How did jun and kazuya meet the browns

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how did jun and kazuya meet the browns

Chronic rhino-sinusitis was more frequent in females than in males (pKazuya; Suzuki, Jun; Hidaka, Hiroshi; Katori, Yukio; Ohyama, Kenji Rhinosurgery in children and adolescents meets special requirements: Most patients were white (45%), followed by browns (%), blacks (20%) and. Which made me wonder: Maybe Kazuya did love Jun and well things happened so they are frosty now. I mean yeah he's an anti hero and sorta. Vernal kerato-conjunctivitis (VKC) is an infrequent but serious form of allergic Inada, Noriko; Shoji, Jun; Kato, Hiroshi; Kiely, Surayah; Mulyanto; Sawa, Mitsuru .. Seo, Kyoung Yul; Kitamura, Kazuya; Han, Soo Jung; Kelsall, Brian ± to ± , however, the decrease did not reach statistical significance.

All he wants is what he can get from them and would throw away their trust in a whim if he wanted to. Does he care for the corporation after all? If so, why did he allow them to be ransacked by the Mishima forces?

how did jun and kazuya meet the browns

The answer came to me after I played Devil Within again in Tekken 5. Note that Kazuya only showed up when the Mishima forces went deeper and deeper into G Corp's labs. He certainly wasn't protecting the corporation itself, since he did nothing to prevent some info from being stolen. If he was gonna protect himself, he could've easily, like I said before, escaped and the Mishima mercenaries would be left with nothing but other corpses instead of Kazuya's.

See how plausible it is? Sorry if I may seem repetitive. I'm trying to make a point. Why did I come to this conclusion? One, Jun is in G Corp, most likely, taken there by Kazuya. Go for Jun and forget the partner, which could explain why they betrayed him at the beginning of T5. The Mark of the Devil Let's go back to Tekken 3. At the beginning of the game, Jin escaped from Yakushima Forest and was followed by the Devil Spirit, which put a mark on his arm, thus, awakening the Devil in his blood.

Why, after all those years of seclusion, was the spirit able to find him? This could be explained by the fact that he escaped the security of the forest.

Or the fact that Jun was no longer able to protect him If you've read my theories on Unknown Revealed, I theorized that after Ogre's initial attack on Jun, it was Kazuya who came to save her and took her body to G Corp. Jin's being tracked down by the Devil Spirit puts Kazuya right in Yakushima forest.

The Devil Spirit is still in him after all split personality thing in both T4 and T5 and it might've gone out of his body to seek his son, the other host of the Devil Gene remember the Tekken Tag opening for PS2.

The Devil Spirit put the mark on Jin to awaken the Devil in his blood, since it had been suppressed by his Angel gene and through years of guidance from Jun note that Devil also tried to awaken the evil in Jin in Tekken 4. So, basically, this theory answers two questions: Kazuya is responsible for both events.

Now, this is one of the most critical questions in the Tekken series, which started in Tekken 3. Why did Jun send her fifteen-year-old son, Jin to Heihachi, when we now learn that she has other relatives who could take care of him? This confused me a lot and when the answer came, I was stunned and still am. I barely believe it myself. But of course, theories aren't exactly believable but I'll put it up anyway. The answer is a plausible one and could very well be one of the evidences of Asuka being deeply connected to Jun and Kazuya, most likely, their secret daughter.

Here's what I think. Kazuya was revived by G Corp three days after they took him in so he had been alive and kicking all this time. However, it was far too dangerous for Jun to raise both Jin and Asuka alone.

how did jun and kazuya meet the browns

Kazuya can't stay with them, having the devil spirit and all that. While still continuing his affair with Jun, Kazuya probably did what it took to never see the children remember what happened when he confronted Jin at Honmaru in T4. See the reasons why Jun can't keep both children: One, the devil spirit or Ogre can easily track them down, since there would be three celestial presences in the forest Jun, Jin, Asuka.

Two, if the devil spirit where to come, both children would be affected and both of their devil blood would be awakened. To try and save both children, Jun had to give Asuka up and gave the child to her brother in Osaka which is a great distance from Yakushima. Years later, when Jin turns 15, Jun senses her impending death in Ogre's hands she's an Angel so she most likely sensed Ogre's presence coming for her. She may also have sensed Kazuya, coming to the forest he's a devil and she could sense him.

Other than that, Kazuya could probably sense Ogre too and rushed to Yakushima to save Jun. This leaves Jun in a dilemma: She was going to die and Jin's going to be alone. Yes, Jin can escape but there was no doubt he'd be affected by the devil by then. There was no choice. Jun can't save Jin from the spirit And so, hoping and praying that she was right in seeing the good in Heihachi, Jun sends Jin to him instead of her brother in Osaka.

how did jun and kazuya meet the browns

Now, one may ask, after Tekken 5's release: Asuka and Jin met. How come she isn't affected by the Devil Spirit?

One, Jin doesn't have the actual devil spirit in him, but the uncontrollable Devil Gene. The spirit is inside Kazuya split personality from T4 to T5. And remember before that I stressed the word MAY. Questions this theory answered: Which made me wonder: Maybe Kazuya did love Jun and well things happened so they are frosty now. Its always bugged me because well Kazuya was a pimp so he could had gotten anyone but why specifically her? Teeleaf57 4 years ago 2 You sure like using whatever a lot don't you.

As for Kazuya being a pimp?

how did jun and kazuya meet the browns

He never been shown to be all that interested in women or such things its really Lee who's the ladies man. Now as for why he picked Jun.

It never been made clear what there exact nature of there relationship was or how it started all were told is 'mysterious force's' drew Jun to Kaz. My guess for Kaz is was all just a one night stand with attractive women who was offering herself.

how did jun and kazuya meet the browns

I doubt there any love involved and certainly no intention for child to be born from the encounter. VioletSystems VioletSystems 4 years ago 3 I like to think that some elements from the classic Tekken anime are canon, one of which is Kazuya and Jun's "relationship" portrayed there.

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You sure like using whatever a lot don't you. Guess its an online verbal tic. I use that apparently. Also the purple suit man!