How did negrita jayde meet gregory hines

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how did negrita jayde meet gregory hines

For the last five years, Negrita Jayde has organized memorials for her late fiance, tap dancer Negrita Jayde, life partner of Gregory Hines, hosts a memorial to her late husband for I've never met a nicer person in my life. Negrita Jayde was a muscle-bound, curvy bodybuilder, who attracted a For six years, she held an annual August memorial for her fiancé, Gregory Hines, the Los She met Mr. Hines in Los Angeles years ago and they were. Partner(s), Negrita Jayde (–his death; engaged). Children, 2. Gregory Oliver Hines (February 14, – August 9, ) was an American dancer, actor, He did a lot of improvisation of tap steps, tap sounds, and tap rhythms alike. Orthodox Cemetery in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, the country in which he met Jayde.

But he was also one of those few American tap dancers to develop a Hollywood career and establish a major television presence. He was born in New York, into a background steeped in jazz - he recalled later that he could not remember a time when he was not dancing. His grandmother, Ora Hines, had danced at the Cotton Club in the s; his father, Maurice Sr, was a drummer whose many local venues included the legendary Savoy ballroom.

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Prompted by his mother, who saw dance as a route to social advancement, Hines's elder brother Maurice took up tap at the age of four - and Gregory eagerly followed suit. There were soon lessons with the world-renowned tap teacher Henry LeTang.

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The Hines Kids, as they were known, danced at Harlem's Apollo theatre for two weeks inwhen Gregory was six. They returned there many times, learning from such performers as the Nicholas Brothers and Sandman Sims obituary, August 7 As they moved into their teens, they changed their stage name to the Hines Brothers, and, after their father joined them as a drummer inthey were billed as Hines, Hines And Dad.

how did negrita jayde meet gregory hines

Thus began a year stint in nightclubs. They also gravitated towards televi sion, appearing on the Ed Sullivan and Johnny Carson shows, and performed in Europe, including at the London Palladium. Gregory married the dance therapist Patricia Panella inand their daughter, Daria, was born in But he was entering troubled times.

A divorce followed, and differences with his brother led to the break-up of their act in Rhythm tap, like the whole jazz spectrum, was in trouble. Keen to perform to rock music and write songs, Gregory moved to Venice Beach, California, played in the jazz-rock band Severance, and often had little money, though he later looked back fondly on those days, when, for the first time, he was really by himself. It was a crucial experience. He did no tap dancing - and did not even own a pair of tap shoes - but he gained in self-confidence.

how did negrita jayde meet gregory hines

Then it was on to her modest northwestern Toronto home, which would fill with Broadway performers who had been mentored by Gregory, as well as friends and family and a cast of characters ranging from reformed bikers to retired heavyweight champs. You never knew whom you'd meet through Negrita, as we all discovered this week at her packed funeral.

That's because Negrita would talk to everybody, extending a hand, opening her arms, and enfolding all. If only she had embraced the idea of regular Pap smears.

how did negrita jayde meet gregory hines

Understand that Negrita didn't have to drive beat-up old cars. She could have stayed at her beachfront home north of L.

Gregory Hines

She was the type of woman who, despite attempts by stylists to dress her in designer gowns for the red carpet, Negrita preferred to tuck her hair back and wear Value Village dresses — fooling them all.

So, anyway, after she dropped Gunn at his house that day last year, she drove down the block only to stop suddenly and offer a ride to a woman — a complete stranger — struggling with her groceries.

She would do that all the time, her younger sister Tina Truszyk told me as we stayed up late on Wednesday sharing stories.

how did negrita jayde meet gregory hines

It would mortify her that Negrita, who died at 51, would drive her to the subway, with strangers, and leave her to carry on awkward conversations all the way downtown. A Christian in the truest sense. Negrita, had faith that would leave me, a non-believer, awed.

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She did daily charity work in Santa Monica, California. If I had to attend a church for some ritual, she would tag along because she was fascinated by all the ways to reach out to Jesus. It didn't matter what restaurant, trendy or greasy, we were in.

how did negrita jayde meet gregory hines

She would insist on grace before we tucked into our post-workout pig-outs. She accepted that I was internally rolling my eyes. She never laid her religion on me — although she hoped it would be contagious.