Metroplex challenge gymnastics meet 2014

#2 OU and #3 LSU Rematch LIVE at Metroplex Challenge

metroplex challenge gymnastics meet 2014

& 10 STATE CHAMPIONS. LEVEL 10 LARGE TEAM STATE CHAMPIONS. , , & Contact The Metroplex Girls Team. Feb 16, Metroplex Challenge Arena Gym. Feb 14, - Feb 16, ; Fort Worth, TX; Interactive Results ›. Meet Complete. Feb 21, This past weekend, upper-level ASI Gymnasts competed at the Metroplex Challenge meet at the Fort Worth Convention Center. Coach.

Now, the Sooners have a shot at redemption as the teams face off once again this Saturday at the Metroplex Challenge.

Metroplex Challenge -

OU let the team title slip away on Sunday when they had to count a fall on beam, historically their best event. Kindler will ensure this mistake is not repeated in Fort Worth. They have even more talent on their roster this year with a balanced team across each event.

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But recently, she and her staff have put a focus on finding powerful vaulters and tumblers. On paper, Oklahoma has the edge over LSU, but only by the smallest of margins.

Metroplex Challenge 2015

After last weekend, only four one-thousandths of a point separate OU and LSU in the latest national rankings based on season averages.

Expect the team race to come down to the final routine!

#2 OU and #3 LSU Rematch LIVE at Metroplex Challenge

But first, the Sooners and Tigers will also have to get past the other two squads. The powerhouse top 5 teams will be joined by 17 Arizona.

metroplex challenge gymnastics meet 2014

And don't let the ranking fool you - the Wildcats are more than capable of pulling off an upset. They've knocked on the door of twice this year and boast a season high of However, the team has been very inconsistent. A miserable mid last week at Utah caused them to plummet four spots in the National Rankings. Arizona needs to get their beam lineup back in check and this Saturday will be a huge test.

metroplex challenge gymnastics meet 2014

Their best event is floor where they rank 10th nationally. Former level 10 National Champion Allison Flores has really stepped up for the Wildcats this year and ranks 13th nationally in the all around. Finally, the University of Kentucky travels to Fort Worth with momentum.

The SEC's Wildcats are looking to build off a season-high score last weekend at home. For the first time this year, Kentucky scored a They will be looking for a strong team total at Metroplex to climb their way back into the Top 25 rankings.

metroplex challenge gymnastics meet 2014

With our multi-stream technology, viewers will be able to watch every single routine live. It doesn't get much better than that.

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In fact, many gymnasts would even argue the mental preparation is more difficult than physical training, since it can be more difficult to control.

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A gymnast may be able to perfectly execute her routines in practice, but if she is not mentally ready to face the crowd, judges and her own nerves, she will not perform to the best of her ability. Read More What's The Difference: The Tkatchev Family Dec 13, Brette Warshaw You know those skills where the gymnast swings around the high bar, lets go of it, flies impossibly high in the air with her legs perfectly positioned and her toes perfectly pointed and then catches it on the other side?

metroplex challenge gymnastics meet 2014

Those are the Tkatchev skills, a family of skills done on the uneven bars with a seemingly exponential number of names and nuances. Now that the NCAA Championships will only include eight teams instead of 12, some teams that are used to contending and advancing to NCAAs will end up sending only individual gymnasts to the national postseason.