How did arnav and khushi meet the press

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how did arnav and khushi meet the press

What is the point of meeting the girl and saying No when I don't want to. Arnav was looking out for someone else and Khushi saw him looking here The most eligible bachelor, she had been reading in newspapers and. Posts about Arnav Khushi written by EnKay. There was much he had to do before he could meet her. Khushi sat fidgeting with her dupatta as she . Mami used the occasion to press to postpone the wedding as well. Nani stood her ground. What Shall I Name This Love? is an Indian soap opera currently aired on channel STAR Plus. Khushi and Arnav have diametrically opposite ideologies. girl from a rural village in Rajasthan and an BSD officer who are met at an encounter by BSD army. .. Contact Us · Register · News · Press Room · Advertising · Jobs.

This is the last in a four-part series set in the Secret Romance AU. This is the third in a four-part series set in the Secret Romance AU. This is the second in a four-part series set in the Secret Romance AU. Meanwhile, Khushi pines for her husband in India, fearing that he'll never believe the truth. Will they be able to work out the misunderstandings between them and start again?

This is the first in a four-part series set in an AU where Arnav and Khushi are in a relationship that they're hiding from everyone. It makes no attempt to stick to canon, but does endeavour to keep the characters as true to the serial as possible.

The story makes use of adult themes.

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It features some coarse language and deals with sexual situations but is not explicit. But as he transitions from ASR to Arnav, should he change his style? His suit says nay!

how did arnav and khushi meet the press

It's nothing about nothing, just read it for hopefully a bit of a laugh. Rated K for language and slight objectification of the male body: Rated T for themes Rated: So what happens when she shocks him by repaying her meager debt? ArShi, fake marriage, one-shot Rated: How would our favorite story play out if our leading lady and lead male switched roles?

Please, please, please leave your comments! Whatever it was, he had no right to shout on Khushi and accuse her like that… She was trying to make him understand but he was not in a state to listen to anything.

You know Arnav very well right. Your dad has sent you here for me to make you the best. Im sure we are going to rock it. You have a bright future in designing… I have seldom seen newcomers with talent as yours.

how did arnav and khushi meet the press

You are an asset to this organization. Make you do what? Are you happy with your puffed up face?

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Poor Mohan was shocked when Arnav told him where they are going. Asking him again in case he had heard wrong Mohan started the car… Half an hour drive amidst traffic and Arnav had reached to his in laws place… The whole house was decorated with lights and flowers… He could hear hustle bustle inside the house.

Taking quick steps to the stairs that lead to the terrace and opening the half open door, he saw her sitting there with her back to him on their wooden home swing …He noticed that she was looking at the stars…He had just started to take baby steps towards her when she turned back and saw him. Or am I imagining you…? Say No, please… 4 days and Ive missed you so much.

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I didnt know bhaiyya was just behind you…I promise. Devi maiyya ki kasam that I wont call you that in front of anyone. I was just teasing you. Di tells me that I need to search it in 30 seconds. Some rasam I guess.

how did arnav and khushi meet the press

Maybe she was just missing being around him. It was her first job and he had helped her a lot in what she was today. Khushi realized Arnav was just looking at her all the while she talked. Just work load has gone up. And Khushi introduced them to Anjali and Arnav. Arnav asked as he spotted Khushi alone Khushi was kind of amused at his question.

So promise me that you wont laugh nor get angry. You are making me scared now. Why would I laugh or get angry. She said touching his forehead to check his temperature. I mean who asks something like that…? Is there even something like real and non-real siblings.? So you mean to say all those months you assumed that bhaiyya is my boyfriend… Sorry devi maiyya.

But today I had to tell you why I kept away my feelings from you all that time when I was driven to you from the first time I saw you. I almost thought that I lost you and maintained a distance from you but only after knowing about Rohan the hope arose about you and me together.

how did arnav and khushi meet the press