How about if we meet tomorrow

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how about if we meet tomorrow

Atul: Yes, I will be travelling tomorrow. Anup asked Atul (a) ______. Atul replied ( b) ______. Anup asked if he was going to be busy. Atul said that he was as (c). We will be available for the meeting tomorrow? Is this grammatically If we hold the meeting on Wednesday, would you be available to come? (The then of the. I have a friend who can't meet up for about years. because we live in another country each other. In this situation, which one is better?.

Это лишь означает, - сказала она, пожимая плечами, - что сегодня мы не взломали ни одного шифра.

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ТРАНСТЕКСТ устроил себе перерыв. - Перерыв?

how about if we meet tomorrow

- Бринкерхофф не был в этом уверен.