Combined with the f2. The lens is a variable-aperture design, switching between apertures of f2. Users have no longer to wait for the photo-processing lab. Although the body is constructed entirely of molded plastic, the “feel” of the camera is very substantial, thanks in part to the weight of the rear-panel plastic housing. We can well understand that not everyone feels this way, and believe that the C20 will appeal to a wide audience with its easy-to-navigate user interface.

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HP PhotoSmart C20 1.0 MP Digital Camera – Silver

A final review-mode menu option activates the “slide show” function that cycles through all the images in the camera, displaying each digitap a fixed amount of time. I’ve tried using other brands and higher pixels for my business pictures and nothing compare to the clarity and detail of the plaster in the photos taken with this HP camera.

Meaning that in most cases, you can just hit “print”, and you’ll get prints looking no worse than typical drugstore photofinishing. While you’re camers images, pressing the “Menu” button brings up the menu system with the default selection set to “Erase? You can also set the date and time, and format a new memory card if desired. We mentioned the ergonomic, curved housing of the camera in the overview: You may also like.

Other reviews on this site address the PhotoSmart scanner, and the system seen as a whole, including the PhotoSmart printer.

Like every other digital camera we’ve tested, the C20 is clearly a right-handed device. In many ways, this is the best of both worlds, in that you needn’t worry about losing a low-light shot due to an autofocus failure, as long as the subject is further away than the 80cm minimum fixed focus distance.

What we missed in our reading of the manual and had to be politely pointed out to us by the HP tech support staff is that the C20 is by default a fixed-focus camera, but one that has an digitla option.


I like to know that I have the backup and plan on staying in business for a long time to come.

All this really means is that the exposure-adjustment control works just as you’d expect it to, regardless of whether you’re using flash or not. The program will display thumbnails of all the images, allowing you to select the ones you’re interested in.

Inveterate knob-tweakers pcakard find relatively few things to adjust on the C Although the body is constructed entirely of molded plastic, the “feel” of the camera is very substantial, thanks in part to the weight of the rear-panel plastic housing.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. While the PhotoSmart software was no speed demon in downloading image files to the PC, it is highly automated, so image offloads aren’t too painful, even if they do take a while.

Digital Cameras – HP PhotoSmart C20 Digital Camera Review, Information, and Specifications

The intent here is to make sure you don’t lose a shot by leaving the flash set in an odd exposure mode. In very dim light, using the maximum 2 second exposure time, a few bad CCD cells show up as bright “twinkles” in the image, but far fewer of them than we’re accustomed to seeing in the few other cameras capable of this sort of extended time-exposure. In autofocus mode, this delay stretches to upwards of two seconds.

The output voltage of NiMH and NiCd rechargeable cells is a bit lower than that of alkaline batteries. One, two, or three green diamond icons appear along the bottom of the display, indicating the quality mode the image was captured in.

We were very pleasantly surprised then, by the quality of the images the C20 produced. The exposure adjustment isn’t interactive at all though, despite the fact that it shows a portion of the last viewfinder scene on the LCD panel while you’re making the adjustment.


HP Photosmart c20 Basic Manual

But we’re going to introduce them here anyway ;- They’ve long been associated with imaging of one sort or another, through their broad line of printers and scanners.

The Photofinishing software assembles the pages as a single large file for each page.

The battery-condition indicator in the C20 appears to be calibrated for alkaline cells, and so will incorrectly display the “half empty” or is that “half full? We did notice one quirk with NiMH batteries in the C20 though: This means that, while the camera will behave like an ISO device in extremely low-light conditions, in moderate illumination, it operates at the ISO rating its specifications indicate. Unless you happen to have a PC-card reader on your Mac, in which case lackard can pull images directly off hew,ett CF card very quickly.


Other characteristics of the LCD screen on the C20 are about middle-of-the-road: I truly believe my eBay business would not have succeeded without this camera that was only available on the best garage sale in the world, eBay. The C20’s dlgital system is an “active” autofocus design, deriving its focus information by analyzing contrast differences within the scene as the lens focus is adjusted. Face it, while computers are wonderful, and email nearly universal, when it comes right down to it, most people interact with images as pictures printed on physical pieces of paper.

Recently, they’ve entered the digital photography market, although with hewleth slightly different focus than many manufacturers: