The required bit for the tapcon screw is slightly smaller than the designated diameter of the tapcon. I DID drill the holes, after finding a reasonably priced item that is better than the hole drillers I already had. After destroying the few holes I managed to make, I cleaned them out and poked wads of putty into the holes, followed by the bolts. Available in carbon steel that is zinc plated and in stainless steel with 4 different head styles, acorn, hex, round or flat. Before anybody gets into trying to make an issue about “cheaper”, of course it is.

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I use SDS to chuck adapters for work hilfi this — and they work like a charm for small holes like the Tapcons. Yes I used the right bit.

How do I determine the size of bit needed for my Tapcon® screw?

After about rebar pins I had a smile after taapcon drills. I don’t think anybody uses screws here even special ones directly in concrete.

I’m coming into this thread late, but I have an old house with an old basement floor that has concrete which was composed of aggregate small hard quartz and granite pebbles integated into it.

If it’s not floating, it’s tapcoon impacting. They can also be used to install strut channels, cable trays, suspended ceiling grids, bridle rings and eye-rods.


Powers Zamac Hammer-Screw Specifications. As a point of comparison, I have three hammer drills. He asked me what color the dust was, which was black, gray, yellow, and red But two and a half days?

Hilti Anchor | Concrete Fasteners

There are two dimensions that need to be determined: Out fairly new house 60 years old has been a pain to drill into until I borrowed a Hilti. Most hobbyists and enough “professionals” don’t understand how to use a hammer drill. I laid off, and just let it “work” They give some with the hammer blow and kind of spring back. The hole can be drilled while the fixture is in place.

Hilty | Concrete Fasteners

You probably have your mind made up already, but try one and you will be amazed at the difference. Came back 6 years later.

Mixes are designed with a specified percentage of “fractured faces”, crushed stone. Since the original problem has been solved, this may be minutiae. Hammer drills are okay for the easy stuff but a true rotary hammer where only the bit reciprocates, not the bit and chuck, are tapcln more effective.

Powers Steel Dropin Submittal Form. I DID manage jilti get one hole in so far, after about 30 min of “riding the drill” Nut and washer are included. I won’t say it was easy, but it went through, and didn’t seem to damage anything but concrete. The hole was at least 6mm longer than the tapcon needed.


If you really need a hole, switch to a hammer and star drill when you hit a rock, crack it, then go back to the masonry drill.

HCA Coil Anchor — utilizes coil threads for a stud anchor that is easily removed and is reusable. That is due to the differences in the depth of the hole in the base material, which is determined for each length and specific application of tapcon used in order to meet minimum embedment depths. Just my two cents worth. The diameter of the bit chosen is determined by the diameter of the tapcon being installed. These rocks don’t wear the bit as much as granite but they are harder and slower to drill.

Hilti Anchor

I was being somewhat facetious I used a Rigid brand drill. What’s a screw in anchor? Sorry for focus, the camera did not want to focus on the tip, I had to use the shop towel piece to convince it to even get close.