards from Rank C and better have been increased. The original background music will now correctly return after playing content that changed background music. Background music will now play correctly in the 24th floor of Tower of Oz.

[Skill] How to Meet Mu Gong

A bug where the client crashed when matched in a party with Zero for Boss matching has been fixed. A bug where Mechanic characters could not get off or mount the robot in Tower of Oz 22nd floor has been fixed.

Monsters will appear correctly when entering solo mode for Boss Lotus. Rewards that you cannot obtain will no longer display in the Maple Guide.