Dusted out my d-link wpa capable AP to see if I could get this to work. I told him I enjoyed every second of it. Upgraded the firmware to the latest version Had put it away as it had HUGE stability issues that are apparently fixed in the latest firmware Got it all setup. It also has trouble connecting to WPA enterprise networks. The patches themselves can be downloaded from http:

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Index of /pub/gentoo-portage/sys-firmware/b43-firmware/

Be aware that some special steps may be required when using a non-Gentoo live CD. If you get an error message saying “WEP encryption is not enabled for your device” or similar it may be necessary to compile the following into the kernel to ensure that the required cryptographic options are enabled. Sun Apr 13, 3: Radio turned off by software.

After a reboot with the new kernel or after loading the modules, the device can be checked for availability by using following methods:. Ran this after having tried to restart net. I am currently trying to get this to work. I told him I enjoyed every second of it. For a list of supported devices and the latest information for each driver, see the relevent project documentation page:.


Tue Apr 29, 1: I have a Broadcom card, but this should work for other Broadcom cards too. The latest version that works with b4 card is, aircrack-ng b3.

Wifi – Gentoo Wiki

Broadcom Genyoo found b43legacy-phy0: I noticed bfwcutter is in portage, but it is masked. If in doubt, you can look here http: This list can be used to identify the proper driver later:. Dusted out my d-link wpa capable AP to see if I could get this to work.

However, the web decrypt fails with the following error Code: You can obtain an ebuild from here. Sun Apr 27, You can find documentation on these patches on the aircrack-ng website.

Fri May 09, Do not forget to rebuild the kernel after changing its configuration. Sat Apr 12, Right now, here is what I get if I try to use the proposed conf, with key1 having been replaced by my WEP key. Well, first thing’s first.


sys-firmware/bfirmware – Gentoo Packages

You’re not picking up any AP scan results from your wireless card see iwlist scanwhich means that it’s not actually working properly. The B43 module is definitely a step up from the old BCM43xx one.

The patches themselves can be downloaded from http: Tue Apr gebtoo, I have a broadcom with integrated bluetooth. Proprietary, no AP or Monitor modes, Comparison of bcm43xx drivers. If the booted system does not make a wifi connection, then obtain a full list of hardware identifiers from the current system.

I was able to get a litle further. If the Windows drivers from your card or laptop gentooo don’t work, try searching for the pciid on the ndiswrapper wiki.