How did arnav meet khushi kapoor

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how did arnav meet khushi kapoor

What if he meets her 3 years later and gets the biggest shock of his life? Read. Arnav and Khushi were going to get married again in front of the whole family. Explore Khushi Arnav profile at Times of India for photos, videos Meet Sridevi's younger daughter Khushi Kapoor, who is a complete stunner. Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon is an Indian daily soap opera that aired weekdays on Star Plus They first meet at a botched fashion show of the latter's, where he mistakenly thinks Khushi as having been sent to A series of events lead Lavanya to realise that Arnav is in love with Khushi & she breaks off her engagement.

how did arnav meet khushi kapoor

Trying to ignore their feelings for one another, Arnav announces his engagement to Lavanya and Khushi's family gets her engaged to a paying guest living with them. It turns out that the paying guest is actually Shyam Jha, Arnav's brother-in-law, who is already married and has been lying to Khushi and her family. Khushi's sister, Payal, gets engaged to Arnav's cousin brother, Akash. They keep this from the Raizadas as they don't want Payal's wedding to stop.

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Shyam's true intentions are revealed as he repeatedly tries to kill his wife Anjali so he can be with Khushi. Khushi and Arnav keep challenging each other during the rituals of the marriage. The both of them slowly start realising their feelings for each other. Khushi has a terrible start to her married life: She is later forgiven at the Holi festival by the family and Arnav all but confesses his feelings under influence of bhang to an unconscious Khushi. He has also started feeling that she wasn't really involved with Shyam and there's more he doesn't know.

how did arnav meet khushi kapoor

Shyam is furious and arranges Arnav's abduction but Khushi rescues him. After coming home they reveal Shyam's true face but Anjali refuses to believe them.

Here's Why Arnav And Khushi's Love Story In Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Was Far From Ordinary!

Shyam is thrown out of the house but Anjali continues meeting him secretly. Arnav's paternal grandmother enters the scene.

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She is instantly disapproving of Khushi. Arnav is totally in love with Khushi and wants to take their relationship to the next level. The family discovers that no rituals were performed when Arnav and Khushi eloped and they refuse to recognise them as married.

how did arnav meet khushi kapoor

Khushi returns to her parents' home and their wedding preparations begin. It all started on a note of hatred. And with hate started their never ending bitter banters. From humiliating one another to irritating the hell out of each other, we all wondered how would they ever even fall in love!?

how did arnav meet khushi kapoor

Yea, the beaten-to-death cliched scene Aur phir ASR ko kuch kuch hona shuru huaaa And just when you thought things will start getting lovey dovey between them, Khushi entered his house much to his discomfort. And as you'd expect it, it was the beginning of the aankh-micholi subtle romance ; some more Remember when you saw the khadoos angry young man ASR smiling for the first time?

Yea, thanks to Khushi. And then they started growing close. Only to soon break each other's hearts. But circumstances tried to bring them near to each other once again but of, course while they brought their very-much-in-love siblings together.

And with the wedding preparations also began their much awaited romance! What followed after was months long of family's emotional and taunting drama And a few more months of nafrat, torturing, loathing, compromising and insulting each other. And hell broke lose when the truth unfolded. But before Khushi could prove her innocence, Arnav got kidnapped. And how did Khushi find that out?

how did arnav meet khushi kapoor