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i love gymnastics meet

pugliablog.info Equipment: AAI Uneven Bars with Graphite E bar rails • Speith Anderson Crank Beams. Favorite gymnastics apparatus: Trampoline Favorite gymnast/athlete: Simone Biles What do you like most about your work with the WHGF? I enjoy the events. Parents and athletes create their AGymnast profile linking competition videos, listing a knack for designing in Photoshop and you love the sport of gymnastics .

Following close behind was teammate, Karen Sasakura of Mt. Kisco who won 2nd place all-around with a She also took home a 2nd place medal for Vault with a 9.


Marni Chernis also from Mt. Kisco helped the team with a great routine on Beam where she took 2nd place with a 9. In the Level 4, Age group, Lily Feldman of Armonk made her mark also taking home the 1st place all-around trophy with a She also took home 3, 2nd place medals for Bars, Beam, and Floor with scores of 8.

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Pleasantville native, Sara Wilson secured the 2nd place all-around trophy with a score of Kayla Tatarian of Yonkers achieved on Bars earning the first place medal with an 8.

In the Level 4, Age 8 Competition, Mackenzie Adair of Pleasantville took home a first place medal with an outstanding score of 9. She won the all-around trophy with a score of Her best performance was on Beam where she earned a 9. She also took home first place medals for Vault with a 9.

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Her teammate, Brooke Giardina from Waccabuc was the 3rd place all-around winner with a score of They need to brush it off and focus on the next event. The girls will have a great time!!!

Remember to have your gymnast at the gym this Sunday at 9: Below is an explanation of each field that requires extra explanation. The date that we must register as a gym for each meet. The amount charged as entry per gymnast. Different levels charge different meet fees.

The number in this column is the average of all entries to the meet.

i love gymnastics meet

We charge everyone the same amount regardless of level. Some meets will charge a team fee per level. This covers any awards given out for teams. Some meets just build the cost of banner or trophies into the meet budget. Team fees are only charged if that level has the minimum amount of gymnasts per level to warrant a team score.

Meet fees will be incorporated into the cost of the meet for all gymnasts regardless if their level has enough to qualify for a team score. This is the sum of the Meet Fee and Team Fee. This will be charged on the 25th prior to the month of the meet. The World Class Invite is in December. The meet fee will be charge on November 25th. I wonder if that will be true forever? I hope they have good equipment. Did I do my math homework? Oh no, Perfect Gym is here. Why do they put the beams right in front of the parents?

Wonder what the goodie bag is?

i love gymnastics meet

I cannot wait to pick out a new leo! My good luck teddy bear. I hope I remember my routine. Coach… Am I late? The parents will kill me if I am. Please let there be coffee… Where are my gymnasts? Will I have a chance to talk to parents, eat lunch and use the bathroom in the 5 minutes between sessions?

I wonder if they remembered their grips? The red headed judge again? Do the parents even read the team handbook rule about no candy in the snack bags? Please let the ipod work… Seriously? Am I the only one who adjusts the bars?

A little help please.


Did I ask my roommate to feed the dog? Anyone know what the Seahawks score is? Maybe I should reconsider my career choice… Why must they all bring so many teddy bears?