Flying high gymnastics meet 2013

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flying high gymnastics meet 2013

Flying High Gymnastics finds huge value in Jackrabbit's online processes. . Jackrabbit's Flexibility Allows Users to Get Creative with Features to Meet Special . Findlay Creek gymnast flying high. News Jun 13, by Michelle Nash Baker Nepean Barrhaven News. Findlay Creek gymnast flying high– Image 1. With one . The official Women's Gymnastics Roster for the University of Illinois at Broad, All-Around, Sr. Chicago, Ill. Mother McAuley, Flying High Gymnastics.

Fortunately, unlike some television stations, Eurosport believes in the value of having an expert on the commentary team. Hence my fellow commentator Dave Crossan and I were joined by Ioannis Melissanidis, the gold medallist on the floor.

flying high gymnastics meet 2013

That meant that David and I could anchor the presentation while Ioannis could bring an expert eye and talk us through the technicalities. It was a happy combination which leant colour and depth to some thrilling gymnastics. In no particular order here are my moments from the gymnastics.

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Feel free to add yours: He who starts with a very difficult routine is reaching for the highest prize in the knowledge that one error could end it all. In the case of Epke Zonderland an error could also have meant serious injury.

But the Flying Dutchman produced a hair-raising routine on the high bar, with a breath-taking series of combinations that had the crowd at the North Grenwich Arena gasping in awe and fear.

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And he was perfect. No mistakes and a deserved gold medal.

flying high gymnastics meet 2013

Now 27, she had won the World Championship twice but never had an Olympic medal. Indeed, no British woman had ever achieved a podium finish. She qualified first in the bars and the NGA went dilly when she set off again on a high octane performance in the final. Like Zonderland she produced a heart-stopping performance right up until her dismount.

flying high gymnastics meet 2013

A couple of steps and the gold had gone to the Russian Aliya Mustafine. But Tweddle did collect the bronze and the smile on her face at the medal ceremony showed just how much it meant to her.

When the Olympics came around, we would all admire the grace and skill and beauty of Olga Korbut, Nadia Comineci and co I am afraid I never really took much notice of the men but there were no Brits to look out for. With the British men — European champions in May — also winning bronze in the team event, the women reaching the final and Tweddle taking her bronze, it was an exceptional Games for the Brits. Aliya Mustafina was on top of the world a couple of years ago but suffered a nasty anterior cruciate ligament injury a year ago.

A place in London looked highly unlikely.

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But she fixed her knee and came back with wonderful composure. After helping Russia to the team silver behind the USA, she then took bronze in the individuall all-round and on the floor as well as a gold on the uneven bars. The other comeback came from Catalina Ponor, the three-time gold medallist from Athens eight years ago.

After quitting the sport inshe found she missed it so much that she had to return. The elegant, beautiful year-old showed that, in spite of not winning a gold this time, the star quality never fades.

flying high gymnastics meet 2013

The ball can be of any colour and should rest in the gymnast's hand, not the wrist. Fundamental elements of a ball routine include throwing, bouncing, and rolling. The gymnast must use both hands and work on the whole floor area while showing continuous flowing movement.

The ball is to emphasize the gymnast's flowing lines and body difficulty.

Amanda Gruber 2019, Flying High - L10 Floor 2018 Nationals

Hoop A hoop is an apparatus in rhythmic gymnastics and may be made of plastic or wood, provided that it retains its shape during the routine. The hoop may be of a natural colour or be partially of fully covered by one or several colours, and it may be covered with adhesive tape either of the same or different colour as the hoop.

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Fundamental requirements of a hoop routine include rotation around the hand or body and rolling, as well as swings, circles, throws, and passes through and over the hoop. The routines in hoop involves mastery in both apparatus handling and body difficulty like leaps, jumps and pivots. Ribbon The ribbon is made of satin or another similar material cloth of any colour and may be multi-coloured as well as have designs on it. The ribbon must be in one piece. The end that is attached to the stick is doubled for a maximum length of 1m 3'.

This is stitched down both sides. This extremity may end in a strap, or have an eyelet a small hole, edged with buttonhole stitch or a metal circleto permit attaching the ribbon. The ribbon is fixed to the stick by means of a supple attachment such as thread, nylon cord, or a series of articulated rings.

Compulsory elements for the ribbon include flicks, circles, snakes and spirals, and throws. It requires a high degree of co-ordination to form the spirals and circles as any knots which may accidentally form in the ribbon are penalised. During a ribbon routine, large, smooth and flowing movements are looked for.