Different lands in homestuck how did they meet

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different lands in homestuck how did they meet

They escape into the alternate reality of the game world, meet a group of In the loosest definition, Homestuck is a webcomic because it is a series There is no static update schedule other than generally "breakneck;" some. What you learn and what I tell you is more up to you than it is to me. and getting to explore this mysterious place, and meeting people and solving puzzles that will lead to the realization of LIKE A LAND OF SOMETHING AND SOMETHING. Jane enters Locah, the Land of Crypts and Helium, where floating seedpods water the . Aranea and Meenah died at the same time, but different ghosts have .. the meteor, but he promises to join her if they meet up again when he is awake.

A character select screen is displayed for the victory platform, with eight conversations to choose between. John and Dave briefly rag on Vriska, and then Karkat talks to John about how nice it is to finally meet him. This quickly turns into an awkward revisiting of his old black crush on John, which Dave insists they talk through.

This then transitions into John talking about how not homosexual he is, which Dave responds to by encouraging John to question the social messages they absorbed in their childhood about sexuality and romance.

Karkat is irritated by the conversation, and has taken to hanging off the victory platform by his legs, while yelling a soliloquy about how unpleasant the conversation is to hear. They change the subject after that, and Dave begins talking about troll romance quadrants in general. Karkat finally comes back up to the platform when John expresses irritation with Terezi, which Karkat insists is a "textbook caliginous crush" from the way John describes it. Dave and Karkat offer to talk to John more about the topic when he's ready, as he seems pretty jarred by it right now, and they go back to casual reminiscing.

John and Dave talk about Roxy, with Dave believing John to have romantic interest in her and in the end remarking that he views Roxy as a mother, and it's nice to have her around. Roxy and Rose are excited to finally meet each other, and they have a long conversation with Kanaya joining in several times as well.

When Roxy hears Rose talking, she compares Rose to Dirk, going so far as to describe Rose as a "girl version of Dirk". They delight over that a bit, then begin to discuss Dirk, and Rose then moves on to asking Roxy questions about her.

She first asks Roxy if she likes wizards, to which Roxy says yes. Rose feels like this helps her understand both of them, explaining how she was too young to understand her mom. Roxy also reflects on how she never knew her mom "in person" and how lonely she was, and tells Rose about her own mom, including her highly successful wizard stories which Rose and Kanaya seem interested in. Roxy also brings up her own wizard storieswhich both Rose and Kanaya want to read.

Roxy reminisces about the trolls she is meeting and Fefetaspriteand Rose who is from the post-retcon reality reveals how her timeline's Roxy died. They reflect on their sadness after losing each other in their own realities. Roxy says that she had a funeral for Rose, which Rose says "is so "mom" of her". Rose further compares her mom and Roxy, which leads to a discussion of both of their drinking habits; they both turn out to have the same motives for drinking and for sobering up.

They reflect on how they both relied on friends to help them through such ordeals, and the three share an emotional moment which is interrupted when Dave interjects. Jake tries to initiate a fake conversation with Tavrosprite to appear less awkward in front of the others.

Tavrosprite - who has secretly visited Jake on LOMAX in the past, defying Vriska's orders warning him against interfering with the timeline - inquires into Jake's motives, and Jake answers by saying that his damaged relationships with his friends have made him nervous about engaging in social activity.

Tavrosprite tries to help him by getting him to say hi to Roxy, then bringing up his own self-esteem issues and how having a figure like Rufioh to look up to helped him gain confidence. Jake says that brain ghost Dirk should serve that kind of role in his life, but his appearances in Jake's life have failed to actually make Jake more comfortable.

Tavrosprite gives Jake several compliments, then says that Jake can win back his friends if he uses the confidence compliments give him to improve himself and become a better hero.

Vriska suddenly interrupts the conversation to inform "Jape," as she mistakenly calls him, that he and Tavros will never amount to anything. She continues by writing off all Pages as useless individuals who can best benefit their sessions by quietly staying out of the way of the other players. Tavrosprite tries to object by bringing up the class's high amount of potential, but Vriska dismisses it as merely a cruel joke, providing false hope to a player whose personality prevents them from ever unlocking that full potential.

Jape's Jake's confidence is once again shattered, and Tavrosprite is prevented from hugging him after Vriska implies that doing so would result in Tavrosprite accidentally prototyping Jake. Terezi asks Vriska if they should get back to their strategy meeting soon, and Vriska says they will, but that this feel-good moment is beneficial for the sake of everyone's morale.

They reminisce on their past, and the sequence of events that brought them to where they are in this timeline, with Vriska saying she couldn't ask for a 8etter morail, and Terezi reciprocating. She's grateful, because she correctly speculates she probably would've gotten sucked into it without Vriska around. She says she'll miss Vriska, who insists she has to leave soon, and Terezi then expresses concern she won't be any good in the coming battle, that she feels pressured to be the absolute best version of Terezi in paradox space, and that she can't live up to it.

Vriska reassures her, and when Terezi asks when she'll see her again, she promises to make the wait as short as possible, and drop by Earth eventually. They soon hear Tavrosprite reassuring Jakeand Vriska yells at them. Dave starts Roxy off on a "lightning round" of questions, full of copious Freudian slips, which he owns up to and seems at peace with later in the conversation.

Afterwards, Roxy fires back at Dave with her own lightning round of questions. Dave puts an end to the questions as they fizzle out, and this is when she waves to Jake. A few times in the conversation, Dave expresses discomfort with Dirk as well as Dave's actual Bro being brought up.

Rose mostly interjects as an "officiator". They exchange psychoanalysis-related babble, which is interrupted by Vriska, as she advises Rose to kill Cetus. She is interrupted in turn by the newly prototyped Rosesprite, Jaspersprite having taken it upon himself to prototype pre-retcon Rose's corpse from LOWAS into Roxy's empty kernel.

Vriska is enraged by this waste of a kernel, and she yells at Roxy not to hug Rosesprite. After briefly pondering what it means, Rose breaks down laughing as she reflects on how utterly meaningless the development is.

She sasses Vriska, and they talk mainly about relationships, particularly their opposing views of privacy in a relationship. This transitions into discussion of the fascinating sociological structure of human families. Just as they start talking about Kanaya's duty to raise a new mother grub, Karkat abruptly joins the conversation, criticizing her leadership choices and throwing an almost excessive number of weak burns her way.

She leaves at this point, and Kanaya mentions that Vriska is a romantic dead-end, both because of who she is and because she just told Kanaya she isn't interested in flushed or caliginous relationships right now. Karkat and Kanaya make plans to talk in-depth about quadrants sometime, possibly with WV in tow. Dave leaves the Lalondes to their own devices, and goes to talk to Vriska and Arquiusprite.

Dave starts to talk to Arquiusprite, asking him just to what extent he could technically be considered Dave's DBro. Arquiusprite essentially tells Dave that talking to him is something the real Dirk should do, despite Dave saying he feels more comfortable talking to a watered down version of Dirk, and that he would have some sort of social conniption if he had to talk to real Dirk right now.

Vriska reassures him that Dirk won't arrive until their enemies do, and Dave changes the subject to once more the contents of the fridge. Dave asks if it might be okay to let him out, and Vriska declines thoroughly, stating her plan to simply drop the fridge in the middle of the ocean with him inside when Earth is resituated.

Dave shrugs this off, and once more begins his one man Freudian avalanche, asking if "johns hot mom" is awake yet. As Dave stumbles over his words trying to save face, Vriska leaves the conversation, Terezi teases him about it, and soon Rose and Roxy chime in, with such gems as "janey is a straightup sexual fox riding a red hot nuclear bombshell".

John begins talking to Jake, mostly about their favorite movies and the differences in their respective universes and childhoods. The topic of Jane's Dad comes up, and John becomes eager to meet him, especially since Jake's description of him makes John think he was a completely different kind of dad from the one [he] had.

John resolves to check in on him soon, and to take Jane along with him. John remarks that Jake seems far less shy now, and Jake talks about his difficulties socializing in large groups, reminiscing on his false bravado in his initial letter to John all those years ago. John reassures him, saying that he's going through some changes, which can be difficult but also good.

John also compares Jake's outfit to a superhero's, or that of "maybe a plucky side kick, at LEAST", and goes on to scoff about bat man while praising his sidekick, which lifts Jake's mood even more.

John stops as he overhears Karkat whispering to WV, who apparently has plans to build a Can Town to scale on Earth, until Karkat notices him eavesdropping and gets mad at him.

Then, Tavrosprite starts sneezing excessively, due to his allergies and the proximity of Jaspersprite, whom John suddenly notices along with Rosesprite. Vriska, banging the Warhammer of Zillyhoo on the fridge like a judge's gavel, calls the tactical meeting back in order. Vriska stands atop the fridge as everyone gathers around, and she begins debriefing our heroes on the situation.

The Condesce has regrouped on Derse, preparing for the incoming Jacks just like the kids are, mainly because the Derse raid caught her off guard and robbed her of two key players.

different lands in homestuck how did they meet

Kanaya remarks that the situation sounds complicated, and Vriska tells Karkat to make diagrams for the remainder of the conversation, to which he begrudgingly obliges. Vriska first describes how the Condesce is extremely dangerous, with a wide range of troll abilities, and needs to be taken down or at least heavily preoccupied immediately.

Lord Jack she poses as less of a threat, due to lack of first guardian powers, but still lethally dangerous within his range of attack. Spades Slick she considers the least threat, with unknown alignment, so she suggests assigning low-level fighters to take care of him.

She emphasizes as key points of the battle that Jane, being a key revival player, should be kept out of the battle and given quick access to the breadth of the session. This, along with needing to keep the battles separate from each other, leads to the necessity of setting up a network of portals, which Rosesprite offers to take care of.

Vriska then gets ready to assign specific combat roles. Having told everyone about each of the villains who are approaching, Vriska allows everyone to choose who is fighting who: John, Rose, and Roxy choose to take on the Condesce. Vriska explains that Bec Noir is not an immediate 8attle priority because of PM attacking him, and thus she reserves Jade for the fight in case she wakes up. Dave volunteers to fight Lord Jack, in the hopes that it will put to rest his prophecy of defeating L rd English.

Terezi offers too, on merit of her battle skills. She also volunteers Dirk, much to Dave's obvious discomfort, and Vriska points out he'd probably seek out Dave regardless.

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Vriska assigns Jake to take on Spades Slick. Tavrosprite wants to join as well, and Vriska tells him that he can, but not before he performs some particular task which is yet unknown; Vriska says that she will talk with Tavrosprite about it in private. Jaspersprite doesn't want to do anything in particular that is important, saying that he just wants to eat some tuna fish and cuddle with either rose or roxy or both.

Karkat wonders what exactly he is going to do, and Vriska assigns him the task of assisting Kanaya with her mission.

different lands in homestuck how did they meet

Vriska concludes the tactical planning, urges them all to properly thank John later, and moves into basic Sburb endgame responsibilities. Players tend to alchemize a bunch of useless shit as well. The seven gates above John's house. The purpose of building up is to allow the client player to reach the gates above their housewhich are portals that will take them to other locations in the Medium.

The First Gate will take them away from their house, to some location on their planet. There they must find the second gate, which will take them to the second gate above their server player's house. Ideally, their server player will have already had their house built up to their second gate by this point, so the player doesn't fall to their death if they cannot fly. The player then builds up their server's house to get to the third gate above it, which takes them to a random location on their server's planet.

There they look for the fourth gate, which takes them to the next player's house, and so on. If every player in a session does this at similar times, each will progress to a house that's built up to the current gate they enter through. Over the course of this progression, the player can explore their land, meet the consorts living there, and learn about their mythos.

They may also find out their own personal quest, which generally has to do with fixing a wrong committed by that planet's denizen: John must unclog the oil in the pipes on his planet and clear the overcast sky, releasing the fireflies his denizen trapped there; Rose must restore underwater life to her planet after her denizen had eaten every living thing, etc. Their denizen will be awoken at some point over the course of this quest. Once a player reaches the seventh gate above their own house, it will lead them to their denizen's palace.

The point of progressing gate-by-gate is to steadily gain the powers and abilities necessary to be able to fight and defeat the denizen, which guards a huge hoard of grist. This grist is meant to be used for the Ultimate Alchemyand complete the game's true purpose.

Over the course of the game, players gain levels on their echeladder by defeating enemies, and may ascend to god tier by dying on their Quest Bed or Sacrificial Slab.

different lands in homestuck how did they meet

While the players carry out their quests, a battle takes place on the Battlefield within Skaia between the forces of light and dark. Inevitably, dark ultimately wins, and the Black Kingusing the defeated White King's scepter, then initializes the Reckoning - a hour event that results in a rain of meteors upon Skaia. Although Skaia tries to defend itself by redirecting meteors through defense portals, it will eventually be destroyed if the Reckoning is not stopped.

These are the same meteors that initially barrage the players' home planet and urge them to enter the game. It becomes the job of the players, then, to fight and defeat the Black King before the 24 hours are up.

This is the generic template of a game, however. The player's actions determine whether or not they will complete any or all of their quests, and they may choose to deviate from the rules entirely. Certain players also have specific tasks in the game. One player must perform ectobiologycreating paradox clones of the players and their guardians, paradoxically ensuring their birth. These paradox clones are sent back to the home planet on some of the meteors from the Reckoning.

Other players, usually a Hero of Space and a Knightmust breed frogs, ultimately creating the Genesis Frogwhich is essentially a new universe. Personal Quest Edit As the players explore their planets and learn of their lore, they learn of their personal planetary quest: Each quest is unique to the player and their planet.

Your quest is really important for you to do. Not really because thats how to get the prize. But because its what you need to do for yourself! Typheus is implied to be responsible for this. To clear them, John had to travel to his denizen's palace, which resembles a large pipe organ, and play a special song on the organ within.

However, John's quest had two stages. Before he could use the pipe organ, he first had to clear the oil that had covered his planet and clogged all the pipes. To do that, he had to face his denizen, and presumably ask him to clear the oil. It is unknown how the issue of the oil would have resolved itself had he requested this from his denizen: To restore life in the oceans, Rose must "play the rain," meaning that she must play a song whose notes form the musical analogue to a genetic code that will make life possible again.

Involved is the comparison between light waves, waves caused by falling rain, and sound waves: Rose must somehow play the music formed by these. Out of all the kids, Rose is the one who has done the least progress on her planet quest. She seems to be disinterested in it entirely, and has instead spent a large amount of time navigating her planet, attempting to find ways to break the game. After arriving in the new session three years after the scratch, she began to wonder if she should still do her quest at all, as it was designed for a thirteen year old girl who has since matured, or if she was ever really meant to complete it in the first place.

Dave's Quest Edit Dave's quest is the most vaguely-described of all the beta kids' quests. It has something to do with Dave's pulling Caledfwlch out of the golden stone on his planet, LOHACand having to break it in the process.

Thus, integral to the completion of Dave's quest was bringing the Forge into the session, and Jade convincing Echidna to light the Forge, creating some sort of truce between Echidna and Hephaestus. However, Hephaestus could not do this in Davesprite's timeline, as Jade died before entering, hence his frustration.

Davesprite brought the broken Caledfwlch to Hephaestus, who gave him The Choice: Although Davesprite knows much about Dave's personal quest, he decides not to explain anything, as he and alpha Dave would find that boring. What the true purpose of this quest is remains uncertain: Although this was never explicitly phrased to be her quest, Jade had to meet Echidna, and somehow convince her to stoke the forge, which melted all the snow and brought its forests to life again.

None of these events were ever shown in-comic, only discussed, so the exact mechanics of how a forge is stoked are unclear. What little is known about their quests is largely encompassed by the fact that their session is entirely inert, save from divine intervention from the arrival of the four pre-scratch kids, forcing the post-scratch kids, and by extension, the entire session, to lay in wait.

All four of their lands are themes around death and noble gases, with emphasis on how stagnant and inert the nature of the session is. All the consorts are dead and all the enemies are skeletal undead monsters, and seemingly only appear after the arrival of all four players.

None of the pre-scratch kids would make much headway in their personal quests, aside from Jane and Roxy in various measures. On Jane's planet, the Land of Crypts and Helium, the aspect of infertility and the awaited arrival of life are constantly referred to, with lush flora growing just visibly out of reach under the planet's surface, occasionally breaking through the soil.

Jane would partially accomplish this through the augmented abilities she gain by unlocking Trickster Mode. Half of her planet would be suddenly covered in lush, tangled plant-life. This overgrowth would show visible signs of decay later on, possibly indicating that Jane's suddenly power-up was not intended as part of Jane's quest.

Nix would simply provide the Choice of remaining where she is and facing oblivion in a soon to be doomed timeline, or going to LOWAS and joining John in the new timeline, at the cost of her friends facing the similar loss to the one she has already faced. The result of Roxy's would seemingly manifest with the death of her alternate, post-retcon self. Nothing else is revealed about Roxy's quest. Even though sloppy is fineit might be a bit of a good idea to arrange this particular page because, to be quite frank, as it is right now, it is just absolute garbage.

Sburb has no description or instructions regarding its true objective, instead revealing information to its players through cryptic explanations from their sprites.

different lands in homestuck how did they meet

This is an integral part of the game and is refered to as the Ultimate Riddle, first mentioned by Nannasprite. It seems closely related to Time shenanigansWeird plot shitparadox clonesand the immutability of fate. According to Karkat, the gist of the Riddle is that: The clues to the Riddle are found in the game world in the form of strange poems that players discover during their various quests.

Karkat mentioned that these poems are also necessary to solve Weird puzzle shit. Karkat also mentions the Riddle in relation to his backwards trolling of John and the Time shenanigans that result in this chatlogwhen John contacts Karkat, who realizes that his own future actions will trigger John's desire to contact him, causing their present conversation.

As John and Rose begin to meddle with the game, John discovers a Meteor barreling toward his house, apparently triggered by the creation of the Kernelsprite. The sobering reality hits Rose as she discovers that Sburb is a game that destroys the world. It's able to do this by sending meteors down to Earth through portals around Skaia. Only those that enter The Medium survive. The game Sburb is being played by many people, each one of them unknowingly the target of their own meteor, each one of them being oblivious to previous players' experience, each one of them being annihilated individually yet collectively, every one of them victim of destruction on a massive yet undetermined scale, leveling entire cities and towns.

Through exposition from their sprites, the players learn the objective of the game.

The Seven Gates

The player must build using Build Grist to pass through the gates to get to Skaiawhere, ultimately, a battle of good and evil is being waged, and the players have opened up what was a supposed eternal stalemate now into an all out war that evil always wins.

When the villains win, the Black King calls down meteors to destroy Skaiawhich protects itself by teleporting them to the host planet, destroying it in the process. The players must stop the meteors before the defense portals fail and Skaia is destroyed. The game comes in multiple phases: The trolls ' session offers a brief glimpse of the end of a Sburb session or, in their case, a Sgrub session: However, they are interrupted by Jack Noir before claiming it. This reward was stated to be entry to a new universe which they had created - the Kids' universe - where they would have ruled as gods.