How to meet a special mii on streetpass plaza

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how to meet a special mii on streetpass plaza

Have you ever wanted to get loads of Miis in your Streetpass Mii plaza? If you still don't have any Miis, try arranging to meet someone through a forum who. And yet some 3DS owners don't StreetPass or do it minimally. you do not have to do anything special to StreetPass at a Nintendo Zone. If you have StreetPass turned on for the Mii Plaza, you'll be able to pull in 10 Miis. StreetPass Mii Plaza is an application which comes pre-loaded on all Nintendo 3DS systems. In the game, players can meet other players' Miis over StreetPass and online There are also special Miis that appear via SpotPass during special events, such as Nintendo staff members. After meeting another player's Mii, the.

Take a shot if a Mii's greeting contains memes. If it's The Game and you just lost, finish your drink.

how to meet a special mii on streetpass plaza

Take a shot if a Mii's greeting contains censor-bypassed banned words. If said banned word is a slur, drink until you forget you saw it. Puzzle Swap Take a shot every time a Mii has no puzzle pieces for you to exchange.

If you use Play Coins to purchase pieces and get a piece you already have, take a shot. Take a shot every time the 3DS notifications make you get a piece to a newly-released that is to say, empty puzzle. Take another one if you haven't StreetPassed in a long time when that notification shows up. Find Mii Take a shot every time a Mii fails to do any damage. For every Mii that automatically leaves because of a darkened, excessively bright, or poisoned room, take a shot.

Take another and facepalm if you do have a Mii that can dispel the debilitating room condition but you have to go through several rounds of Miis leaving just to get to that particular Mii. Take two shots if any of the Miis in question is a special guest Mii. While you're doing that, set a container aside and pour in a shot for every round of heroes you have to burn through without making progress at all. Once you finally get the right hero, mix the accumulated shots into a cocktail of your choosing to celebrate.

Getting 10 special Mii's? - StreetPass Mii Plaza Answers for 3DS - GameFAQs

Depending on your location, you may end up completely sloshed with an entire pitcher of booze leftover. Take a shot every time a mummy scares your current Mii into leaving immediately. If you use a pink Mii's "daring" spell, take two shots every time a subsequent Mii's attack misses. Take a shot whenever you grow a supposedly-rare flower. Alternately, take a shot every time you get a D catch when you have a rod that has Big Catch Bonus activated.

Take an additional shot for each level of Big Catch Bonus on said rod. Take a shot if you've received word of a Mystery Species, but you lack any of the baits it likes presumably while muttering dark oaths under your breath. Take a shot if you've used bait that should attract the most valuable species in a given area, but you reel in a Miss instead. If it's tiny, better be prepared for it! Battleground Z Take a shot for every Mii who has no hobby and gives you a damaged weapon.

Take a shot for each Wii Remote you get. Take a shot each time your weapon breaks because you couldn't wiggle out of the zombies' clutches quick enough. Slot Car Rivals Take a shot whenever you crash your car.

how to meet a special mii on streetpass plaza

This may only cause you to crash more. Don't drink and drive, kids. You can only earn 10 Play Coins per day; you earn 1 Play Coin per steps counted, so you'll hit the limit at 1, steps. Furthermore, you can only have up to Play Coins at any one time. Despite how many steps the player takes every steps gives them a play cointhey can only earn up to 10 play coins per day. The system itself can hold a maximum of Play Coins.

Appear when a brown character uses magic in Find Mii, and one called "Salesbunny" sells the extra games. The update also adds "Helper Hare" to the Find Mii games. Without the update, if you StreetPass one person more than 99 times, they will still say that you have met 99 times.

Color-Coded for Your Convenience: A Mii's shirt color affects the powers they provide in Find Mii and Mii Force, and Monster Manor notes a weapon's elemental affinity by color. Colors also play a gameplay role in Flower Town's flowers, Monster Manor's map pieces, and Ultimate Angler's bait, but don't represent unique traits. Also, in Feed Mii, which raw ingredient a Mii brings you corresponds to the Mii's shirt color.

There's quite a bit of it. Miis by default have customized faces, names, birthdays, and clothing colors, and Mii Plaza adds onto that a hat, greeting, favorite hobby, dream, and preference of dogs or cats. The updates then expand it further with a choice of expressions during greetings in and custom speech bubbles in Damn You, Muscle Memory!

After playing around in StreetPass Mii Plaza you might find yourself pressing and holding R in an attempt to speed up other games. Especially apparent in Mii Force, Warrior's Way, and Battleground Z; as all of those only let you attempt one level each for every batch of StreetPasses you collect you get three attempts at the level in Mii Force and Battleground Z, but you're still limited to just the one level. The same applies to Ultimate Angler, as you only get to go to one fishing spot per session and lose all your unused bait if you leave.

There are of them, and you can only earn one each time you finish a stage. Expect to do some major grinding on Platinum Beach again and again long after you've obtained all of the other Plaza Tickets for that game. Other major contenders are the ones for battling other players in Warrior's Way downright impossible for late-comers and for people in low-population areascompleting all 50 Puzzle Boxes in Monster Manor, and landing all species of fish twelve of which, the Mystery Species, only appear under certain conditions and are impossible to reel in at the first attempt even with the game's most powerful rod with full upgrades and a full set of ten anglers in Ultimate Angler.

Some of Battleground Z's Rare Zombies can come off this way too, due to how rare some of the hobbies are, such as Cleaning or Fashion.

how to meet a special mii on streetpass plaza

Flower Town is not completely innocent of this either: While it contains no Plaza Tickets whatsoever that encourage repetitive work, the Rare Breeds are exactly what their name implies. Getting them is a Luck-Based Mission where your odds are pretty low, to where some of the most devoted players still don't have all 21 of them.

StreetPass two very special Mii characters at Nintendo Zones

Beating them will unlock either their hat or a hat version of them. Gold Bone Monster Manor: The rematch with Arzodius Battleground Z: Scimad Slot Car Rivals: The Miis have these.

Your Mii doesn't talk in certain games. Results in any and all games depend on what kind of people you StreetPass with or depending on where you live, whether you can find anyone to StreetPass with at all. There are ways around this, but they all make you cough up Play Coins in exchange, and you're probably still at the mercy of whatever Miis the game decides to give you. Nintendo's slowly been making it easier to rack up StreetPasses, however, such as getting the last 6 people to visit a Nintendo Zone in your plaza when you visit said Nintendo Zone.

There are ways to turn most wireless routers into a Nintendo Zone of your own nicknamed HomePass that can mimic any other already-existing Nintendo Zone presumably one in a heavily-populated location or a collective one used only in this manner and thus essentially get an infinite amount of hits, but you might consider this to be cheating and it requires non-trivial amount of effort to accomplish that has a risk of ruining your router.

The StreetPass Birthdays are probably the worst. There are plaza tickets awarded for completely filling in each month, reaching certain totals, and even one for getting February 29th. However, you can cheat a bit if you have an extra 3DS lying around Subverted since it's reserved for "go back to the Plaza gate", used when you receive a StreetPass while already in the Plaza. Fully averted as of the update: The "go back to the Plaza gate" square is now permanently there, but still only selectable if you have StreetPasses on standby.

Many players will change their Mii color to simply provide the most benefits throughout the games as opposed to their genuine favorite color. Unlike typical Munchkins, these guys are people who you want to encounterseeing as how they can help you get past difficult levels with ease. The same will likely go for hobbies for Battleground Z. As a reward for beating levels in the "Find Mii" games and through redeeming Plaza Tickets at the Ticket Booth, you can get several dozen hats.

The games will deter you from Save Scumming in their own ways. For example, in Find Mii, if you close the game while you're in the middle of a session, all the unused Miis will be discarded and you'll have to wait for a new batch of StreetPasses to continue. In Warrior's Way, if you close the game in the middle of a session, the game will admonish you the next time you start it up.

Do it again, and it'll start removing soldiers from your army. There's a way around this though: You can set it up so that Miis join your plaza from other sources, such as race opponents in Mario Kart 7.

They don't give you any benefit in most games, but they do count towards the accomplishments for collecting a certain number of Miis, and they can add to the armies of you and people you encounter in Warrior's Way. They cost more than getting a Mii at random, but they're helpful if they're a high level or have a shirt color needed to pass a specific obstacle. If you own one of the DLC games, you'll get a small discount when buying the game bundle.

The ticket exchange center changes its stock daily, encouraging you to check in to see what it has. As of the update, if you get three or more Miis at once who all played the same game last, you'll be asked if you want to see more information about that game in the eShop. Your Mii is a monarch, a space fighter pilot, a gardener, a warrior, a detective, a fisherman, an Improbable Weapon Usera slot car racer, a stock trader, a chef, a ninja, and an archaeologist.

Likewise, the Miis that you encounter share the same occupations, as well being swordsmen, mages, and stock market analysts. Mii Force, Ultimate Angler, and Battleground Z all record your best score per level or in Ultimate Angler's case, the biggest size fish you've caught of each breed ; and they keep high score lists of you and anyone you StreetPassed. The same goes for Slot Car Rivals and the 5 fastest times; and Ninja Launcher and your personal winning streaks and points accumulated before failing.

StreetPass Premium

Most games have this, of course. You can get through them using Play Coins, but getting StreetPasses from others gets you more benefits and allows you to get through the games much more quickly.

Details for each specific game are below.

How to get Iwata's Mii (Streetpass/Spotpass)

While the greetings always used these, the update added the ability to customize them with something other than a plain white bubble. For instance, the Find Mii bubble is a fantasy-style map. Your Mii is locked in a cage?

Space pirates are ravaging the galaxy?